PokéTales is a series of Pokémon fictional fan stories created and written by 15bowdenc. The first, and currently only, entry in the series is Kalos Rejuvenated: A PokéTale, which follows the story of Enzo on his journey to become Champion of Kalos. The stories differ from the main Pokémon games in that they are more a combination of the style of the Pokémon Adventures manga as well as the Pokémon Anime, with more serious and realistic stories and events, and many changes being made to the regions that the stories take place in, such as Pokémon distribution and the region's citizens. For example, these changes are shown in Kalos Rejuvenated as the story takes place three years after the events of X and Y, and as a result many things throughout the region have been adapted story-wise.

While the first story is still being written, the author has plans for the sequel to take place in the Johto region, and aims to release a story for each of the regions of the Pokémon World with a future story potentially taking place in a fictitious region.

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