"Wake up! Come on wake up! Please!"

I slowly opened my eyes at the sound of this voice. Feminine, sounds really nice. I then lifted my head off the dark sand, coughed up a couple grains. It was nighttime.

A strange figure shook my body, worried that I might be hurt.

"No no I'm fine" I said, without acknowledging my stranger. Then I looked up at her, only to see pink-red eyes staring back at me from her shadow.

"I'm so glad you're okay..." She replied

I suddenly realized I was not dreaming. As quickly as I could, I scurried backwards to a distance using my hands, breathing heavily in fear.

"W-where am I?!" I screamed. I was very afraid.

Luckily, my new "acquaintance" was not as harmful as I thought. She slithered towards me, having no arms and legs, up to the point where I could reach out and kiss her. No, I thought to myself, not right now. She was very appealing to me.

"It's okay..." She replied calmly, rubbing what seems to be her tail down my cheek. "I'm not here to hurt you..."
Her tail felt very warm, I felt so excited. I was in love with her.

Despite my feelings towards her in six seconds, I had to find out where I was, and why I was there.
I grabbed her tail in mid-stroke. Wrong move. I felt a blade cut into my flesh, it was apart of her tail. I screamed and looked at my hand. Paw, to be correct. It was seeping with blood.

"My hand-er uh, paw!" I shouted. Then I looked up at her.

Glimmering in the moonlight, I can see the face of a snake. A snake with large, red fangs and very strange markings.

"I'm so sorry!" She said worryingly, she seemed more pretty in the moonlight.

"It's...alright..." I said, clenching my hand. I then relaxed, setting my wounded hand upon the wet sand, wrong move again. The stinging pain came back again, worse this time. I tried to wash it off with the sea-water. Wrong move yet again. The salt from the water stung me even more. I was screaming both in pain and in fear. Fear that I may never return home ever again. Fear that I may never see the city, my friends, my neighbours, my new parents ever again.

The snake rested her head on my shoulder, and started to wrap herself around me. I calmed almost immediately, blushing at the fact that she felt so warm. I looked into her eyes.

"Don't be afraid..." I could tell she hated seeing me in pain. "I' you find a doctor"

My senses came really slowly. I was stuck on a beach in the middle of nowhere with a talking snake. I did the most stupid first-aid procedure by washing my wound with salt water. Heck, I could have ran off when I had the chance.

"...just tell me where I am..."

She chuckled, her voice was very beautiful.
"You're on a beach of course"

"Yeah, really helpful there" I shook my head. "...can you please let go of me?"

"Oh, sorry..." She unraveled herself, still looking into my eyes. I looked back at her, annoyed that she wouldn't tell me where I was, but yet attracted to her at the same time. She was no ordinary snake to me.

I sighed, and toned my voice down a bit. "...please tell me where I am"

"First you need that wound to be cleaned...can't risk an infection spreading on it"

I looked down at my wounded hand, it was still seeping blood, which dripped on the sand below me. The wind was not helping, it was stinging my wound even more.

"Alright..." I said, a bit annoyed again.

She lead me into a quiet town. The structures were made out of cloth and bamboo, no bricks and cement. Also, I noticed they used fires in this town instead of lights, bit disappointed in that. I looked around, every shop was empty for the night. But when I looked at the shops, they had strange shapes imitating heads of some creatures. I then thought that maybe this was a bad idea following her.

The snake lead me to a strange green-owl like creature, who stood there like a statue. I looked at him with confusion.

"...that's some statue"

She looked at me and laughed. "That's no statue! It's the town's doctor! Xatu!"

Xatu? What kind of name is that? Then again, his markings did remind me of ancient Canadian ancestors, such as the Metis and the Totem Poles in Vancouver. I looked at him with a bit of familiarance.

" have a wounded hand here..." I set my wounded hand on the counter, blood still seeping from the cut.

The bird did not do anything but stare ahead.

I looked at him firmly, annoyed. "Hello?"

It did not reply.

I then looked at the snake, who was looking at the strange bird. She was muttering something in an ancient tongue. Then, just like that, I looked back at my hand to find that the wound was healed. Strange, I didn't feel anything, but I was grateful that the stinging had stopped.

I looked up at him again, he was gone.

"...creepy..." I looked back at the snake, she was staring back into my eyes. "So now what?" I asked.

She yawned. "I'm so tired...would you like to stay with me tonight?"

Since I had no choice, I accepted. We both hiked ahead of town, towards a cliff. I looked down from the cliff, there was a very deep drop below my feet. The snake then lifted some bushes, which was covering some stairs. Smart camouflage I may add. I followed her into another part of the cliff. This one was lighted by a fire, lighting up vases, a water fountain, and even a bed made out of hay. I then looked to my right, I saw rocks that seemed to form a jaw.

I began to stumble back up, the snake, curled up on her bed, looked up at me, confused.

"Where are you going?" She asked

"Away from here! I'm not gonna be a midnight snack!"

I stumbled back down, hitting my face on the cold, grassy floor.

The snake laughed at my reaction. "This is no monster!" She said as she helped my up. I dusted myself off and looked at her smiling face. Suddenly her smile faded, then turned into rage. "YOU!" She screamed, poking me in the stomach with her sharp tail.

"Ow..." I muttered, clenching the spot she poked as I backed off.

"I thought I killed all of you off!" She approached me will full rage in her eyes.

I was yet again very afraid, I stumbled back, landing flat on my bottom.

"I-I don't understand!" I shielded my face, then I noticed I had two black claws instead of a hand. I looked at them with confusion, then back up at the snake, who struck me in the arm with her sharp tail, impaling me to the wall. I screamed in pain, clenching my eyes.

I can feel the blood leaving my wound, but I was too afraid to look.

"Please...stop..." I gasped. She stabbed deeper, I can feel the stinging getting worse.

"It's time to kill you off..." She said as she began to open her jaw. My fear for her rose higher when I saw inside her mouth.

I began to cry, not because I was about to get killed, but because I was very afraid. Very afraid of the thought that my whole life ends here.

The snake didn't care, she sunk her teeth into my other arm, and ripped it off. I couldn't move, but I was screaming so loud that someone could've heard me. She gulped my arm down, then withdrew her bloody blade. I looked into her eyes with tears, I didn't want to die. So then I began to flee, flee away from her home. But she caught up to me, stabbing my leg into the ground. I cried even harder, I never felt so afraid.

She then chomped into my impaled leg, ripping it off as another meal for her. She swallowed, I couldn't do nothing but stare, I was immobile.

The snake looked back into my eyes, her mouth bloodied along with her tail. I thought she was going to kill me. Then, out of nowhere, a surge of electricity shocked her. She was blown back, into the wall with great force.

I was fading into unconsciousness, only getting a glimpse of my savior: a teal cat that could stand on his hind legs. I blacked out again, due to my blood draining by the second.

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