Nuzlocke Zer0 (Prenounced Nuz-lock Ze-ro Ze-ro) is a Nuzlocke Challenge series that chronicles Kyo Stone's rise of becoming a ledgend through his eyes as he adventures reigion to region fighting Gym leaders meeting new people and battling villianous teams only to have stamped out by some one with alot of power and influence to accuse him being part of a that team becuase of an incident that happend on his first adventure.

Differences & Similarities with the games/Anime


Nuzlocke Zer0's region layout is like the real world's.

Each Reigion is a seperate nation and it's highest authority is the Pokémon League and each city or Town has the Gym Leader or another powerful trainer (e.g Kurt is Azalea Town's Mayor unlike Bugsy due to his age.). A trainer can only challenge a gym once if they lose they have to collect a different badge. If one collects eight badges in one region the can challenge that region's League to fight five consecutive battles to be test phisically, mentally, and morally so that the future can be peaceful and free. Only a Gym leader can become part of the Elite Four but under certain curcumstances that a Gym Leader can become Champion if the previous Champion steps down the Elite Four will nominate the most prominent trainer usaually a Gym Leader. Some Champions are strictly bloodline this means that if that they lose the victor is married into the family.

The Region are set in Nuzlocke Zer0 just like the real world Hoenn to the South, Sinnoh to the North and the Kanto and Johto in between. Unova would be where the New York area is.


Since a Nuzlocke Challenge is for games here are the rules You can use if you want.

Rule I: If the Pokémon faints it is considered dead and has to be released.

Rule II: the first Pokémon of the area you find you must catch if you have any poke balls to do so and you can’t catch any more Pokémon in that area until that Pokémon faints. ONLY doubles can be skipped.

Rule III: All Pokémon must be nicknamed.

Rule IV: Legendaries are immortal but if they faint they are moved to the back of the PC roster as a sub.

Rule V: you can only save at Pokémon centres or at home

Rule VI: Black/White out= game over. Reload from last save (just don’t do it on purpose).

Rule VII: Pokémon can’t be traded over until after the second badge.

Rule VIII: No fly, teleport, dig, escape rope or any kind of warp moves to leave and area. (So you can’t just fly out to heal your Pokémon [It’s a challenge])

Rule IX: Pokémon can ONLY be revived between elite four matches as you’re fighting five matches in a row so you can’t switch out but this my only exception for rule I [as I don’t to keep reloading a losing battle and can’t swap out].

Rule X: You can heal Pokémon at the Pokémon centre for unlimited times but not to revive any Pokémon as it defeats the purpose.

Last rule: Whatever happens just go with it like life and have fun.


White Noise "In Progress"

Fire red Storm "Coming soon"

Emerald Chaos "Coming soon"

Black 2 Light "Coming Soon"

Platinium Dream "Coming Soon"

Heart Gold Requiem "Coming Soon"


Each Arc Name sybolises a phrase and the actual game's title.

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