This is one of those "if I were in pokemon" kind of stories. It follows a character based off of myself while he travels the world. Unlike many trainers, he is not focused on winning the league, so don't expect gym challenges to be predominate in the story.

Chapter 1

"Are we kill-ing them with lies?

"Are they fight-ing for their lives?

Kill-ing them with thoughts

Can't we e-ver get en-ough?"

Daren winced as his mark broke into the chorus of a song he vaguely recognized. The voice of the trainer he was following might've been bearable by itself, but for whatever the reason the guy let his pets "sing" along with him and that made it ten times worse. Screw waiting 'till his guard's down, I'm shutting him up now!

"Kill-ing them, are we kill-ing


"HEY! WIMP!" He bellowed, immediately getting the teen and his pokemon to spin around and stop singing. Daren couldn't help but laugh when he realized his target was holding a pokeball as if it were going to try and beam him in the head with it. "What you going to do with that pokeball, knock me out?"

The trainer looked Daren over, before replacing the ball back on his bag's strap and replying, "You'd be surprised just how much damage a pokeball can do to a guy's face, kid."

Daren's eye twitched, "Kid?" Daren hated to be called a kid, even if the person saying it was older than him.

"Espe..." The Espeon that was standing next to the trainer apparently noted Daren's anger.

"Hm?" The trainer turned his attention towards his pokemon as if he thought he could actually understand it.


"Oh? Why?"


"Ok then..." He turned back to Daren, who's mood hadn't improved in the slightest by watching the trainer ignore him "converse" with his pokemon. "So, what is it you wanted?"

"All of your money and supplies," Daren growled, finding himself hating this, this Geek. After all, only a geek wears old army pants all the time and pretends to talk to pokemon. And because all geeks are wimps, Daren knew his victim was going to run.

He wasn't expecting a pokeball to smash into his forehead and knock him flat on his back.

"Yeeeeeah, no." The would-be mugg-ie replied, catching the red and white ball on its return trip before walking over to stand above the would-be mugg-er, who was currently rolling on the ground and clutching his head. "I don't give my hard-earned stuff away to those who don't say 'please'."

"S-Screw you!" Daren yelled back, still trying to recover.

"Sorry, I'm not gay," came the laughed reply. "Now, if you're smart you'll stay down, 'cause my friends will be the next ones to attack if you don't." With that the trainer and his pokemon made to leave, meaning their backs were turned to Daren when he felt his coherency return.

Not if I've got you at knife point you won't! With a befitting roar, Daren quickly sprang to his feet, pulled out his three-inch switchblade and lunged towards the trainer.


Next thing Daren knew he was on his back pinned underneath 350 pounds of angry Arcanine. Not where he expected to be in the slightest.

"I warned you, didn't I?" The trainer was on Daren's left now. "So, what to do with you, hm?"

"Arrrrrr..." The Pokemon pinning the human answered, pressing down harder on his chest with her paws.

"Woah! No! Way too far, Flare!"

"Mightyena!" The black and gray Pokemon to Daren's right barked.

"I don't care if he tried to kill me, Shade, I'm not going to let you guys maim him!"

Yep, Daren thought to himself as his captors continued to argue, This guy's friggin' insane.

I wouldn't jump to such conclusions if I were you. Another voice spoke up in Daren's mind, causing him to furrow his brow.

That's funny, I thought I ju-

The voice cut him off, No, you didn't. You actually heard me.


The an image of the trainer's Espeon suddenly flashed through Daren's mind. Me. I've been listening to your thoughts ever since you interrupted our song, Daren.


Hellooo? I'm a freaking psychic cat! How could I not know your name at this point?


It was a rhetorical question, idget. Bottom line, I know every move you make before you make it, so Dalton was never in any danger once you revealed yourself. For some reason, Daren didn't himself believing what the pokemon was telling him. You really are a idget, then. A psychic talks to you via tele- Oop, they've decided! Pay attention!

"Now then," the trainer, Dalton, began. "Looks like you're getting off easy. We'll just take all your cash, any weapons you might have and leave you paralyzed here."


"Well, If it were up to me I'd just take the knife and knock you out, but Pokemon tend to be a little more vengeful. Just be thankful I'm not letting them do what they want, because if I did you probably wouldn't be able to walk for the rest of your life." He explained, smiling sadly. Daren couldn't stand that smile. It had pity in it. Daren hated being pitied.

"When I get my hands on you, I'll-" Daren began to vow, only to get paralyzed by a small Thunder Wave from the trainer's final pokemon, a Luxray.

No, you won't. Odds are you'll never see us again, the Espeon corrected before telekinetically stripping Daren of his wallet and knife and passing them to his trainer.

"Thanks Psy," Dalton replied, closing the knife and opening the wallet. "Wow, looks like this guy did more than his fair share of stealing..." He pulled out the money and pocketed it, along with the knife, before dropping it on the paralyzed thief's chest. "Alright, lets get outa' here."

