Officer Jenny and the Teeter Dance

Officer Jenny and the Teeter Dance

Set in
Pokémon Chronicles
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Officer Jenny


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Officer Jenny and the Teeter Dance is a story set in the Pokémon anime. It focuses on Officer Jenny teaming up with Casey to take down a duo of criminals who are using Mime Jr for petty crimes.




Officer Jenny telling Team Mime to surrender.

In a small town, a store is being robbed by a group of thieves known as Calvin and Tanny, members of Team Mime, Calvin's Mr. Mime use Psychic to bring the money into their van. Before they can escape, Officer Jenny arrives at the scene and tells them to surrender and return the stolen money.

However, Calvin refuses to surrender as Officer Jenny sends out her Pidgetto to stop them Calvin and Tanny from getting away with the money, but Tanny has her Mime Jr. use Teeter Dance to confuse both Pidgetto and Officer Jenny. With the female police officer and her Flying-Type Pokémon unable to fight back, Calvin and Tanny walk into their van and drive off into their hideout while Officer Jenny and her Pidgetto stop dancing.

Meanwhile, Casey is walking into the small town when she saw Officer Jenny, putting up some wanted posters of Team Mime and their Pokémon, Mr. Mime and Mime Jr., while Casey was about to ask her what's going on.

Officer Jenny reveals that she is after a duo of Pokémon thieves that call themselves Team Mime had just robbed a store, using a Mr. Mime and a Mime Jr. and was unable to stop them do to being affected by Mime Jr.'s Teeter Dance.

Afterwards, Casey decides to help out Officer Jenny to catch Team Mime and stop them from causing any more trouble as Officer Jenny accepts her help while they went on to track on the villainous duo. Unnoticeable to them, their were secretly being watched by Calvin and Tanny as they drive back to their hideout to set up a trap. Meanwhile, Officer Jenny sends Pidgetto to fly up in the skies to search for Team Mime when it finally spots an old warehouse, 9 miles near the town as the bird Pokemon went to report back on the location. Pidgetto leads Officer Jenny and Casey to Team Mime's hideout and finally confront the evil duo as Casey sends out her Beedrill to battle. Calvin and Tanny sends out their Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. to battle as well. Beedrill uses Twineedle as an attempt to jab Mime Jr., the latter evades Beedrill's stingers and uses Psychic to throw it up and down repeatedly, leaving Beedrill unable to continue as Casey calls her bug-type Pokémon back into its Poké Ball. Officer Jenny tells Pidgetto to use Gust.




  • Beedrill (Casey's)
  • Elekid (Casey's)
  • Mr. Mime (Calvin's)
  • Mime Jr. (Tanny's)
  • Pidgetto (Officer Jenny's)





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