The Ookami Wars is a fictional event which makes one part of the back story for the horror/action/adventure fanfiction Midian: City Of The Damned. It takes place approximately about sixty or so years from the anime canon. (ie. Ash Ketchum's journey) The war, taking place at Gaia, the City Of Legends, lasted about three years before the aggressor, Chaos Havoc, was sealed into the Shadow Realm by the Father, Araseus with the help of the later sucessor of the Legendary head, Mew. The word Ookami comes from Japanese, which means 'wolf' when translated into English, and its meaning does have a part in its true story.

Pre War Era

Life before the Ookami Wars was pretty much peaceful and well. Pokemon and Humans alike both lived in harmony and peacefully within the grand city of Gaia, with the world tree Ygdrassil standing tall over them. The tree itself was the base where most of the legendaries, particularly the ones in the higher ups such as Araesus, the four tiny legends, the Titans and such. The traids (the Birds, Regis and Dogs, as they are later known as) helped enforce the laws of the city and its inhibitants. Everything was very tranquil and glad before the demon known as Chaos Havoc came to unleash hell on Earth.

Ookami War

The following below shows the timeline from the beginning and beyond, to the chain of events that finally lead to Midian.


Every legendary, no matter how pure or good they are, all have that bit of darkness within them. All of that darkness were thrown and taken away by the legends, and those fragments of darkness in turn form the demon wolf Chaos Havoc, as he later addressed himself. Unsatified that he was destined to stay as a nobody throughout his entire life, the demon came out from his realm and slowly began to gather his troops, turning into souless, mindless creatures that both humans and Pokemon alike would in time dub them 'Ghouls' from Vampire Mythology. Araesus, sensing the darkness brewing outside, also began to rally the citizens and all the legendaries as the wolf began marching to the great city with his dark army. The defense force situated at the front soon fell as the great force of 666, 666 (the devil's number) proved too much for them and the moment the frontlines fell, the war began.

First Clash

Havoc's forces charged into the city without fear, they not even having any in the first place. The first attack foce of 10, 000 with Dexoys Of The Space, Kureseria Of The Cresent and Giratina Of The Night. The three cosmic forces stood as they clashed first headon with the evil forces. The battle was brutal and harsh, with most of the Gaians decimated and Kureseria soon killed at the end. Dexoys barely managed to escape by shifting into his speed form, and Giratina buried deep beneath the ground by Havoc's focres and put to a long slumber of a hundred years. But despite the concequences, the first attack force had managed to push back the battle... for now.

The Subline Defense

Havoc, feeling triumphant over his first victory, soon headed to the battlefield yet again with his devil army. However, the Father sensed this and quickly dispatched a new force to gain some ground and recover a bit from their previous battle. The force had about fifteen thousand troops this time, with the Regis as the head. Yet another harsh battle commenced at the frontlines of Gaia. Just when all seemed lost for the legendaries, Dexoys showed up just in the nick of time and with his help, soon managed to push Chaos' force back. They suceeded in holding their ground, with a bit more for the taking. The price, however, was great. Just at the end, Havoc had used his power to banish Dexoys into space, and the Regis were on the brink of death. All the Father could do was to send the Hoenn Traid to deep slumber to recover their wounds.

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