Nate And Nathan, You Are Up!
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United States May 4, 2018
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The next day, everyone is heading back to the battle arena.

Jon: According to the schedule, you and Nathan are the first two battles.

Nathan: No pressure.

Rosa: None at all.

Nate: Well, I better get onto the battlefield.

The screen fades to the battlefield, showing everyone but Nate sitting in the stands. Nate is on the battlefield with another male trainer in a suit called Lucas.

Referee: This battle between Nate and Lucas will soon begin. Each trainer can use three Pokemon each. Go!

Nate: Right, let's have a good battle!

Lucas: Whatever.

Lucas sends out his Hippowdon.

Constantine: A Hippowdon.

Kyle: Looks like a strong Pokemon.

April: Does Nate have any Pokemon to counter Hippowdon?

Jon: A lot.

Nate: A Ground type. Blastoise, you're up!

Nate sends out Blastoise.

Tyler: Blastoise!

Jon: Haven't seen him in ages.

The crowd cheer in excitement.

Lucas: Double Team!

Hippowdon uses Double Team creating lots of fakes.

Nate: You think that will help.

Lucas: Hyper Beam!

Hippowdon uses Hyper Beam towards Blastoise.

Kyle: That's going to hurt.

April: Why is Blastoise not moving?

Jon: You'll see.

Nate: Protect!

Blastoise uses Protect and doesn't take any damage.

Nate: Now, Hydro Pump!

Blastoise uses Hydro Pump and hits Hippowdon.

Jon: Nate and Blastoise are a very strong team.

Constantine: I wonder how Hippowdon will do.

Lucas: Stone Edge!

Hippowdon sends Stone Edge shards towards Blastoise.

Nate: Ice Beam!

Blastoise then uses Ice Beam and cancels out Stone Edge.

Nate: Skull Bash!

Blastoise heads towards Hippowdon using Skull Bash.

Lucas: Water Pulse!

Hippowdon uses Water Pulse at Blastoise but nothing happens. Blastoise then hits Hippowdon.

Nate: Hydro Pump!

Blastoise then hits Hippowdon with Hydro Pump and gets knocked out.

Referee: Hippowdon is unable to battle.

Lucas returns Hippowdon and sends out Conkeldurr.

Nathan: A Conkeldurr.

Rosa: I wonder what Nate will do.

Nate: Blastoise, great work. Return.

Nate returns Blastoise

Drake: Why did he return Blastoise?

Nate gets out a Pokeball with a blue sticker, and Jon recognises it straight away.

Jon: Oh dear. He really is using Snorlax at a time like this isn't he.

Tyler: Snorlax?

Kyle: Nate wouldn't, would he?

Nate throws the Pokeball and Snorlax pops out.

Rosa: Yep he would.

Lucas: A Snorlax?! Are you dumb!

Nate: Nope. Metronome!

Nathan: Is he for real?

Josie: Seems to be so.

Snorlax begins to move his hands, using Metronome.

Lucas: Right. Focus Punch!

Conkeldurr runs towards Snorlax and then hits with Focus Punch, but Snorlax barely moves backwards.

Nate: Go!

Snorlax stops moving his hands and Metronome becomes Sludge Wave which hits Conkeldurr.

Lucas: Interesting. Drain Punch!

Conkeldurr uses Drain Punch, taking some HP from Snorlax.

Nate: Belly Drum!

Snorlax uses Belly Drum and loses a lot of health, but maximises Snorlax's attack.

Lucas: Well that may have been a good idea, but against Conkeldurr, your Snorlax will fall soon. Rock Slide!

Conkeldurr uses Rock Slide but Snorlax dodges.

Nate: Rest!

Snorlax uses Rest and restores all of his health and also falls asleep.

Lucas: What kind of strategy are you doing?

Josie: Rest, Belly Drum, Metronome. Its a strange moveset to have.

Jon: Nate has won a lot of battles with Snorlax.

Nate: Sleep Talk!

Snorlax uses Sleep Talk and uses Metronome.

Rosa: What?

Josie: Metronome shouldn't be able to be chosen when Sleep Talk has been used.

Jon: Nate has trained with Snorlax a lot to make sure that Metronome can work.

Constantine: Unreal.

Metronome becomes Comet Punch and hits Conkeldurr.

Lucas: Poison Jab.

Conkeldurr heads towards Snorlax using Poison Jab.

Nate: Sleep Talk.

Snorlax gets Metronome again, and Metronome becomes Acrobatics and counters Poison Jab and then hits Conkeldurr.

Nate: One last time!

Snorlax wakes up and uses Metronome. Metronome becomes Judgement and Judgement hits Conkeldurr and knocks Conkeldurr out.

