"Alright let's see what we have here" The Paratroopa spoke as he sorted out through some files. "The boss assigned you to rangle up some lizards right?"

"Yes" I replied, my feet resting on the table. I was leaned against the wall.

"Alright then, here we go" He grabbed a huge file and dropped it in front of me. Out slided several photoes, maps, written papers, and some badges. I picked up a badge and shined it in the light, it had a dull gray center and looked like a Pokeball with wings.

"Boss said you'll need that just in case the locals try to interfere" The Paratroopa said after grabbing the other spare badges. "Hope you like being a recruit kid"

I looked at my badge, which reflected off the light of the room. Then I looked up at the Paratroopa. "I'm more worried about getting booted off the team"

He chuckled as he stored away the badges. "Don't get cocky now, I've seen tons of figures like you come and go...and usually" He makes a slicing motion across his neck. "They go"

I chuckled too. "Then I'd best get started soon" I stood up. "By the way, how did you arrive here? I mean you guys are from a different world right?"

"That's right" He said, not looking at me but at his work. "I was sent here as a scout for new space for "King" Bowser, ended up lost here and well, let's just say life got good" He looked at me. "Get out of here kid"
I nodded at him, and left.

The long, narrow, poorly lit hallway lead me back to the town of tents and poorly built homes. I walked around, hooded in one of those robes that cover your entire body. The Kecleon were there again, scamming people of their merchandise. But it was too easy, and too hard at the same time. If I act now, I'll surely be ambushed and killed.

I walked up to one of the "salesmen", this one was different from the others. He's purple. I looked at him. I could tell in his eyes that he's uncomfortable being here. Yet there's some reminance of happiness and cheer in his eyes.

I asked him if I could purchase one of his blue, large spheres. He explained to me what each one of them did. Some of them were crazy. One of them petrified all movement in a room at once, while the other made it completely sunny. I could use one of those on rainy days. But he explained to me that it was the orb emitting sunlight, not the sun itself.

I bought 2 orbs from the merchant.

I then walked down the isle, when I came across a crowd of people gathering. There was this fight going on, between a huge Kangaroo like creature and a smaller, weasel like creature. She had a poweful kick, sent one right into the jaws of this poor sap. He ran off, bleeding from the lip. The crowd dispersed after she shouted them to leave. I remained.

"What you didn't hear me once? LEAVE!" She shouted at me, walking towards me.

"Some kick you have there" I chuckled, still hooded.

"Look, I've already had 3 thieves attack me in one week. I'm not SELLING nor am I GIVING away items from my storage, so you go your merry way and-"

"That's a nice looking kid you have there miss" I wasn't looking at her, I was looking at the small, grey kangaroo creature in her pouch. He was very afraid of me.

She pushed me away. "Touch my son you filthy Pokemon and you will get it!"

"I'm not here to take him away" I showed her my badge, her expression calmed down. "I'm here to ask questions"

She sighed in relief. "Oh good...thank goodness, finally they sent someone to police the streets" She walked towards her small, tent that had the shape of her body. But it had small drawers at each side of the tent, each one of them are locked.

"Come in come in...I'll make some Oran Berry soup" She opened her tent, I followed after her. She then zipped up the tent.

I looked around, it was small yet habitable like the average size camping tent. Except the drawers attached to the outside were actually just showoffs, the real items were nowhere to be seen. She sat down on her flat bed, which was actually a ruined camping bag. Probably scavenged. Her little kid stayed in her pouch, but I was looking at her this time.

"Has stuff like this been happening all month?" I didn't take off my hood.

"Yes" She replied. "Ever since we moved here, thieves found us vulnerable. Every day a fight occurs over food or items, every week someone dies. We're all very protective of ourselves here"

"What about the war?"

"The war? Hmhm...I know we'll win" She set the fire using her breath, which was actually a flamethrower. The fire shot up for a moment, then calmed to a still flame. I was still looking at her as she pulled out a rusted pan and began to squash blue berry juice into it.

