Official artwork by MagesPages
DimetrusPermidon (#501)Lividon
DimetrusPermidon (#008)Lividon

Name Permidon
Japanese Name Furosui
Stage Stage 1
Evolves from Dimetrus
Evolves to Lividon Lv 32
Species Fin
Types Water.gif Dark.gif
Height 3'7"
Weight 101.1 lbs
Abilities Torrent

Permidon (Furosai) is one of the fictional species of Pokémon creatures to appear in a gallery by MagesPages. The purpose of Permidon in the games*, anime* and manga*, as with all other Pokémon, is to battle both wild Pokémon, untamed creatures encountered while the player passes through various environments, and tamed Pokémon owned by Pokémon trainers.

The name Permidon is a portmanteau of Permian+ Don, meaning Tooth.

Biological Characteristics



Permidon has large fins on its arms.It uses them to swim upsteam.Permidon can do amazing tricks underwater,but on land it is very slow. when they are out of water there colour changes to match the land.  

In the video games

Moonlight,Sunshine,Desert and Arctic


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