Referee: Conkeldurr is unable to battle.

Lucas returns Conkeldurr.

Nate: You done great Snorlax, return.

Nate returns Snorlax.

Lucas: You are getting so lucky.

Jon: Nate knows what he is doing.

Tyler: I really want to face Nate at some point. He will be a great training partner for the beginning of the Hoenn league.

Drake: He probably will.

Nate: And finally, Luxio!

Nate sends out Luxio.

Rosa: A Luxio?

Rotom-Dex: Interesting.

Rotom-Dex scans Luxio.

Rotom-Dex: Luxio, the Spark Pokemon. Luxio is a pure Electric type. Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes.

Rotom-Dex stops the scan.

Tyler: Awesome.

Mary: I wonder who Lucas will send out.

Lucas sends out Gallade.

Jon: A Gallade!

Kyle: Hmm.

Nathan: A strong Pokemon.

Lucas: Leaf Blade!

Gallade moves fast and hits Luxio with Leaf Blade.

Lucas: Close Combat!

Gallade follows up with Close Combat

Jon: Whoa.

Nate: Rain Dance!

Luxio regains his footing and uses Rain Dance and the rain begins to fall.

Lucas: Earthquake!

Nate: Jump!

Gallade uses Earthquake, but Luxio jumps into the air to dodge.

Nate: Thunder!

Luxio uses Thunder and the move hits Gallade. Luxio is now falling towards Gallade.

Nate: Thunder Fang!

Luxio hits Gallade with Thunder Fang and then skids towards Nate.

Lucas: Slash!

Nate: Crunch!

Gallade heads towards Luxio using Slash, but Luxio counters with Crunch, keeping hold on Gallade.

Lucas: Leaving Luxio close range is a mistake.

Nate: I call it a good strategy,

Josie: Why is Luxio still there?

Nate: Thunder!

Luxio uses Thunder and hits both himself and Gallade but an explosion happens, causing both Pokemon to get blown back towards their trainers. Gallade falls over and is unable to battle.

Referee: Gallade is unable to battle, Nate and Luxio win.

The screen quickly fades into Nathan on the battlefield and his opponent Rachel.

Rachel: Let's have a good battle.

Nathan: Yes.

Rachel sends out Tentacruel.

Nathan: Tentacruel, I see.

Nathan sends out Lucario.

Nathan: Dragon Pulse!

Rachel: Blizzard!

Both moves cancel each other out.

Rachel: Hydro Pump!

Tentacruel uses Hydro Pump and hits Lucario.

Nathan: Nice. Extreme Speed!

Lucario this Tentacruel fast with Extreme Speed.

Rachel: Interesting.

Nate: Aura Sphere

Rachel: Sludge Wave!

Both Pokemon attack and cancel each other out.

Rachel: Giga Drain!

Tentacruel uses Giga Drain on Lucario, not doing much damage.

Nathan: I see. Now Psychic and Aura Sphere!

Lucario holds Tentacruel still using Psychic and then hits with Aura Sphere, causing a lot of damage.

Rachel: Blizzard!

Nathan: Extreme Speed!

Lucario hits Tentacruel with Extreme Speed before Tentacruel can use Blizzard and knocks Tentacruel out.

Referee: Tentacruel is unable to battle.

Rachel: Great work Tentacruel, return.

Rachel returns Tentacruel.

Rachel: GO!

Rachel then sends out Tyrantrum.

Kyle :A Tyrantrum.

Drake: Whoa.

Rachel: Rock Polish!

Tyrantrum uses Rock Polish and increases its speed a lot.

Nathan: Aura Sphere!

Rachel: Head Smash!

Lucario uses Aura Sphere, but Tyrantrum dodges easily and then hits Lucario fast with Head Smash, knocking Lucario out.

Referee: Lucario is unable to battle.

Nathan: You were great Lucario.

Nathan returns Lucario and sends out Infernape.

Rosa: Infernape.

Nathan: Overheat!

Infernape uses Overheat but misses Tyrantrum who moves fast.

Rachel: Head Smash!

Tyrantrum moves fast towards Infernape.

Nathan: Flare Blitz!

Infernape uses Flare Blitz and the two Pokemon collide and then move back to their trainers.

Rachel: Dragon Claw!

Tyrantrum heads towards Infernape using Dragon Claw, but isn't moving as fast.

Nathan: Sweet, Thunder Punch!

Infernape counters with Thunder Punch.

Nathan: Flare Blitz!

Infernape covers itself in fire and then heads towards Tyrantrum.

Rachel: Dodge with Rock Polish!

Tyrantrum uses Rock Polish and increases its speed even more then dodges Infernape.