"You are aware that you're facing humans...right? You creatures are vulnerable to their firearms and conventional warfare"

"Hmhm...yes they may overpower us. They may even beat us down to the very last Pokemon" She set her pan down and looked at me. "But the one thing, the only thing that will keep us strong is our will, our endurance, our own perception on the minds of hope"

"That won't stop a bullet"

"But it will stop fear from taking over us" She said calmly, added some type of powder into the now watery mixture.

The baby kid was crawling around now, playing with my furry white tail behind me. I put my scythe in front of the fire, away from the kid. Then I looked at her.

"And...the merchants are using this fear to scam those who succumb to it"

"Yes, plus, we have no choice. They sell the food here, without food, we die"

"So why not steal it all at once?"

"Are you kidding me?" She laughed a bit. "They're like a gang. You go after one the entire 200 of them go after you. There's only several of us and millions of them"

"I see-ow stop that" I gently picked up the kid away from my tail. He was yanking on it. But soon he fell asleep in my arms.

"You seem to be good with kids. How many?" She asked.

"One, just one"

"Ah...they're beautiful aren't they" She leaned back, and laughed. "Soon they'll be walking, and then before you know it, leaving away to their adult lives"

"Yeah" I smiled under my hood. Kids are pretty cute.

"You're young for the parenting age though" She commented.

"So?" I looked at her. "What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing is wrong with that, as long as you didn't fall into temptation" She replied.

I chuckled. "Yes and no, doesn't count if both love each other. Here" I gave the kid to her. "He's getting squirmy"

"That's because he's cold" She put him in her pouch. I could see his little legs sticking out. "So why are you here?" She asked me, I looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you, a young Pokemon willing to protect us, why? Do you have a purpose here?"

Maybe I do. "I'm just following orders and my common sense madam"

She chuckled. "Right right. Here, soup's done." She poured the now purple batter into a small, flat vase. I sipped a bit of it. It tasted great, better then those "Hot n Ready" ones.

I thanked her for the meal. She raised her hand.

"Anything to help a fellow brother"

Later on that night I resumed my patrol, walking down the now dark and empty streets of the town. Nothing much was going on, almost everyone was asleep, almost.

I saw a lone figure standing ahead of me. Silver claws shined in the dim light. I stopped, and saw that he was not alone.

A couple other of his kind appeared out of tents beside me, and two behind me.

"Well well" He cracked his knuckles. The others came closer to me in a step. "It seems we have a rent-a-cop on the loose. We hate cops, especially your kind"

I didn't say anything, I focused myself.

"Get him boys"

His henchmen lunged at me. I focused, tuning out any outside noise. Then, in 3 seconds, I closely combated and defeated all 5 creatures with a quick flick of my fist and claws. Some of them were dead, it didn't matter.

The boss dragged his claws at the ground, running at me. I focused my energy towards my mechanical claw. I clashed with the creature with one hand, trying to hold him back. He was becoming too strong.

I kicked him in the rib and punched him hard in the face, sending him flying towards a stack of boxes.

He fliped on his feet and shot a dark energy wave at me. It hit me in the chest, making me stumble and my vision blurry. I felt his claws lash against my body, I couldn't focus on where he was.

In the last second, I regained my vision and grabbed his claws before he could do a fatal strike with both of my hands. I kicked him in the face again, aiming for his eyes. He growled and formed small shards in mid air. They all shot at me.

I kicked some coming towards me as I ran towards him, and deflected most of them with my claws. He lunged and tackled me through an empty tent. I tried to shake him off me but he stabbed his claw into my arm. I screamed in pain and threw him off, holding the bleeding wound. He chuckled as he stood up again.

"What's the matter? Crying over a little blood spilled?" He turned and tried to slash me again. My claw clashed with his.

"No" I glared at him, his expression changed into fear. "I'm just pissed"

I don't know what came over me, but that lust to kill again soiled my mind. I tore his hand off with my claw, then the other. I grabbed his chest with my other hand and lifted him up.

"Tell Satan, or whoever the hell is in Hell, hello for me" I smirked. His head rolled smoothly across the floor.
I threw his body aside, looking around just in case anyone was watching. No one was.

I grunted, and grabbed a piece of cloth from a tent. I wrapped it around my wound to stop the bleeding, and headed deeper into the cave.