Several months passed by after Chelsea told me the news. I began to wonder how will I ever raise a child of my own. Being only 15, I don't have much experience in parenting.

The cave became our new, permanent home. It was similar to a modern day home, take away the electricity and television set. I decorated it myself as Chelsea rested on her hay bed, looking at her soon-to-be-born kid. I was as excited as her too.

That day, I told Chelsea that I would gather Berries for supper.

"Don't be home too late sweetie" she waved at me.

"I won't Chelsea, I love you" I said without hesitation.

"I love you too..." She replied nervously.

Her "mood-swings" usually made her a nervous-bug. She always hesitates to everything in life. I dunno, I thought, maybe it's a girl thing. I scaled down the mountain, and landed on the soft grass below me. Looking back up at my new home, I wondered how the baby will ever learn to get a social life, since the only things that live up there are us. I looked onward to the forest path, and proceeded from there.

"Come on where are you?" I beckoned to the berries that refused to appear. I searched everywhere, every bush, every tree, every inch of the grass. But still all I found was two corpses of rats, and dead leaves. "Man..." I complained as I kicked the grass, "I'll never find anything here..." Grimly, I turned back and walked back to my home.

As I approached the mountain, I noticed there was smoke coming out of the pillar. I looked at a crowd of creatures nearby, and ran towards them. Chelsea was up there.

"What's going on?!" I screamed

They all looked at me, they were really amused. "The great Mt. Horn is about to blow!" one said cheerfully.

All that came to my mind is to save Chelsea, I scaled the mountain as fast as I could. My claws refused to cope with me, but I forced them into the rocks as I climbed. As I approached my home, all that I could find was a pool of lava. Everything in my home was already buried in that pool.

I shook my head, tears flowed into my eyes. "No...NO! CHELSEA!!!" I called out as I hung at the edge. No response. "CHELSEA PLEASE!!!" I screamed again, my voice became weak at the thought of her...no. I know Chelsea was still alive, she would've escaped. I climbed up into the room, avoiding the lava. But that was again, a wrong move. I was immediately burned by just standing 10 feet away from it. I could only catch a glimpse of a rock that was sprawled on the floor, a rock that looked like...

Sadness and fear came into my thoughts, too indescribable to write down. An explosion shook the cave, and sent me tumbling down 300 stories. But all I could think of is that Chelsea is gone. Chelsea is dead, along with my baby...

I swear I wanted the fall to kill me, I wanted to join her so much. In mid-air, I blacked-out.

"Is he dead?" one voice asked.

"No...he's breathing, he has alot of burns but he'll be just fine" another replied.

I opened my eyes slowly, only to be blinded by bright light.

"Lamp turn that damn light of yours off!" the first voice commanded.

"S-sorry..." the other replied nervously, the light faded.

I sat up, I didn't care where I was. I wanted to see Chelsea again. The two figures backed off.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" I angrily shouted.

The first voice tried to explain. "Calm down...you're lucky we saved you from the blast-"

Roaring, I leapt at that figure and slashed my claw across his face. It felt very satisfying. However the other figure restrained me with weird energy. I felt my nerves stop, paralyzing me.

"We save you from a blast and this is what we get? Might as well throw you in Magma Cavern" The figure stated as he stood up. I glared back at him. He was restraining me from killing myself, from being with Chelsea once more. "You will REMAIN like this until you get back to your senses" He growled at me, crossing his wings. For a big bird, he had a big mouth, I thought angrily.

"J-just..." It was very hard to speak. "L-let me be with her..." I felt a teardrop flow down my cheek.

"Whoever was in that cavern is dead Zangoose, I'm sorry" the second voice said nervously.

Zangoose? So that's what I am...a Zangoose. Well screw it. I wanted to know what I was, one down, but most importantly, I wanted Chelsea to be by my side again. The figure in front of me slapped me across the face.

"SHE'S DEAD YOU HEAR? SHE'S DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD." he shouted. I just wanted to slit his throat so badly.

"Don't be so mean..." the second voice said.

"Well if you want to be with this THING" he emphasized "thing", "then so be it"

I glared at his black eyes, wanting to kill him even more. He walked away calmly as if nothing has happened, into the shadows. I heard a door slam.

The second figure released the energy, I fell to the floor face first. I was too sad and mad to move. It helped me up. "I'm sorry about him...he's...had rough times..."

Rough times, I just lost my home, and my wife. Killing him to death should be a "rough time" to him.

I looked at the figure that helped me. It was a floating fish with a yellow mask across it's face, and two lanterns sticking out of it's head. A deep sea angler? On land? Now I was flipping out. She laughed as I hesitated.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you"

"Good" I pushed her out of the way. "Tell me where I am" I demanded, looking around the dark empty room.

"You're..." she began.

All the sudden time stopped. I felt this strange urge to kill her right now. This voice tormented my brain. "Kill her...she's not worth it" it repeated over and over. I could only scream, but it kept going.

"You okay?" She asked. The voice faded, time was back to normal. I looked at her, my vision was red. She began backing off in fear. "Z-zangoose?"

"My name is not Zangoose dammit, get the name right, it's TIMOTHY" I angrily stated, my claws grew as I walked towards her. I could feel the lust for killing grow in my stomach. Hungry for blood, hungry for slaughter.

"S-stay back-"

Too late, my claws were set upon it's target. Slowly I ripped her apart piece by piece, my hunger growing even more. What was left of her was a pile of blood. Then I felt the surge of energy paralyze me yet again. She used a decoy on me.

"You're too dangerous to be let go, I tried, but now I realize you belong in prison" She said, holding me with that strange energy.

"N-NO!!!" I screamed. I tried to move, tried to escape, but every nerve was dead. I was practically a statue. She pushed me out of the room with force, and into the darkness.

Moments later my face met a solid floor. I heard a clank behind me. I knew I was behind bars. Looking at the barred windows, at the moon that lit up the dark cell, I called faintly for one name. "Chelsea..."