Pinhog is a Poison type pokemon based on a hedgehog. It evolves into Spikehog at level 15.

Name Pinhog
Japanese Name Pinhoggu
National dex number #508
Stage Basic
Evolves from None
Evolves to Spikehog (Level 15)
Species Pin Pokemon
Types Poison.gif
Abilities Poison Point

Special abilities

Pinhog are shy and afraid. When in a battle they try to hide from their enemies and only attack using their toxic spikes to defend themselves.


  • Toxic spikes-Level 1
  • Tackle-Level 1
  • Scratch-Level 2
  • Bite-Level 6
  • Fury swipes-Level 10
  • Poison powder-Level 13
  • Crunch-Level 19
  • Hyper beam-Level 48

In the anime

A rookie trainer is seen using one in a battle against Ash and is beat by Ash’s Leafbelt.


Pinhog the pin pokemon. It defends itself using the small, sharp spikes from it’s back to defend against foes and predators.

In the games

Pinhog are found in Pokemon Rainbow. They are common at the routes to the left and right of Toxican city at levels 8-12.

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