Daren glared at his former target as he left, memorizing everything about him and vowing to someday get his revenge. Hopefully sooner than later.


A week later saw Dalton and his companions roughly another week's travel to their current destination, one of the only unnamed mountains left in the region because of its final stretch was supposedly impossible to climb.

"Alright, who's up for some training?" Dalton asked, receiving a collective groan from his friends. "Good, because I sure as heck aint! Lets set up camp someplace!"

Half an hour later, and everyone was relaxing by the river that Sparky had found using her x-ray vision. Well, almost everyone. Shade was chasing Psy around in an effort to snatch up the poffins the Espeon now had orbiting around himself.

{You don't even like sour anyway, cat! Just give them back!}

{Work for your food, dog! Work!}

Dalton couldn't help but chuckle at the display, even though the two of them did this just about every time he passed out treats. He continued to watch the feuding cat and dog for a few minutes before laying back to look at the sky and sigh in contentment.

{Have a good day then?} Flare asked, rolling over to look at her human.

"Do I ever had a bad day?" He replied after he mentally translated her words, a process that normally took only a second or two.

{Everybody has a bad day here and there, Dalton, you just seem to have less than most.}

The human couldn't help but smile as he responded, "That's just because I've got you guys to brighten my day."

{Awww...} Flare couldn't help but smile either... Until Sparky pounced on top of Dalton, that is. Then she burst out laughing

"Luxray!" the great cat cheered as she landed, the meaning behind her words lost to Dalton; He was a little too pre-occupied with restoring air to his lungs.

"G-geroff!" He finally managed to gasp, shoving the Luxray off to make re-normalizing his breathing easier.

"Lux!" She jumped back onto him, this time coming down just soft enough to not re-knock the wind out of him.

"Why do you enjoy doing that?" The trainer groaned after he was sure he could breathe.

{I don't know, I just do.} She purred in reply, Dalton finally able to concentrate enough to understand her.

"So, what do you want, Stalker?" The pinned human sighed, using the Luxray's old nickname just to try and rile her a bit. It didn't work as intended.

{The same thing I wanted the first time I pinned you, as I always do when I place you in this position,} Sparky replied calmly, looking him dead in the eye.

"Again?" Dalton replied, incredulous. This was the fourth time this week, and they were only four days in!

{What can I say? You're amazing.} She answered, eyes still locked on his.

{Awww, how sweet!}

{Yeah, next thing you know she'll be asking him fo- Ow! What was that for?}

{Shut it, Shade!}

Dalton had honestly forgotten about his other friends until they suddenly spoke up again. Getting assaulted by a 90 pound cat kinda does that. Speaking of which, she had gotten up off him now and was waiting for him to stand.

{C'mon, lets get someplace a bit more private.}

"A bit more private" turned out to be around the river-bend, far enough to have some measure of seclusion but close enough to not be in any real danger.

"So, uh, nor-" Dalton began, only to be cut off when his black and blue cat tackled him to the ground, re-knocking the winds from his lungs. She kindly waited until he had recovered before proceeding, removing his glasses with her maw.

{Sorry about that, I just can't wait,} She explained, nuzzling his face gently.

"I still don't understand why you like doing this so much..." Her human replied, running his hands through her black mane in return.

{You probably never will.} Deciding she'd had enough "cuddle time" after about a minute, Sparks got straight to business...

... By staring directly into her human companion's eyes while he did the same with hers...

... Unmoving...

... Unblinking...

... For the next twenty minutes.

(Author’s Note: The above should be taken at face value only, as I’m truly not alluding to anything with it. Sparky just likes Dalton’s eyes for some reason, maybe because she sees something with her x-ray vision that can’t be seen otherwise or something like that...)

Chapter 2

Three days later the group made it to the town known as Mountain Haven, named thus due to its proximity to the mountain range that contained that one impossible peak which countless had tried to reach. While it was a relatively new town, being only one generation old, it looked as if it were at least twice that age. All of the buildings looked weathered were spaced irregularly, removing all possibility of a proper road to be placed in between them. Instead, there were multiple worn footpaths weaving between the structures, finishing off the whole "old mountain village" feel that the place gave off.

"Weathered buildings, mountain air and a lack of tourists," Dalton noted as he and his friends wandered between the buildings. "I could live happily here."

{No you couldn't, you'd get restless after a while,} Shade pointed out. {Not to mention we'd be driving you crazy after about a week of doing nothing!}

"I guess you're right about that," The red-haired human chuckled. "But maybe we could retire here some day."

{Sorry, Mightyena don't retire, we die on our paws.}

Dalton just chuckled and let the comment stand, having spotted a building that was much larger than the others and decided to check it out...


