• Any user (owner of fanfiction here) may vote once on general wiki issues.
    • Promotions may have special voting requirements attached.
    • The definition of abuse of the voting system is subject to the discretion of PFW Staff, and includes sockpuppeting. This holds a punishment.
    • Users with 1000 edits or more may put up an issue for voting as long as the correct procedure is followed and they gain approval from a bureaucrat. Include a clear description of the issue, how votes will be counted, and the closing time.


    • An issue may come up in the wiki improvement board or on a staff member's talk page.
    • A discussion will follow to determine if the issue requires a vote, and if so, what the voting options will be.
    • A formal discussion will be started on the voting board by an experienced user (1000+ edits) where the original post must include a clear description of the issue, as well as the time period during which votes will be counted. This must be a minimum of one week long!
    • All users can reply to this original post with questions and comments. The YES or NO comment must be typed prominently at the beginning of the user's post.
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