"Are you okay?!"

The feminine voice pounded my ear drums, I woke up to a blurry vision of Helga, who was looking down at me nervously. I moaned, and slapped the side of my head.


I couldn't focus on her, so I tried to focus my eyes on the floor.

"Oh good..."

Once I regained my vision, I thought for a sec. I wonder if my dream is a sign or a warning. What did that cat mean by everything will go into hell?

Helga lifted my chin up, my eyes locked on hers. "...you had a dream again didn't you?"

"Yes..." I grunted, standing up with difficulty. "...they told me...that this world will go through hell..."

Instead of taking it seriously, Helga just laughed.

"You must be lacking sleep Tim" She said jokingly, resting her tail around my neck. "Get some rest..."

It was true. Ever since the pregnancy happened to Helga, I have been staying up later than usual. I still missed the city life, oh how I craved a bottle of Pepsi right now. I began to drool at that thought. Helga helped me back into reality by slapping my face.

"Thanks..." I said, rubbing my cheek

"No problem"

I shifted my eyes to the unmoved egg. In the light, it was dark purple, covered in red zig-zag markings across the surface. No signs of hatching was eminent, yet.

Helga followed my eyes' direction, she giggled.

"He's been kicking around this whole time"

"Kicking?" I asked, shifting my eyes back to her. Our eyes met at the same time.

"Yes..." She gave me a confused look. "Tim...can I ask you something?"

I stood up, massaging my shoulder. "Sure, what's bothering you?"

Helga stared at me into the pupil. "...do you trust me?"

That was the second question I was thinking over the entire time. Sure she's a nice snake, but she nearly ate me for a snack. I looked around, then I looked back at her eyes, and smiled.

"Yes I trust you" I ended that sentence with a hug, which I got back.

"Thank you..." Helga whispered, shutting her eyes. I did the same.

"You're welcome Helga..." As I opened my eyes, I saw that cat again. Black, with luminous green eyes. He was staring at me from the shadows. My response was a slight shutter.

"What is it?" Helga asked, looking at my eyes' direction. The cat was gone.

I rubbed my forehead. Things were really getting out of wack for me. To come to this world unprepared for a battle is already enough to send someone booking for home. Not me, since I have no choice. If I return home, life will continue to be the same. If I stay here, life will be different. I will be a father, a husband possibly, and a creature gifted with extraordinary powers. I deserve to be here.

"Nothing" I said flatly, looking at the egg. "So...how did you know it's a boy?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

Helga looked at the egg as well. "Chansey told me"

"Chansey?" I raised a brow, shifting my eyes to Helga.

"Chansey was the nurse you met earlier, you know, pink?"

"Ah..." I tapped my claw against my chin. So Chansey is her name, sounds Japanese-like. I wonder if she could speak Japanese, I really wanted some slang I heard translated into English.

Helga yawned. "I need to sleep some more..." She curled up into a spiral, I looked at her. Somehow I was jealous that I was not in the wrap this time. Strange.

"Do you...want me to do anything?" I asked.

Helga lifted her head, looking at me with a smile. "Sure...just...go familiarize yourself. Obviously you're new here...so...yeah just enjoy yourself. Meet new people"

I nodded. "Sure" Meeting new people will either get me more friends, or more enemies.

After telling Chansey that Helga is resting, I left the small Chansey-ish like tent and wandered around the small town. There were many interesting people there. The banker is a ghost, or should I say Duskull. The person who owns the gym, by the sounds of "training", was Marowak. He told me the building is being renovated for future days.

There were some shady figures around town. Another Zangoose like me owned a group called Team Slash.

"So you're new around here huh?" The muscular Zangoose asked, arms crossed.

"Yes" I replied with no fear. I honestly do not fear other people who are stronger than me.

"Mh-right" He nodded. "Well keep an eye out for the local Seviper, she's worse than a volcano slide in Southern Desert"

Luckily my mouth was shut, but I clenched my teeth at the words that Zangoose used to insult Helga. "Sure" I said flatly, and headed further west into town.

The other shop owners were friendlier than the first. There was two chameleons, and a giant kangaroo with a helmet on her head. Both of them were real fun to talk with, I promised them that I'd pay them a visit each day.
I turned around and wandered back towards the tent, but I found a large crowd surrounding it. No good, I ran, shoving my way into the crowd, and right into the center. There the same Zangoose and his team were hurting Helga, who was protecting her egg in a curl.

"Damn snake, give me that Egg!" The Zangoose shouted, stepping on her tail. Helga just clenched her eyes.
"Hey you!" I screamed, stepping forward. All eyes shifted to me, especially the Zangoose.

"You want in too? Go ahead beat her down" He said gladly, stepping aside for me. Time to play a little game. I nodded at Helga slightly, so that she could get the message. She did. I walked up to her, with my claws drawn. The Zangoose grinned upon that sight, but his grin was broken when I left a huge scar across his face. He screamed in pain.

Before the other's could react, I grabbed the yellow hedgehog's hand, and hurled him into the green praying mantis with force. This sent them both tumbling down, unconscious.

"Ha!" I screamed, but I was careless. The Zangoose slashed my in the back, sending me straight down. He stomped on my back.

"Fool...do you think you can hurt me and protect this snake, and LIVE?" He crushed my back for emphasis, I clenched my eyes. I had no fists to clench. "Your time is up kid..." I could tell he was preparing a fatal strike.
I looked above my head, the sun glare blinding my eyes. I could tell that the face on the creature's face was not friendly. Then I tasted blood, great, I'm bleeding.

All the sudden a tail impaled through the Zangoose's stomach, and lifted him up high. I looked at Helga, she was still protecting her egg. While I was looking, my vision was blocked by an injured Zangoose falling from the sky. I felt myself being lifted up roughly, and met face to face with a larger Seviper. He stared down right into my pupils, I shivered a bit.

"Your breath stinks..." I joked. I received a slash on the back for that joke, it hurts like heck.

Helga stopped the snake from doing another slash, speaking in her native tongue. The larger snake then hissed back with rage, which turned into calm. He released me after a long conversation. I could feel the blood from both my mouth and the wound slithering down my throat. The crowd was long gone, they were forced back by these floating, grey spheres.

"ZZTT, You come with us!" The largest one shouted at the rangled Team Slash. They were shoved to follow them elsewhere, I looked back at the huge snake. He was still glaring at me.

"...I should kill you right now for mating with my sister..." He growled. I stood up, shutting my other eye because of the blood.

"I should mess up your face for slashing me" I growled back, he raised his tail swiftly, but Helga stopped him.
"Leave him alone...please..." She asked calmly, the snake lowered his tail.

"I will for your sake" He spat, then turned and left. "But if I decide to kill him, I WILL kill him"

That was it. I ran up to the snake and wrestled with him. He caught me in a squeezing wrap, I could feel my organs squishing into flat pancakes. Helga tried to stop him, but he slapped her away.

"Oh the joys I can do in torturing you..." He grinned, squeezing tighter. I just grunted in pain in response. With my eyes clenched, and my oxygen low, I could only make out the snake's head being smacked by a large flail. He fell down with a thump, and so did I.