"If being with Pokemon is just an ideal I'll follow it no matter what!!!."

Nuzlocke Zer0 White Noise is the first Arch of the series were Kyo travels around Unova


I woke up with a smile as today is the day that I get my starter Pokémon and head off to explore the Unova region and then the world right on my desk is a box from professor Juniper (I must have the Pokémon for me and my friends). I waited till 8:30 in the morning when my best friend Cheren and Bianca arrived later they stood beside me and said I can go first. I chose a male Snivy and named him Hamlet As it is a regal name, Cheren got Tepig and Bianca got Oshawott. And straight away Bianca challenges me to a battle, Hamlet used tackle and battled had begun and I was victorious, next I was battling Cheren with his Tepig after a gruelling battle I was the winner and we headed out to thank professor Juniper for our Pokémon and set out for our adventure I checked on Cheren first to see if he was ready as soon as I knocked on the door Cheren stepped out ready to head out but when we went to see Bianca, we had yelling and Bianca storming out we I ask if she is okay and she was okay After seeing professor Juniper she hands us our pokedexes and takes use to the edge of route 1 and told us to take the first step together as soon as we did she told us on how to catch Pokémon and gave us five pokeballs and off we went.

After catching a patrat named Patrick [I couldn’t think of one] this is our next few days went.


[More] –Grinding-

[You guess it more] –Grinding-

I had kept on returning home to heal my Pokémon before going back to training. But once they were lv. 6 I decided to go to Accumula Town to meet up with my friends [I wonder if they left me behind] as I headed there I found Prof Juniper and she had taken me to a Pokémon centre and told I can use this place to heal my Pokémon. Next she taught me how to use the PC box and left. As I was about to leave I postman had called for my attention so I walked over. He said I had a package, it was a cherish ball it contained a Lv. 100 Reshiram event Pokémon [must had activated it by accident. who cares it’s now my meat shield] as I exited the centre I saw crowd not too far from me I saw Cheren there were we watched an oddly dressed man and his medieval looking servants team plasma he had talked about separating Pokémon from humans then he was rambling for a while and then they left. After the crowd dispersed a green haired man in white approached me and asked to know what my Pokémon said and challenged me to a battle he sent out a purrloin I sent out Hamlet and barraged him with vine whip for an easy win he said his name was N. I sort of phased out with what he was saying but he left I had no clue on what he meant even Cheren couldn’t get a read on him, so we had just disregarded N as a weirdo.

I decided to shrug off the weirdo [N] and continued forth to striation city to get my first badge for my journey just as I entered route 2 My Xtransceiver rang again it was my mum and she said that she had something for me. So I waited she arrived quickly and she gave me my Air shoe prototypes [basically the same as running shoes but cooler] she wished me luck and headed home. I swapped my old shoes and put on my Mark I prototype and skated off. [Metal note: Skating (or running) makes you more conspicuous to trainers and wild Pokémon alike] so I encountered a male Purrloin first try [score level 6 already] and after an easy catch I now have 3 members on my team already no one has died yet. After battling through trainers and wild Pokémon [from here on I’ll call them wilds] and made it to Striaton city by then it was roughly early evening so I not starting the grinding just yet so I went to the dreamyard to see if I can find strong Pokémon to fight but after noticing a bunch of trainers and no way in. I decided to fight the trainers for to kill time and when I reached the end a girl asked what was my starter I said it was a Snivy so she gave me a panpour a water types

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself “I think that this is a fire type gym cafe-cook-fire if not I could use it against Cheren if I want so thanks stranger.”

I had returned to route 2 to begin training my level 9 and 10 to 14 it had taken a whole day of pure training to fight the first gym but the guy in my way said he was at the school I find this odd Gym Leaders usually are skilled enough to not to go to trainer school. But I headed there anyway when I got there I saw only teachers and students no signs of a Gym Leaders setting foot here but Cheren was there besides him the was nothing out of place. So I went to talk to him was muttering about status effects or something and challenged me to a battle he had sent out his Tepig first [that’s something irregular in a rival battle] but I had Hydro (panpour) first and thrashed Tepig in one shot next was his purrloin, Hamlet came in and ended it with vine whip, Cheren look disappointed that he lost but he congratulated me none the less then he headed off out of the school I decided if the gym was open and try tomorrow.