Rachel: Stone Edge!

Tyrantrum uses Stone Edge and hits Infernape, knocking Infernape out.

Referee: Infernape is unable to battle.

Nathan: You done well Infernape.

Nathan returns Infernape then sends out Lycanroc.

Drake: Lycanroc?

Constantine: Odd choice.

Josie: I would have gone with Yveltal again or Greninja.

Rosa: Nathan has been training with Lycanroc a lot.

Jon: Two rock types can work against each other.

Nate: Nathan has gotten this far, he wouldn't if he had no skill as a trainer.

Tyler: Let's see what he does.

Nathan: Swords Dance!

Lycanroc uses Swords Dance and increases his attack a lot.

Rachel: I see. Head Smash!

Nathan: Accelerock!

Both Pokemon collide with one another.

Nathan: Crunch!

Lycanroc then uses Crunch and gets a clean critical hit off.

Rachel: Nice. Now Dragon Claw!

Tyrantrum moves fast and retaliates with Dragon Claw, making a clean hit.

Nathan: Right, Stone Edge!

Rachel: You two!

Both Pokemon uses Stone Edge and cancel each other out.

Nathan: Swords Dance!

Rachel: Head Smash!

Lycanroc uses Swords Dance and increases his attack even more. Tyrantrum runs in towards Lycanroc using Head Smash.

Nathan: Accelerock!

Lycanroc connects with Tyrantrum with Accelerock, and they stay connected.


Lycanroc jumps off Tyrantrum and hits it with Stone Edge, causing major damage, causing Tyrantrum to get knocked out.

Referee: Tyrantrum is unable to battle.

Rachel: You were amazing Tyrantrum, return.

Rachel returns Tyrantrum.

Rachel: You are a great battler Nathan.

Nathan: You too Rachel.

Rachel: Now, let's put everything into this. Diggersby!

Rachel sends out Diggersby.

Nathan: Accelerock!

Rachel: Quick Attack!

Lycanroc and Diggersby collide and cancel each other out.

Rachel: Dig!

Diggersby then uses Dig and burrows underground.

Nathan: Watch out Lycanroc.

Lycanroc sniffs the ground then jumps as Diggersby emerges from the gruond.

Rachel: Brick Break!

Diggersby hits Lycanroc to the ground with Brick Break.

Nathan: You okay Lycanroc?

Lycanroc nods.

Nathan: Crunch!

Rachel: Dig!

Lycanroc is close to hitting Diggersby but Diggersby uses Dig to get away.

Nathan: Hmm.

Rosa: Don't lose your cool.

Jon: Nathan wouldn't at this point.

Mary: He is having a lot of fun.

Diggersby pops up behind Lycanroc.

Nathan: Behind you, Accelerock!

Lycanroc turns around and hits Diggersby.

Rachel: Now, Wild Charge!

Diggersby hits Lycanroc with Wild Charge, and takes recoil.

Nathan: Stone Edge!

Rachel: Brick Break!

Lycanroc sends Stone Edge towards Diggersby but it counters with Brick Break.

Jon: If Nathan and Lycanroc land a hit, they win.

Tyler: That close?

Nate: With Lycanroc's attack so high, it wouldn't surprise me.

Kyle: Let's see.

Rachel: Quick Attack!

Diggersby hits Lycanroc with Quick Attack.

Rosa: Come on Nathan.

April: You are very nervous.

Rosa: We both want to battle each other in the finals.

Jon: I see.

Nathan: Stone Edge!

Lycanroc uses Stone Edge but Diggersby uses Dig to dodge.

Nathan: Gotcha. Stone Edge!

Lycanroc uses Stone Edge into the hole, causing Diggersby to pop out.

Nathan: Accelerock!

Rachel: Wild Charge!

However, Lycanroc hits Diggersby too fast and knocks Diggersby out.

Referee: Diggersby is unable to battle, Nathan wins.

Rosa: Thank god.

Nathan joins the stands and watches a few matches with everyone. Soon afterwards.

Nate: Rosa, you are up next.

Nathan: You will do great.

Rosa: Thanks.

Tyler: Then its Kyle straight afterwards.

Kyle: We will both win.

The screen freezes.

Narrator: With both Nate and Nathan going through, it is now Rosa and Kyle's turn to make it into the next stage of the competition. How will they do?


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts

Nate Spencer

Rosa Jones

Nathan Foster

Josie Adams

Tyler Moor

Kyle Winterman







  • Blastoise
  • Snorlax
  • Luxio



  • Conkeldurr
  • Hippowdon
  • Gallade


  • Tentacruel
  • Tyrantrum
  • Diggersby