This is for our wiki, but not a wiki in general. For a simplified version of our rules and style, please see this page.

Style of PokéFanon

  • Page Style
    • Guidance is given on Category:Policy for certain page elements.
      • Proper grammar is imperative.
      • Please make your pages follow a reasonable organizational pattern. 
      • Make sure your article uses one of the PokéFanon:Official Categories if at all possible. Please also be aware if you are using a redundant category. The bullet points below contain some pointers on categories and special templates.
        • Pages need to be in your user category in addition to an official category. Just type [[Category:Your Username]] somewhere on your page.
        • You can use {{Under Construction}} in order to add your user category and deter unauthorized editors. You may also want to use an ownership tag such as {{Property}}.
      • Pages under 50 words should have a note saying that the article is meant to be short or is under construction.
        • These pages are tagged as {{stub}} if they are missing either an {{Under Construction}} or {{shorty}} tag.
        • If an article is short, but is complete, please replace the {{stub}} with {{shorty}}.
      • You must include a {{Rating}} on your page if it contains violence or sexual content.
        • A page may not contain sexual content unless inside {{censor}}.
        • Violence is allowed so long as the page includes the {{violence}} template as well as a rating.
        • No use of curse words in excess without using {{censor}} notation.
  • Page Ownership
    • Articles are not communal. They are owned by the creator, except when specifically named as joint, communal, or canon at the top!
      • The DM of a roleplay is considered to be the owner, and they have the final say over all content. However, it is assumed that the DM expects collaboration.
      • Adding {{Property}} on your pages can come in handy, as can a universe marker in the title. (Example's Arc)
    • If you wish to have a page under the same title, place your name or universe in parenthesis after the title on a new page. 
    • You shouldn't edit the content of other's pages without permission. Maintenance and consistency edits, which include fixing categories, grammar/spelling/style, vandalism removal, or other actions deemed such by an administrator are acceptable if within good faith.
    • If a page is adopted, the adopter can edit at will. They will become the owner as soon as 30% of the original content is changed or added.
  • Theories
    • Theories can be posted on a canon page under your own section.
    • You may also post theories on a standalone page as long as you include the page in Category:Theories.
  • Roleplays
    • The creator shall act as DM unless they pass the role to another. The DM may also pass some control to other roleplayers at their discretion. Join requests should be referred to the DM through a talk page message; it is in good form for the DM to leave a link to their talk page.
      • Roleplays should have a list of authorized editors, and optionally a character list.
      • The DM should also write out the rules. If no rules are written, basic roleplay etiquette applies. (assume no godmodding, no metagaming, etc.)
      • The DM should set the text style with their intro, or say whether it is in paragraph format or some other orthography.
    • If your roleplay has no Pokémon in it, it does not belong here.
    • Contact an experienced rollplayer or staff if you have questions.
    • Include the roleplay in the roleplay category, such as Category:Roleplays.
  • Userspace and talkspace
    • User pages do not follow general page style rules, but they do count as property and can also be considered spam or violate other guidelines.
      • Edits to the userspace over 15% of your total do not count towards any edit count used for recognition or rank advancement.
    • However, if you feel a page is unfit for the mainspace as of yet, please DO NOT make the incomplete page into a blog post. Use user sub-pages instead. User:You/example. Otherwise, incomplete mainspace articles are OK, with an appropriate incompletion template or {{shorty}}.
    • We have a tradition of preserving all talk pages in full for record purposes; please do not remove messages.
      • If you feel a talk page is too long, please ask an administrator for an archive.
  • Templates
    • Please do not edit templates unless you have experience with MediaWiki code guidelines and HTML. If you have an insatiable desire to play around with one, please copy the source code and use your user sandbox.
    • Improvements to templates by experienced users are welcome, but please ask an admin first for those that are widely used.
    • Do not create new templates instead of asking for an improvement of an old one if it exists.
  • Copying and licensing
    • You shouldn't copy from ANY other website unless you have express permission.
      • Art must be used with permission from the author and appropriate credit must be given on the File page.
  • Forum
    • Threads should have a clear purpose and a topic to discuss.
    • Threads MUST be placed in the correct board. The board description is on the main forum page.
    • If a board is placed incorrectly, it must be moved. The creator of the thread will be issued a warning by an admin.
  • Files
    • Please include the proper licensing template.
      • Get permission and give credit to images you did not create! (follow all copyright laws)
    • Please check PokéFanon:Duplicate Images before uploading.
    • Files must be intended for use, and must be appropriate for the wiki. Files which do not abide by these rules may be deleted.