The next day I head straight to the gym but it wasn’t blocked by Clyde this time but a waiter with Green hair I asked “Are you the Gym leader?”

“Yes I am the gym leader Cilan, if you are here to challenge me,” Cilan said then he asked, “What was your first’s Pokémon’s type?”

Straight away it hit me why that girl gave me Hydro but I went along with it.

“Grass huh.” He said with half a sick smile and an approving one and he left inside the gym I followed him in the gym appeared to be a cafe where I saw Clyde and he gave me a bottle of fresh water and walked on through defeating all trainers that tried to oppose me as soon as I saw Cilan I immediately switched Hydro first and Hamlet second and spoke to Cilan where out of nowhere a boy with blue hair and another with fire red he step saying “I’m Chilli [creative name there] a fire type user and our battle begins he sent out a Lilipup so as soon as I could I switched out for Hamlet but by haste I sent out Sebastian instead Lilipup used work up I used assist and he used Blue Flare [I am absolutely serious this did happen thanks Reshia from part 3] and almost burnt Lillpup completely to cinders.

I lifted my long sleave laughed then taunted, “Now were cooking with gas.”

“Couldn’t put it better myself,” Chilli replied then taunted, “But If you play with fire you’ll get burned, Go Pansear!!!”

“Go Hydro!!!” I said, switching Sebastian out for Hydro

After a few shots of water gun [damm super potions] Pansear collapsed and I was left the victor

"You got me. I am... burned... out...” Chilli sighed in exhaustion then turned to enthusiasm “You were on fire! Well, it's the Pokémon League's rule. Take this Gym Badge!"

I thanked him and spun the badge in my fingers and put it into the case and he gave me a TM which contained work up.

As I headed out a women named Fennel and asked if I know the professor.

“Yeah and what do you need?” I replied nonchalantly.

“I need some dream mist, it can be found the dream yard and you’ll need this. HM01 Cut.” She said giving me a gray disk.

She also told me that her lab is just down the street. I decided that it would be alright to help her out and headed out back to the dream yard. When I reached the yard I ran into Bianca and asked “Yo Bianca can you help me out on finding dream mist?”

“Sure, where should we start?” she asked

“Here!” I shouted, “Patrick Cut!”

Patrick cut through a tree like it was paper and we walked right through and straight away we saw a munna under attack by two familiar dressed people. I got their attention by calling out “Team Plasma I presume.”

“Yes and we’re busy,” said the male member kicking the munna

“Well it just occurred to me that you want to protect all Pokémon’s wellbeing, this is quite hypocritical.” I retorted

“You want a death wish kid, scram.” Shout the female member

“Actually we want some dream mist thank you,” I asked then threatened, “Step away the munna and no one gets their Pokémon’s asses kicked.”

That comment had sparked two battles in rows but they were light years away were down as fight begun.

“Dammit, let’s just take the stupid thing and go,” said the female member discarding her Pokémon. She was just about to grab the munna when Ghetsis show out of nowhere but his voice was distorted and demonic. He scolded them and called them failures and bombarded them with insults. The lowly grunts started to hyperventilate then they passed out and Ghestsis smiled and disappeared.

A Musharna floated by and comforted the munna and Prof. Fennel came and collected some dream mist seeping from munna and told us that her research was complete and thanked us and left I only just notice that it was late so I decided to rest up before leaving for our next badge.

I decided to take the morning off for some rest. Later in the afternoon I headed out to route 3 were I saw a day care centre and a preschool I first went for some Pokémon hunting and found a blitzle, I caught it named it Blitz and started training I went to check the day care out when some little kids started to challenge me left, right and centre I bet them all until...

[I made this bit up as a joke because it was a misinterpretation but it became a joke I’ll explain that preschooler that said use hyper beam as his text killed 2 Lv 18s with lv 9s it already wrecked my pride and the joke works as well]

“Use Hyper beam!!!” said a hotshot bully preschooler on top of the slide.

