On The Way To The Competition
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United States June 24, 2017
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Jon, Drake, April, Mary, Rotom-Dex and Typhlosion are walking down a path with trees around the path. They all look around and stop.

Drake: How about a break here?

Jon: Yeah.

Mary: What should we do though?

April: Just rest a bit, its a hot day.

Jon puts his backpack down and hands everyone a bottle of Fresh Water.

Drake: Thanks.

Jon: No problem, we all need to keep hydrated.

April: I wonder what this competition will be like.

Mary: I want to compete.

Drake: We all do.

Jon: The one thing I'm wondering is what are the rules.

Mary: Rules?

Jon: Yeah. Each battle competition has a set of rule to which the competitors have to stand by.

April: It would be good to know what they are.

Drake: And with Constantine probably already there.

Jon: And Nate.

Mary: They'll already know and be practising.

Jon: Yeah. But the sooner we get there, the sooner we can train around the rules we know.

April: Yeah.

Drake: I wonder where this path leads?

Rotom-Dex: Past Paniola Town.

Jon: Let's get moving then.

Everyone grabs their bags, put things away and then continue walking along the path. Soon, they arrive at Paniola Ranch.

Jon: Ah, the ranch.

Mary: It's been a while.

April: I never saw this place.

A boy runs up to them, Harry.

Harry: Hey you guys!

Jon: Harry.

Drake: How have you been?

Harry: I've been good thanks. And who is this?

April: I'm April.

Harry: I'm Harry. How's Mudbray doing?

April: Mudbray?

Jon: My Mudbray, it used to live here.

Harry: Mudbray disappeared the next day and we didn't know where it sent until Jon contacted me telling me that Mudbray followed him.

Jon: Here

Jon sends out Mudbray.

Harry: Hey there Mudbray.

Mudbray goes to Harry and Harry pets her.

Harry: Mudbray is in complete fit condition.

Then three Team Skull Members turn up.

Skull Grunt 1: Hey, give us your Mudbray and Typhlosion!

Skull Grunt 2: If you beat us in a Pokemon battle, then we'll let you go.

Harry: Not these guys again.

The Team Skull grunts send out a Salandit, a Zubat and a Yungoos.

Jon: Just three Pokemon? You're letting yourselves go aren't you.

Skull Grunt 1: Salandit, use Flame Burst!

Salandit sends Flame Burst at Mudbray, hitting its mark.

Drake: Let's go Dartrix!

Jon: No. Mudbray and I have this.

Skull Grunt 3: Yungoos, use Bite!

Yungoos begins running towards Mudbray using Bite.

Jon: Now, Mega Kick!

Mudbray cancels out Bite with Mega Kick.

Jon: Double-Edge!

Mudbray hits Yungoos with Double-Edge.

Skull Grunt 2: Zubat, Venoshock!

Skull Grunt 1: Salandit, use Flame Burst!

Zubat uses Venoshock and Salandit uses Flame Burst and both moves head towards Mudbray.

Jon: Double Kick!

Mudbray uses Double Kick to cancel out the moves.

Jon: Now, let's go.

Mudbray runs towards Salandit and Yungoos and hits them with High Horsepower.

Jon: What was that move?

Rotom-Dex: High Horsepower. It is Mudbray and Mudsdale's signature move.

Jon: I see. What moves does Mudbray have now?

Rotom-Dex: Mudbray now has Rototiller, Mega Kick, Double Kick and High Horsepower.

Mary: So Mudbray forgot Double-Edge.

Skull Grunt 2: That's not fair! You didn't tell us you were going to learn a new move!

The Skull Grunts send out two more Yungoos, two more Zubat, and two more Salandit, making a total of three Yungoos, Zubat and Salandit.

Jon: Urgh.

April: You want help?

Jon: I'm good thanks. Bounsweet!

Jon sends out Bounsweet.

Skull Grunt 3: What is that tiny little thing going to be doing?

Jon: You'll see. Now, Rototiller!

Mudbray uses Rototiller and Bounsweet's attack stats increase.

Jon: Now you three will pay.

Skull Grunt 1: How?

Jon places the Grassium Z into his Z-Ring.

Mary: You're going to use the Z move?

April: Bloom Doom?

Jon: If that's what it is called then yes.

Jon puts his arms out in front, with his wrists overlapping. Jon then moves his arms to his side. And then back his front with his wrist overlapping once more. Then Jon crouches and pulls his arms inwards so he looks like a ball. He then sprouts up with his hands together rising into the sky and then when Jon is standing straight, he parts his hands open like a bud does when sprouting. Energy flows from Jon into Bounsweet.

Skull Grunt 3: This is an illegal move!

Jon: Go, use Bloom Doom.

Bounsweet sends a beam of light into the air.

Drake: That's it?

The Skull Grunts laugh. The beam comes out from the sky and hits all of Team Skull's Pokemon, causing an explosion in the process. When the dust cloud has dispersed, all of Team Skull's Pokemon are knocked out. They return them and then run off.

Jon: Great job you two.

Bounsweet and Mudbray smile.

Harry: Thank you.

Drake: Bloom Doom was amazing to watch, though a bit weird compared to the other Z-moves.

Jon: Yeah, but still as awesome.

April: Right, we best be getting on. It's almost time for the competition.

Harry: Ah that one. Good luck to you all.

Mary: Thanks Harry.

Jon returns Mudbray and Bounsweet and the rest of them continue onto Heahea City and then make a move to The Hano Grand resort. Once they arrive, they see two familiar people.

Drake: Hey, isn't that Ryan?

April: And Malcom?

They run over to them.

Jon: Ryan!

Ryan: Oh hey Jon. What are you doing here?

Jon: We are taking part in the battle competition here.

Malcom: Ah I see.

Some fireworks set off around the resort with an announcement on the screen saying that the competition will commence in two days. The screen freezes.

Narrator: After Jon and friends beat the grass trial, they headed back towards Heahea City to partake in the battle competition being held at the Hano Grand Resort. They stopped off at Paniola Ranch and met up with Harry, but Team Skull were trying to intervene and take some Pokemon. However, they were stopped and when our heroes arrived at the battle competition, they met up with Ryan and Malcom, who they weren't expecting to see. What will their encounter mean? Find out next time.

Major Events

  • Jon and Bounsweet perform Bloom Doom for the first time.
  • Mubray learns High Horsepower
  • Jon and co run into Ryan and Malcom


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts


Team Skull

Ryan McCrimmon




Team Skull

  • Salandit (x3)
  • Yungoos (x3)
  • Zubat (x3)