The next few days went by slowly. Each day I felt further away from Chelsea and became more attached to Helga.

Our little home on Sharpedo Bluff (I got the name after reading the sign) allowed peace to settle in our home. But peace does not last forever.

"Timothy?" Helga whispered, turning to me.

I lowered the little news paper from my sight. "Yes Helga?"


Dear Arceus, it's happening all over again. The shock in my body returned once more and brought back memories of Chelsea into me. I shook it off with regret.

"So...now what?" I embraced for the response.

Helga slithered to me slowly. "I have...I have to lay it at the Chansey DayCare..." She was as horrified as me. The thought of revealing our identities to the town would be catastrophic. Snakes and cats don't mix in this town.

I put my claw on Helga's neck softly. "What's going to happen?"

Helga sighed, and curled around herself like a normal snake. Resting her head on her skin, she spoke nervously towards me. "First...we need to sign some papers together...second...Chasney will show me a room, and you have to be there for me..."

"Duh that second one's common sense" I chuckled.

"This is no joke Tim, if we're caught together, many other Seviper and Zangoose will start raging over each other for mutiny or something!"

My smile turned upside down. "So..." I stood up, she did the same, "Why don't we just go? I mean, the chances of a Zangose and a Sevipar-"

"ZanGOOSE and SevipER" Helga corrected.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. The point is that this is a small town. I don't think they'll come here to check if a snake and a cat are mating behind their backs".

Helga looked down for a bit, then raised her head and nodded. "That's true..."

I hugged her, she wrapped around my waist. "Everything's going to be okay..."

"I hope you're right..."

The following hours we planned a disguised route. Instead of walking into the bustling square, we took the trees and hid in the shadows when Pokemon passed by. Yes I finally accepted they were Pokemon.

When we arrived at the "DayCare", I was stunned to see a fat, pink blob at the entrance. "...is it going to eat our kid?"

Helga chuckled, we both started to walk towards the small tent. "No no...she's very kind, don't worry"
"THAT THING'S A SHE?!-" I felt her tail cover my mouth. I got the message.

We both approached the tent with casual looks, but deep inside we were shivering. The thing, I mean, whatever it is greeted us with a smile.

"Well this is a surprise! We don't get many Zangoose and Seviper here!"

"Wait...there's been several before us?"

The blob smiled. "Yes of course! You don't expect everyone to go all psycho for seeing two oppositions mate and have a kid do you?"

We both blushed. We were really embarrased. The blob chuckled, and showed us to our room.

"Well...at least we don't have to worry about stares" Helga joked.

"Yup" I smiled, looking at her. "Don't be nervous...you'll be fine"

"Thanks Tim" She returned the smile, we both nodded.

Our room was smaller than our home at the Bluff. The bed was comfortable for Helga, and beside it there were two stumps. There was also wood for a fire in the center of the room. I sat on one and watched Helga give birth to a purple egg with red polka-dots. Great I'm drunk, I thought to myself.

Helga embraced my body for the night, she was really tired from giving birth to the egg. I understood, not completely though.

As my head drifted off to sleep, I swear we were not alone. All the sudden time seemed to...stop. Helga remained in mid-air, embracing it. The fire that was blazing stopped, I touched it and felt no burns. I was a little freaked out, but not as freaked when a hand grasped my shoulder. My scream was silenced by a hush, I turned around and saw a strange...mouse. I think it was Pikachu from that Pokemon show, only this one had green eyes and weird armor. He also had a huge sword which portrayed from his back.

"Listen..." I began, "I don't know where I am...my mate just gave birth to an egg...please don't kill me...please..."

The Pikachu laughed, arms crossed. "Kill you? If I KILL you then I'm wasting my time here. Xenon told me that you just might be a human, am I wrong?"

"Who's...Xenon?" I was trying to hold back the shock in me.

"Xenon...he saw you a couple moons ago. He's a dark cat, armor, and shit"

"Wow, a Pokemon swearing, who knew?" I laughed, the Pikachu just gave me a stern look. I went silent.

"Enough jokes, he wanted me to show you something" He grabbed my furr, "So you're coming with me whether you hate it or not".

"Wait-" Too late, I was being dragged into the darkness.

Later on I was thrown into a room. As I stood up I could hear a door slam behind me. The only thing in the room was a table, and an overhead light above it. There was also that same cat standing behind the table.

"What? Are you scared too approach?" The cat asked. I didn't move from my spot.

"Okay...what the HELL is going on here? You people know WHO I am, WHERE I was, and possibly WHY I'm here! So tell me! WHY AM I HERE?" I stomped my foot. In seconds, I felt a blade touch my neck, the cat lifted my chin up with the sword he was holding against me.

"Any hostility will be your demise, are we clear?"

I gulped. "Y-y-yes sir..."

The cat lowered his sword, and walked back behind the table. "I like you TImothy, you're a real tough bastard to go through this kind of transformation" He looked up at me. "Scaling an exploding volcano? Risking your life by an edge during one of the worst storms in history?"

The Pikachu's voice was behind me. "Xenon, you and I both know that's a catwalk in the park"

The cat laughed, and walked towards me. "I know. Listen son" He placed his hand on my shoulder, "In a few days, all will go through hell"

"Yup" I looked back a the Pikachu. "You'll be suffering alot my boy, so suck up your pain today and move on to tomorrow" I gulped. Losing Chelsea was already hell to me. I looked back at the cat nervously, who took his hand off and was staring at me with his green eyes.

"Will...Helga survive?"

"Depends" The cat shrugged.

"Depends on...what?"

"Depends if you're willing to protect her"

"Bu-" My vision suddenly went white, I felt my body flow through the surge of space. My body then landed flat on its back, and I fell into unconciousness.