"Chelsea...." I said softly as I woke up to the scent of morning. Rubbing my eyes, I let out a yawn. Chelsea was fast asleep right beside me. I smiled and rubbed her head a bit, then I sat up.

Chelsea murmured in response, she was too tired to wake up. I laughed at that thought.

I tried to stand up again, no luck. I found myself stumbling into the floor, face first to be correct. My face filled up with yucky grains of sand, I coughed up as it slipped in my throat.

Chelsea chuckled behind me. "A forgetful one huh?"

"Yeah yeah..." I replied with a smile, blowing my hair up a bit.

Chelsea helped me against the wall again. "You know...I can do something about this..." She said, checking my wounds.

"Well why didn't you do this before?!" I exclaimed. She laughed in response.

"You're cute when you're mad..." She said admiringly. I blushed on that thought and looked away, pretending I was not paying any attention. "Oh don't give me that" she said. I felt her paw under my chin, she turned me to her direction. She was smiling, happy, looking at her true love in his eyes.

"Alright..." I replied with a smile, "Let's see what you've got".

Chelsea retreated deep inside the cave, then pulled out a strange tool box kit. She gently opened the lid, all the sudden my heartbeat stopped. I was gazing at metallic limbs that may be suited for a robot. I looked up at Chelsea after gazing. "You sure about this?" I raised a brow, "I mean...that could hurt someone..."

"Oh no it won't hurt, much" she replied calmly.

Much, more pain for me then. I sighed and allowed her to begin. At first she put some painkillers, which felt soothing and funny. Then she began the operation. I swear she was pulling out veins, my blood spewed each time she dug into my flesh. All I could do was watch not in fear, but in confusion. If I predict the outcome of this operation, I'm getting a new arm and leg. Oh well, I thought to myself, it's better than nothing. Chelsea smiled immediately after that thought, then I reminded myself that she reads minds.

My arm was the first to be inserted. It took around 2 hours for it to finally function. The second was my leg, which took half as long. When both parts where done, I began to test it out. I walked around the beach, I never felt so alive now that I have my limbs back. Chelsea was watching me from the cave, I can tell she was happy. I returned to her.

"Thank you" I said, "Thanks for everything"

"You're welcome Tim..." she replied. Then she hugged me, with her warm furr resting on mine. I smiled and hugged back in response.

We both pulled back and looked into each other's eyes. The waves were calm like the sky as clouds drifted above us. Our feet was resting on very warm sand that helped us to relax. I swear I was in a dream.
Unfortunately we had to keep moving, so I helped Chelsea pack her things and carried have of it for her. My muscle mass allowed me to carry things I can't usually carry, such as that tool box I mentioned.
We followed a trail that lead even further away from the town, to a place where it is mountainuous. I looked up at the peak of the mountain. "Do we have to go up THERE?" I grumbled.

"Yes Tim, we have to go up THERE" she imitated.

I rolled my eyes. Too many days of running and I still don't know where the heck am I. I enjoyed being around the cat to be honest, but I just want to find out what body am I in, where am I, and why was I even here.
As we approached the bottom of the mountain, Chelsea motioned me to halt. Then she forced me down to the floor, her going down with me. I was about to complain when she covered my mouth and put a finger on her lip. There was alot of rustling in front of us. I looked at the trees above me, only to find four metallic chromes floating in midair, looking around for something. I hesitated as I looked, Chelsea again covered my mouth. She shook her head.

"ZZTT! We muzzzzt find the outlaw!!!" the biggest chrome commanded. The others followed his orders.
"Yes zzzrr!!!" they replied. They all flew off to back where we came from. When there were at a distance, Chelsea charlied my shoulder.

"Do you want to get killed?!" she asked with annoyance. I rubbed my head and made a small grin. "Sorry" I said. She just groaned and crawled ahead of me. I followed after her.