"Alright! Shade, Sparky! Rave!"

Half an hour later, the group was in the middle of a two-on-two battle for the ownership of a room in the inn that Dalton had spotted. It turns out that rather than charging rent normally, this place required a potential customer to beat one of their employees in a battle to get a room, something that apparently was hard for the majority of the people that tried to check in. However, because Dalton preferred double battles to single battles he was facing two of the workers at once, something that he had to get the manager's permission to do.

Right now, the long haired employee standing across the field to Dalton's left was about to be taken out of the picture with a combination Dalton simply called "Rave": which featured Sparky using Flash rapidity to confound the enemy, in this case a Musharna and a Sceptile, so her teammates could dish them out while they couldn't see a thing.

"Munshara, Protect!"

The Munshara responded instantly, creating a glowing green barrier about itself just as Sparky began the combo, flashing brightly enough to dazzle everyone but her partner, who took off running towards the now invulnerable Psychic while charging up a Shadow Ball. None of the spectators could see what happened but they could hear it: One large clang followed closely a shattering, two solid impacts shortly afterward, and a trio of cries from the combatants, two of victory and one of defeat. The flashing stopped then, but no trainer issued an order because they still couldn't see a thing. Sparks could, though, and Shade could easily smell and hear the remaining Sceptile as it fumbled around, as blind as the spectators.

By the time everyone could see, the Sceptile was out cold with several scorch marks while the Munshara was curled up on the ground, also unconscious. Their trainers quickly ran over to them and checked them over to make sure no permanent damage was done before returning them. Over on the other side of the field, Sparky and Shade made their way over to Dalton for a similar check over. Other than a few bruises, they were fine.

"Well, that wasn't all that fair," The long-haired employee, a janitor, grumbled as he and his co-worker walked towards the victor. "He had a type advantage!"

"Jus' drop it, Floyd," The other employee, a gardener, sighed.

"And why should I?!" Floyd asked loud and angry enough for the trainer to hear.

"'e picked 'is pokemon first," The gardener replied.

Floyd started to argue before even hearing what his companion had to say, stopping himself when he realized it was true. Obviously not happy with this, he dug into his pocket, pulled out the room key and held it out to Dalton while looking away.

"How're your pokemon doing?"

The janitor blinked.

"Come again?" He asked, turning to look at the boy as if he didn't understand.

"Your pokemon, are they going to be alright?"

The gardener answered for the both of them while his friend was simply staring. "They jus' need some rest, maybe some oin'ments. Thanks fer askin'."

Looking content now, the boy gently took his still dangling prize from Floyd's hand. "Not a problem."

The gardener chuckled at his still stunned companion as Dalton and his pokemon walked towards back the inn. "Y'know what, Floyd? Y'really need t' let what yer son did t' y' go."

Floyd blinked a few times, then nodded. "Maybe I should..."


The door to the room blasted open a handful of minutes later, and Dalton ran full tilt at the bed as soon as it did. Chaos ensued.

"Dibs on the-" He started to murkrow as he dived for the soft covers, only to come down on top of a widely grinning Flare. It was always a competition between the two of them to get to the comfort of the covers first, and Flare always won.

{Too late!} The Arcanine yipped playfully as her trainer bounced of her side and back onto the floor.

Sparky took the opportunity to pounce on the grounded human while Shade made a break for his now unguarded bag. Psy beat the Mightyena to it however, and the Espeon quickly pulled the poffins stored inside out and set the sour of them in orbit about himself. Soon the two of them were chasing each other around the once peaceful room while Sparky tried to remove Dalton's glasses to get a better look. Flare just curled up, content to simply watch the havoc she had unleashed.

She was in for quite a show: Dalton wasn't in the mood to lie on the hardwood floor for a half-hour while his Luxray studied his eyes and despite the small size of the room Shade couldn't seem to corner Psy no matter what he tried. After freeing himself from Sparky's pin, Dalton stood up and went after Shade to try and stop the chase, only to have the Espeon the Mighyena was chasing bound up onto his shoulders. Then Sparky tripped him when he tried to turn tail and run, only to have Psy decide to keep him aloft with telekinesis and ride on the poor guy like a flying carpet. If that weren't crazy enough, both Shade and Sparky decided to try and knock the human and Espeon out of the sky, only to get pelted with poffins as they passed! This madness lasted about ten minutes before the four of them struck up a truce and decided it was time to go out and find a restaurant for dinner.

Floyd was at the door when it opened to let out the demons that had ransacked in less than fifteen minutes.

"What the heck is going on in there!?" He demanded as soon as the wooden portal swung open.

"Just the usual," Dalton responded, leaning in the frame and panting lightly. The janitor's jaw dropped when he saw the mess the group had already made.

"H-h-how..?" The stunned sweeper managed to stutter.

"Don't worry about it, we always clean up before we check out."

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