Pokémon Garnet Version
ポケットモンスター ガーネット
Pokémon Amethyst Version
ポケットモンスター アメシスト
System: Unknown
Genre: Unknown
Players: Unknown
Connectivity: Unknown
Generation: XVII

Pokémon Garnet Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ガーネット Pocket Monsters Garnet) and Pokémon Amethyst Version (Japanese ポケットモンスター アメシスト Pocket Monsters Amethyst) are a pair of fictional games created by JagWire

that make up Fanon Generation XVII.


Not much is known about the games, as the project was discontinued shortly after it began.

New Pokémon

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Only 8 of the new Pokémon appearing in Garnet and Amethyst are currently known, including the starter Pokémon Acrone, Tigrowl, and Anglight, Acrone's first evolution and both of Tigrowl's evolutions, and two additional Pokémon which presumably fill the roles of the archetypal early-game rodent and bird.

New Region

Main article: Amisia

Garnet and Amethyst take place in the exotic Amisia region, which features a variety of landacapes and climates.

New Gyms

Main article: Amisia Gym Leaders

As with all previous main series games, the Amisia region features eight Pokémon Gyms, each one with a Gym Leader specializing in a particular type of Pokémon. The new Gym Leaders are Brad (Normal), Warren (Water), Jim (Electric), Blara (Fire), Alex (Psychic), Shada (Dark), Flora (Grass), and Freza (Ice)

Elite Four and Champion

Main article: Amisia Elite Four and Champion

The Elite Four of Amisia and their Champion are stationed in Finale Town. They include Draco (Dragon), Metalla (Steel), Erin (Flying), and Quinn (Ground), with Chase as Champion.

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