And out of nowhere a gigantic energy multicoloured beamed beam consuming Blitz, Patrick and Reshia it just kept going through the landscape cutting though trees and rock. It subsided quickly the only thing that wasn’t dead was Reshia and sadly Blitz and Patrick who were nothing but ash. I fell to knees started to cry and thought, who in the right mind gives a 4 year old a Pokémon that has hyper beam.

I didn’t have to say a word all Pokémon used their most powerful moves on his pasage all at once the force knock him off his slide and landed on his butt.

The bully ran off crying “you’ll pay for this!”

I stood up and started to scatter my Pokémon’s ashes I didn’t know if this was right or wrong but I kept going. When it was over I healed my Pokémon at the day care well they rested when I left I ran into a pidove though I didn’t want to I knew I’ll need her later so I caught it and put it in the Pokémon day care centre as I wanted to test Birdy’s [Yeah I know imaginative] growth without me.

Later I ran into Cheren again and we battled with a fury and I had a quick victory.

“Thanks I needed that.” I said finally moving on.

Cheren looked slightly annoyed that he lost to me the fourth time in a row but before he could say anything Bianca showed up with a little girl who was crying straight away I knew what happend straight away but Bianca explained to Cheren, “Team Plasma have taken this girl’s Pokémon and headed to wellspring cave.

“Roger We’ll get them back.” I replied with a smile and I skated off.

I reached the cave and find Cheren already was already there. “How did you...?” I asked

“Shortcut,” Said Cheren smirking

We entered the cave to find the two members from yesterday

“Again with the crimes that would seriously impact your end of week evaluation,” I taunted as I knew it will catch their attention.

“Can’t you punks leave us alone,” said the female member you was instantly annoyed

“If you can’t beat me by yourself let us see if you beat us,” I said pulling my trademark sarcastic shrug. Cheren knew that when I pull it I actually mean business and asses will be kicked.

“How are going to do that. I heard that two of your strongest Pokémon died today,” said the male stupidly and like that Hamlet vine whipped his Pokémon to ground Cheren got out Tepig and joined in the fray.

“Oh come on now I dddin’t mean it,” cried the Male in fear “It... it... it was just a... bad joke.”

“Look at me I’m laughing my head off ahahahahahahahaha,” I laughed with tears of sadness dripping down my face, “Hamlet evolve!”

Hamlet had evolved on cue and became a Servine it used leaf tornado and flung the female’s Pokémon into a wall.

“dammit lets retreat forget about the Pokémon and just get out of here,” said the male as he returned his Pokémon. The female did the same and ran as the left a hiding audino behind Cheren left me in the cave to recollect my thoughts and took the audino.

After an hour just lying motionless and half dead I finally got up and found a Roggenrola lying next me next to a pokeball caught before it woke up.

“Let’s go RnR,” I said with resolve.

Heading back to route 3 and started a much more strenuous training session until my Pokémon nearly died themselves but after a quick stop to the Pokémon centre we were back in action and headed to Nacrene City. When I got there I saw Cheren I immediately got my poke balls at the ready for a fight but he just told me about the city and that I should check the museum before tomorrow. That puzzled me but I knew that I’ll need a fighting type for the gym so I bypassed the city on to pinwheel forest exterior were I found a Throh and caught it, trained it but when I check the time it was late and I mean late 11:30PM

“Crap,” I shouted and skated back I visited the centre for healing then headed to the museum I was in luck it still allows people in till 12:00 for the all night expo. I was just about to enter when I ran into N.

“Move!” I said desperately “I need to get in!”

“Why so you can wreck your tools!” said N with disgust from there I zoned out again from N’s speech [AKA rapid A button mashing] but he challenged me to a battle but he had a different team I seen some of them in the wild. The battle was easy another gap but time was wasted I had five minutes left after ignoring another of N’s speeches I headed into the museum. I quickly skated around the museum without a clue on what Cheren meant when I saw a library area. Then I saw Clyde and knew to act quickly. When I entered Clyde gave me fresh water and told me that the leader is in a hidden area and can’t be entered by normal means.

