They are a species of Pokémon found in Copper and Amethyst.


Name Oiludge
Stage Unevolved
Evolves from None
Evolves to Oillution (Fire Stone)
Species Oil
Type(s) Poison.gifFire.gif
Height 1 foot
Weight 1 pound
Abilities Sticky Hold
Color Category Black
Wild Hold Item Oil Can
Male Ratio 50%
Female Ratio 50%
Base Stats
  • HP: ||
  • ATK: ||
  • DEF: |
  • SP. ATK: |||
  • SP. DEF: ||
  • SPEED: ||

Pokemon Physiology


They look like a small oil bubble on the ground, surrounded by a small puddle of oil. They have big eyes with red/purple pupils.

Gender differences

Females have purple pupils, while Males have red pupils.

Special Abilities

They can hold things with their sticky oil. As an oil-based Pokémon, they can shoot fire at enemies, and as oil is toxic, they can severely poison a Pokémon.


They are considered a nuisence to Pokémon Rangers, as a whole swarm of them can pollute a whole lake. They do not mean to cause trouble, but their presence causes pollution.


They live in oil rigs and in lakes.


They eat the nutrients from the water, until it is covered by oil.


Their name comes from Oil and Sludge.

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