This wiki is not only home to amazing new creations, but it is also home to material that is played off of that which already exists within the canon.

For those of you wondering, "Canon" refers to all the official information from The Pokémon Company, which can be found on The Pokémon wiki. We also have canon pages, and you can add your fanon to them. Here's how:

First, type {{Canon}} at the top of the page.

Second, add how the topic plays into your universe under a suitable headline (could be your username, game, region, story arc, etc.)

Third, add suitable categories.

A page only belongs in the "Canon" category if it is communal. If it is not, use a standard universe title.

Treat your section like it is your page. You may find other user's sections pop up. Since subsections are treated as parts of that user's universe, they must be treated that way when editing them as well.

A list of canon pages may be found here.

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