When using this template, type {{rating|symbol|reason (for 13+, T, and M)}} Please be sure the symbol is capitalized and/or contains the + sign. Pages can be found in the rated category.


G - Appropriate for non-users under 13. Nothing that wouldn't be found in the anime.

13+ - Any user. Only a couple instances of cursing allowed, and violence may include some blood, but no graphic descriptions. Couples may kiss passionately, but no sexual references.

T - users 16+. Several instances of cursing and/or gore. Couples can be said to "go to bed", but there can be nothing graphic.

M - Caution -- may include extensive cursing and strong suggestions of adult content in portions, such as the couples actually being seen in bed. However, there can be no description of the actual act. May be offensive to some users in its content and ideas. 

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