Pokémon Guroru Version
ポケットモンスター グロル
Pokémon Shedoru Version
ポケットモンスター シェドル
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: RPG
Players: 1-8
Connectivity: Unknown
Generation: Y

Pokémon Guroru Verion (Japanese: ポケットモンスター グロル Pocket Monsters Guroru) and Pokémon Shedoru Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター シェドル Pocket Monsters Shedoru) are a pair of fictional Pokémon games on the Nintendo DS created by Hinaichigo

for Generation Y. The games take place in the Hokai region and the player begins their journey in Runa Town.


A great adventure now awaits you! Two girls shall pick their starter and will make it to the Hokai League! They have to go past all eight Gym Leaders, however! Explore the region of Hokai, meet new Pokemon, but you must also stop the Pokemon world from the evil team also known as Team Glare.. You are the heroine of Hokai! Chiyomi of the player pack is a young girl who is kind and pleasant. The kimono girl has a big star on her dress! Koyomi of the player pack is a young girl who is peppy, pleasant and delicate. She wears traditional-Chinese clothes and a cloth with a Ying Yang Orb. On her dress is two small stars on each side! Our Professor here is Professor Rika, the greeting Professor! She'll give you a choice of three Pokemon! Pick one of them, and start your journey! Our lead to HOKAI!


You play as Chiyomi, the young gentlelady girl, or Koyomi, the young Ying-Yang girl. The rival is currently not revealed yet, however, we do know the rival wont be the player you dont pick.


Pokémon Guroru and Shedoru are backwards compatible with the Generation V games.



Main article: Hokai Gym Leaders

The Hokai Pokémon League features eight Pokémon Gyms. Currently, only five of the eight Gym Leaders are known. They are Juumu (Slime), Shiki (Grass), Yukihime (Ice), Hinoo (Fire), and Kuuyoku (Psychic). Among the presently unknown Hokai Gym Leaders are Bug and Ghost specialists, and three Gym Leaders who specialize in three different types.

Elite Four and Champion

Main article: Hokai Elite Four and Champion

The Elite Four and Champion of the Hokai League are currently unknown.

New Pokemon

Main article: List of Pokémon by Hokai Pokédex number

Version-exclusive Pokémon

??? ???MS.png Karatung Ghost
??? ???MS.png Wrakasa Ghost Rock
??? ???MS.png Furaritu Slime Light
??? ???MS.png Ruritu Slime Light
??? ???MS.png Yuniran Psychic
??? ???MS.png Daburan Psychic
??? ???MS.png Rankurusu Psychic
??? ???MS.png Skypent Dragon Flying
??? ???MS.png Masowisp Ghost Fire
??? ???MS.png Kurowiruru Ghost Fire
??? ???MS.png Burakk Slime Dark
??? ???MS.png Shadade Slime Dark
??? ???MS.png Gochimu Psychic
??? ???MS.png Gochimiru Psychic
??? ???MS.png Gochiruzeru Psychic
??? ???MS.png Tsupent Dragon Fighting
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