“I only have ten minutes left to fight,” I muttered. I skated around the library, jumping over bookshelfs after a few rows I slipped and fell. I reached out for the ledge but grabbed a book instead I heard a mechanical noise and a click and saw stairs below me I back flipped and jumped down shouting, “Geronimo!!!”

I landed in an office-like room where a woman was packing I asked “Are you the gym leader?”

The woman stopped packing and turned around and said, “I’m sorry but Your too late I can’t battle I have expedition tomorrow. Won’t be back until 2017.”

“Ok how about a bon voyage battle then,” I said pulling my shrug

“Fine if you want a battle you got one,” She said angrily

I just used Throh for this as it had good fighting moves, my educated guess was right. Just normal types and no demon miltank either. a few vital throws and herdier was down and she brought a whatchhog she called out, “Ok your really starting to annoy me now!”

I called back, “Just give me the badge, Mrs Lenora. Vital throw”

Another vital throw later I won via critical hit

"My theory about you was correct. You're more than just talented... You're motivated! I salute you!" she smirked

“Wait, Wha?” I said at a loss

"Your fighting style is so enchanting. It is charming. You are a Pokémon Trainer worthy of receiving this Basic Badge!" she continued

I flipped the badge into case and landed perfectly in its place

"Your fighting style is so enchanting. It is charming. You are a Pokémon Trainer worthy of receiving this Basic Badge!"

Suddenly her husband came in shouting something and she ran upstairs I followed upstairs.

When I entered the museum I heard a shotgun fire so I hid in an exhibit and put on a fez to blend in [it begins].

It was Team Plasma were one of them had a sawn off shotgun in their hand must be the leader

“This dragon fossil is needed for our plans,” said the leader with another bang and he ripped it off and ran off with his group.

“Yo help us get them,” said Lenora

“Only if I can keep the fez,” I said with two hands on the fez on my head

“Fine,” Said Lenora rolling her eyes

“YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!” I shouted putting my hands up

When I exited with Lenora I saw an afro man.

“Umm this might be the wrong time to say this, but they are getting away!” said the afro man

“In Pinwheel Forest,” I said, “thanks afro guy”

“You’re welcome Fez guy” said the afro guy

I skated west making sure my fez won’t fall off and headed to pinwheel forest I actually headed for the inner area of the forest I had two options the main path or the forest path I took the forest path in case they decided to hide it out and I was right there were Team Plasma goons here and they fell where they stood. I kept going until I found a clearing where I head a familiar bang and the leader goon came with his Patrats and a Sandile. I had no trouble fighting him but when I was through with him, he pointed the shotgun at my head but I said, “You know that gun can only fire three times before reloading.”

“Your bluffing,” said the goon and with a click... nothing happed when he went to reload I kicked him in the face knocking him unconscious, “seems like a Cobalt-Titanium alloy has a certain kick to it,” I taunted and Hamlet smirked

An oddly dressed man tried to sneak up on me but I flipped behind him and Hamlet was prepared to attack.

“Hold now I am Gorm the sage of Peace I don’t want to fight,” He spoke

“So much for peace if your lackey calls shotgun,” I taunted

“Oh, I’ll have words with him later,” He said disregarding my joke, “We don’t need the skull for our plans,” he picked it out of the goons hands and gave it to me then left.

By the time Lenora and the afro guy came they were gone I turned and said “Here you go one skull for a fez.”

“But they got away,” Said the afro guy

“Oh yeah, who are you?” I said curiously

“I’m Burgh, Gym Leader of Castelia city,” he said

“Cool can’t wait to battle,” I said casually yawning “It’s late. So see you.” I skated lazily back to the Pokémon centre then passed out on the bed.

I woke up after a few days rest and got ready to go to Castelia city but before that I went to route 3 to check on Birdy. “Hey how’s my Pokémon I said to the lady at the counter, it’s called Birdy.”

“Ok,” she said and checks the pc then replied, “She has grown by eighteen levels and to with draw her that would be $6000.”

