Instinctively, because of all the war going on around me, I drew my scythe and stanced. The Lucario laughed.

"Make a move kid and you'll be kissing both of your nine lives goodbye" He smirked, arms crossed.

I didn't move for a bit, glaring at this new creature. Then finally I calmed down, and holstered my scythe.

"If you're with the government or the church, get the fuck away from me" I turned around.

"Then I guess I can stay"

"Okay...first off do you think I'd react to a random Lucario walking out of nowhere and saying some tower was taken over? I have better things to do you know" I said, agitated.

"Like Chelsea?" He asked.

In a milisecond my scythe's blade was against his mouth. "Speak another word about her and you'll be kissing YOUR fucking lives goodbye"

"Cocky one aren't you" He said, pushing me away from him. "Big bro was right"

"Big bro?" I asked, still stanced.

"Knew it was a mistake to get the Terran..." He shook his head, and began to leave.

"Wait...how do you know about that?!" I asked, following along.

The Lucario was looking ahead of him as he walked. "It's easy to sense your type from a legit Zangoose"

We came across a thing spinning in the middle of the forest. It was small and emitting bright blue light, so I couldn't make out the shape of it. The Lucario stepped forward towards it, and disappeared through an invisible wall.

Not very surprised, I pressed my hand against this wall. It was like some type of jello was in the way, but when I stuck my hand through, I was yanked. I blacked out after something hit my head hard.

I awoken to the sounds of chattering. Dizzy but I was able to make out what they were saying.

"You idiot! You could've killed him!" One of the voices said, female.

"Hey hey hey man, at least I didn't yell to hit him" The other replied, a young male.

"Shut up you prick!"

"Hey!" A more matured voice yelled from the back. "What the hell is going on around here?" I heard the sounds of chains clanking.

"Oh...you're back" The first voice said.

I opened my eyes to bright light. I found three faces staring down at me.

"Hello sleepy head" The first voice said, smirking.

"Wha..." I rose, rubbing the covered wound on my forehead. "Where am I..."

"Jesus I TOLD YOU" One of the figures started to shove another. "Thanks to you he's gone!"

A saw a bright blast, and the light finally cleared up after the smoke faded. In front of me was a dragon like creature, wearing red oversized glasses. Turns out they were actually eyes.

A weird gas cloud was burning in fire. It seemed really annoyed as the other ghost, one that's definately female (since it had long hair), burst with laughter.

"Will you shut up now?" The dragon asked.

"Fine fine...come on sis let's go" The ghost said.

The two ghosts left, leaving me with this thing. I was tempted to just whack them all into unconciousness and to find a way out of here. But the dragon stopped my movement by putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Relax" He said, pulling out...an IPad. I was really shocked to see one of those. But this one was holographic, there's no touch screen. He seemed concerned as he looked at my body through the pad. "You took a good hit but you'll live, no reprocussions required" He chuckled.

I shrugged his hand off. "Don't touch me"

"I wasn't intending, it's called medical work" He said as he put away the pad.

I got up on my feet, and stumbled to find my head really dizzy. I guess the shock of movement paralyzed me for a bit.

"Whoa there cowboy" The dragon said, putting his hand on my shoulder. My vision cleared.

"Gah" I shrugged him off again, and looked around. I was in some type of mine, the lone fire hanging above us provided very little light.

"The boss has ordered me to keep you alive, you should be lucky" He said. When I gave him a questioning look, looked at then only tunnel ahead of us. "Follow me"

He escorted me to a room where the Lucario I saw was waiting for me. Another one, taller and buffer, stood in the back, arms crossed. I sat down on the chair, putting my elbow on the table and keeping my eye on him.

"Is he alright?" The Lucario asked the dragon.

"Yes, readings show he's fine"

"Good, you are dismissed"

The dragon left without a word. I kept my eye on the Lucario.

"What did you bring me in here for..." I didn't let my guard down.

"We are aware that a human has gone through the process of transformation" The Lucario in the back spoke, a deeper voice. "You are that human right?"


"Good, then we have the right Guardian"

"Wait wait...Guardian? What's going on here?!" I said, a bit shocked.

"Humans don't transform for random reasons" The big Lucario said, walking over to me. "You were chosen for a reason..."

"Tell me, what happened the night before you...came here" The younger one asked.

What happened before I came here? I didn't tell him. Because I can't remember a thing.

"Dunno...fell asleep and boom I'm a freaking Japanese character"

"Terios what do you think?" The younger one asked.

Terios looked at me, staring me down. I swear if he had the chance he would've beaten me down. I screamed a bit as he put his hand on my head. The image of that room faded away, and the image of my orphanage zoomed into view.

I thought it was over, that it was all a nightmare. I got up, and shook my head. I realized that I didn't control my own actions, this was like a playback.

I walked towards the kitchen, where several children were eating away. The caretaker yelled something at me, and I sat down right away. I looked at my bowl, nothing but yucky oatmeal for breakfast. The caretakers ate away their "leisure" plate, eggs bacon and hash-browns, while the rest of us ate our food with caution.

The day proceeded on with recess, our gritty backyard with chain fences with wires, and the under-flatted basket ball used for soccer. I was sitting at the end of the park, playing away with some rocks, when three kids approached me. These were my friends, they wanted me to play with them, so I did. I felt really content.

I remember that last epic score, I remember shouting loud that I won, and I remember my head being beaten down because I won. Most of the kids hated me. My friends were too scared to help me.

I showed up at the nurse's office, who only slapped bandaids on my deep cuts and told me to get out. I walked outside the front of the building, and sat down. I still couldn't believe this happened to me.

I saw cars passing by, unaware that a small kid was alone on the steps of the orphanage. I sighed, and snuck underneath the building, a hole that I built myself where I stored Pepsi and chocolate. It was my only happy moment of that life, eating leisure food.

To be alone in that cave, only accompanied by the huge spider that lives in the corner, that was pretty much it. I opened my jar of dead bugs and flicked it on the web, where the spider took the bodies greedily.

The sunset light reached into that tunnel. Fascinated by it, I crawled out and looked at the sky. The city, Calgary tower, all blended in with the beautiful sunset. I felt calm and carefree, until the whistle sounded for bed time.

I still could not believe that all happened to me everyday before I came here.