As we both crawled, I began to look at her differently. I smacked myself for doing that and told myself we're not married, yet. I focused my attention ahead of me.

All the sudden, this giant blue spider attacked my face. I screamed as it's legs latched around my cheeks. Chelsea was laughing. It was her paw.

"Wow you're such a frady-cat!" she laughed, and helped me up. I grumbled in response. She was a sneaky one.

I shifted my eyes straight ahead of me, only to find the mountain rock staring back at me. I looked up slowly, the mountain was way bigger than I thought. Chelsea began to scale up the mountain with her hands. "You coming?" she asked as she climbed.

I looked down at my two hands, then clenched them as I gathered courage. Hauling myself up (my clawed paws made it difficult to gain grip), I finally got the hang of this rock climbing thing. We both scaled the mountain like pros, until Chelsea lost her grip. She almost fell 200 stories down, had it not been my reaction that saved her. We were both below a cave, I was hanging to the entrance by a claw. The teal cat was very light but difficult to help up. I looked at her lunar-yellow eyes, she gazed back into my eyes in fear. I smiled back at her. "It's gonna be okay" I encouraged. She nodded slowly.

I looked back up at the cave. I encouraged myself to move foward, or upward that is. I began to gather strength in the arm that was holding Chelsea, then I swung her lightly inside the cave. I climbed up after her. Finally we were on solid ground, I'm not afraid of heights, I just don't like seeing others fall down that kind of height. As my feet met the floor, I was greated by another hug. I hugged back. Every hug was worth it.

Later on that night we prepared a small camp, I told Chelsea many ghost stories that my friends would tell me. I could tell she was scared because she kept getting close to me everytime she expected a pop-up. "C-can we please talk about each other?" she said, looking up at me.

I shrugged. "Sure why not?"

Chelsea sighed in relief, then she began with her story.

I found the cat to be interesting. She told me she came along a line of "Sparks" that were legendary heroes. Her great great grandfather, Xenon Sparks, caught my interest the most. "Who was he?" I asked on his name. Chelsea gave me a look as if I was stupid. I felt butterflies swirl around in my stomach.

"Xenon Sparks is the greatest hero of all time!" she replied. Explaining his past, I began to look back at my past and wondered how lucky I was to have such things. Xenon did not have anything with him until he met that Cheryl woman. I looked back at Chelsea in mid-story. "Mind if I begin?" I asked. The moon was shimmering with the fire.

"Okay" she replied, and leaned back against me. She was so warm.

"I'm Timothy" I began, she laughed.

"I know who you are" she said softly, rubbing her body against me. I melted inside, then coughed into existence.

"As I was saying, I'm an orphan too. My mother and father died in a car crash" I paused after saying that line, then continued. "Yeah...things were both good and bad for me from there on" I explained the rest of my story.
Chelsea was very interested, she kept asking questions, which I shot right back at her.

It was almost midnight, I yawned with a stretched. I am very tired after a day of hiding from shady figures and saving Chelsea. I rested my arms behind me and shut my eyes, nearly fell asleep until morning came. Nightime past so quickly, my mind grumbled as it didn't get the sleep it needed. After rubbing my eyes, I looked at Chelsea, who was facing the other way.

"Morning Chelsea" I said. No reply, I echoed again, no reply. "Chelsea?"

Chelsea glanced at me, smiling. "Tim?"

"Yes Chelsea?" I asked, confused a bit.

"You're going to be a father..." She turned around all the way, her stomach was bigger than last night. She was pregnant. I fell down backwards in surprise.

"Wow" I replied, I smacked my forehead hard.

Chelsea loomed over me, smiling still. She felt my face, calming me down. "I'm so happy Tim". I saw tears in her eyes.

"You don't seem happy..."

"No Tim..." she hugged me, her stomach blocking us from a full hug. "I really am..."

I smiled and hugged back, my eyes shut from the relaxation. I'm going to be a role-model, a husband, and a father. I was very happy.