Hall of Fame

These are the elite members of the wiki and are considered to have the most experience. In order to be included, the user must be in good standing and have currently contributed at least 1% of all-time edits (3574 on 00:59, April 2, 2019 (UTC)). The ranking is calculated with Special:Listusers, and you can find a more comprehensive list there.

HDMaster (1.3%)

Lunaflaire (1.3%),

SolariusFlare (1.4%),

KittenOfTheNorth (1.4%),

A Tell-Tale Heart (1.4% +),

Snowish (1.5%)

HygorBohmHubner (1.5%)

Ryushusupercat (1.7%),

LunarExplosion (2.1%),

Foodyeater (2.3%)

Hyper Zergling (2.7%),

Commander Lightning (3.1%).

Universalguardian1003 (3.7%),

NegimaLover (4.2%),

ChipmunkRaccoon (5.6%),

Orange Lightspeed Ranger (10.4%),

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