The PokéFanon League’s preliminary round robin is a tournament that will decide which league members become champion, elite four, or gym leaders. The tournament began on February 22nd, 2016. As a round robin, each member is to be pitted against all other members. For every victory achieved by a member, one point will be added to his/her score. Of course, the higher the score, the higher the placement of the member. First place will become the champion, and he/she will have the freedom of changing his team; the champion will no longer have the other members’ type-specialist restriction, but all other teambuilding rules will still apply. Places 2–5 will become the elite four, while the rest will become gym leaders.

How to build your team

  1. Click "Play" at the top right.
  2. Click "Choose name" at the top right, and type in your username from the Wiki. If Pokémon Showdown asks for a password because your username is already in use, then change your username. Make sure you let us know what you've changed it to for Pokémon Showdown.
  3. Click "Teambuilder" on the left - second box, first button.
  4. Click "New Team."
  5. Click "Format," and then, under "US/UM Singles," click "[Gen 7] Ubers."
  6. Click "Add Pokémon" for every Pokémon you intend to add.


Teambuilding rules

  • All Pokémon may be any level; of course, it is in your best interest to keep the Pokémon at level 100 (unless you're using specific strategies that involve under-leveled Pokémon).
  • Legendary Pokémon are not allowed; all non-legendary Pokémon are.
  • Ash-Greninja is not allowed.
  • At most one Ultra Beast is allowed.
  • You may not have the following moves:
    • Fissure
    • Guillotine
    • Horn Drill
    • Sheer Cold
    • Double Team
    • Minimize
  • You may not have a Pokémon with Moody as its ability.
  • You may not have a Pokémon with the move Recycle and hold a Leppa Berry with a move that directly restores HP (Milk Drink, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Recover, Roost, Slack Off, Soft-Boiled, Pain Split); this is to prevent battles from being endless.
  • Any Z-Crystals used must be of your chosen type.
  • One wildcard Pokémon (a Pokémon that is not the type your team is supposed to be) is allowed; additional rules go along with this rule.
    • The wildcard must know at least one move that is your designated type (for example, a Fire-type trainer with a Steelix that knows Fire Fang); Hidden Power can count for this (for example, a Water-type trainer with a Ferrothorn that knows Hidden Power Water).
    • A Pokémon of which is not your type but has a pre-evolution that is your type is not considered a wildcard (for example, a Drapion would not be considered a wildcard in a bug-type team).
    • If you use a mega-evolution that is not your type before mega-evolving but is your type after, that Pokémon will not be counted as a wildcard, thus allowing you to use a wildcard in addition to the Pokémon with a megastone (for example, a Dragon-type trainer with a Charizard, which is not Dragon type, that megaevoles to Mega Charizard X, which is a Dragon type; the Charizard does not count as a wildcard).
    • If you use a mega-evolution that is your type before mega-evolving but is not your type after, that Pokémon will (also) not be counted as a wildcard, thus allowing you to use a wildcard in addition to the Pokémon with a megastone (for example, a Flying-type trainer with a Charizard, which is a Flying type, that megaevolves to Mega Charizard X, which loses its Flying type; the Charizard also does not count as a wildcard).
    • Your wildcard cannot be a mega-evolution (for example, a Mega Charizard Y is not allowed in the team of a Dragon-type specialist, because it is never a Dragon type at any time)
  • When using a mega-evolution, make sure you pick the base Pokémon, and then give it its respective megastone as its item.
  • You may only have one Pokémon with its respective mega-evolution stone.
  • Unlike VGC and Battle Spot, you may have more than one of the same item in your team.
  • However, like VGC and Battle Spot, you may not have more than one of the same Pokémon on your team.
  • Pick a gender for Pokémon that have genders; do not pick random for gender.
  • After you finish building your team, list them in the chart under the “Teams” section; if you have problems getting the coding to work correctly, tell your list of Pokémon to Hyper Zergling, and he will help you.
  • You may change your Pokémon before your first battle. Once you have battled, however, you may not change your Pokémon, their IVs, their EVs, and their Natures; as changing the Hidden Power Type also changes IVs, you are not allowed to change the Hidden Power Type either.

Battle rules

  • At the start of the battle, the game should ask you to pick your first Pokémon; just survey what your opponent has, and select who you want to start the battle with.
  • Bear in mind, there is a programmed rule where only one Pokémon can be put to sleep at a time.
  • Each will play against each other in bests of three; between two players, one player must win twice in order to actually win.
  • Between each battle counted towards the round robin, you may only change your Pokémon's moves and items; nothing else about your team can be changed.
    • You may not change which Pokémon you designate as your mega-evolution.
    • If you have the move Hidden Power, you may not change its type; this is because you change the IVs as a result.
  • Should there be a dispute regarding the rules, a replay should be saved and sent to Commander Lightning.
    • If any player is caught cheating, the victory will automatically go to the other player.
    • If both players happen to break rules, the match must be played again in order for it to count.


The following chart shows the Pokémon declared by each member. The wildcard of each team is labeled with the color of its primary type.

Teams Team
Hyper Zergling 445megagarchomp 450Hippowdonmale 473Mamoswine 423-GastrodonEast 530Excadrill 598Ferrothorn
Wyvern 0m3g4 006CharizardX 392Infernape 655Delphox2 229Houndoom2 609Chandelure 663Talonflame2
Ryushusupercat 376Metagross-Mega-Shiny 227Skarmory 462Magnezone2 Spr 7s 681 s cropped 530Excadrill 226Mantine
IceBite Spr 7s 475M s cropped 282Gardevoir 376Metagross2 561Sigilyph 687Malamar2 469-Yanmega
ThatHDNyman 181MegaAmpharos Spr 026 f 596-Galvantula Spr 7s 479 s cropped 135Jolteon2 131Lapras
LiamKitson 094MegaGengar 317SwalotMale 758Salazzle 804Naganadel Spr 7s 748 s cropped 706-Goodra
Ozymandias22 Spr 7s 260M s cropped 184Azumarill 279Pelipper 658Greninja2 748Toxapex 598Ferrothorn
LunarExplosion 282MegaGardevoir 700Sylveon2 035Clefairy 685Slurpuff 682Spritzee


Universalguardian 373MegaSalamence 445Garchomp-female 149Dragonite2 706-Goodra Spr 7u 804 s cropped


Kymeara 354MegaBanette 778MimikyuDisguisedForm 711GourgeistSuperSize 442Spiritomb 609Chandelure


Quasar144 130megagyarados 248Tyranitar2 461Weavilefemale 442Spiritomb 635Hydreigon2


Round Robin

The following chart will show the results of the round robin. It can only be edited by administrators unless given special permission.

Score table Look here LAST
Hyper Zergling Wyvern 0m3g4 Ryushu supercat IceBite ThatHD Nyman Liam Kitson Ozymandias 22 Lunar Explosion Universal guardian Kymeara Quasar 144 SCORE


Hyper Zergling N/A W W W W W -- W W W W --
Wyvern 0m3g4 L N/A W W W W L -- L L -- --
Ryushusupercat L L N/A W W W L W L W -- --
IceBite L L L N/A W W L W L L -- --
ThatHDNyman L L L L N/A L L -- -- -- -- --
LiamKitson L L L L W N/A L W L L -- --
Ozymandias22 -- W W W W W N/A W W -- -- --
LunarExplosion L -- L L -- L L N/A -- -- -- --
Universalguardian L W W W -- W L -- N/A L -- --
Kymeara L W L W -- W -- -- W N/A L --
Quasar144 L -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- W N/A --
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