I put Hamlet in the pc and took out Birdy. In my mind I thought “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! Who evolved as soon as I left and with that in order I skated off to Castelia. After blitzing through Pinwheel I saw the infamous Skyarrow Bridge and after taking the firsts steps I was blown away by its size and started to skate with an enormous smile on my face. When I got near the centre jumped onto the huge rail of the bridge and grinded up then jumped, followed by some flips & spins then landed on the descending rail then grinded back down and continued onwards. When I exited the checkpoint my jaw dropped just of the size skyscrapers but that just gave me more morale. After an hour of skating around I found the gym where I saw Cheren, I called out, “I see you got a shiny new badge.”

“Yeah a fire type is an easy chore against bug types,” He said

Then Burgh came out and said “Sorry I have close shop for a while an associate has a person with her and that person’s Pokémon stolen!”

“Let us help,” we said to Burgh and we followed him to a pier where we found Bianca

“Oh no,” said Cheren running to her aid and throwing me out of the way I nearly fell off the pier

“Iris do you have any leads,” Burgh asked

“Yeah, apparently Team Plasma stole them,” Iris replied

“Cheren lets split up and cover more ground that way,” I whispered to him and I sped off before he turned around.

Skating through Castelia is a breeze if good at parkour like me. After spotting a goon on Gym Street I slid down and walked in front of the building were Burgh and Cheren caught up with me and we beat down the guards and stormed in were we found Ghetsis and all other sages.

I shrugged and asked, “What excuse is it this time?”

Ghetsis laugh and replied, “Nothing but for the greater good.”

“Well, all three of us can kick,” I replied then made a headcount, “all six of your asses. so give back my friends pokemon.”

“Cocky little one aren’t you,” he said and clicked his fingers and a grunt ran past us and came back a minute later, “we have no purpose here. Our true base is much well equipped than this mundane place,” and with another click smoke erupted out nowhere when it cleared they vanished. When we left Burgh got a call and headed to the gym to open it up and said to us, “crisis averted. You fez guy you still want that challenge?”

“Give me five minutes,” I said and he walked in to the gym I walked into an empty ally and started talking to empty space, “I know your there Loki.”

Suddenly a blue Mew appeared from that empty space and said, “aww you found me, you’re getting better with your psychic abilities.”

I replied, “It’s a givin.”

Loki was an orphaned blue mew that Professor Oak found washed up on the shores of Pallet when I was small and it had taken a liking to me and Oak allowed Loki to stay with me and over the years we had taken a Celebi named Ciel and a Jirachi named Jericho. With all these psychic types at a young age allowed me to develop ESP I didn’t want to bring them on my adventure as I wanted to experience it like everyone else with a starter Pokémon and fight and train with them but I guess I can allow him to tag along so I went to the Pokémon centre and switch the Hydro out for Loki and headed back to the gym and just waltz through without a care about the honey walls and were I saw Burgh I called out, “LEEEEEEEEEETTTTTSSSSSSS GOOOO!!!”

He Replied, “YOU’RE ON!!!”

With Birdy the fight literary a one turn fight just a dash of aerial ace and his Pokémon were left almost mutilated

“I guess your badge is in order,” sighed Burgh and he tossed the badge to me, I just opened the badge case and it slid perfectly in.

I left the Gym and got a call from Bianca who asked that she wanted to battle me but I said it was the evening so I went to the cafe in a dark shady alley and ordered a parfait and lemonade and listened to the guitarist play till late and went to the centre to sleep.

When I woke up, I went north to the route 4 gate where I waited for Bianca for an hour before she came she asked the checkpoint lady if we can battle in here and the lady said, “yes just don’t break the monitor.”

Bianca had trained hard for once the battle harder than usual but I pressed on and didn’t have too much casualties [just a few at red health nothing too major] to win after the battle Bianca was annoyed and sad at the same time she has consecutively lost to me Cheren and Gym leaders alike plus with her Pokémon were stolen and returned yesterday so her confidence would be quite weak we headed back to the Pokémon Centre and healed our Pokémon and to cheer her up I decided to take the day off to site see the city, by the evening she decided that she’ll train harder tomorrow and with I went to the cafe ordered my parfait and lemonade then went back to the centre to sleep.

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