This is the 120th episode in the Pokemon Journeys series.

Ash’s Mega Lucario prepares to battle Alain’s Mega Charizard X


The time for Ash’s next Masters 8 match has come. His opponent is Alain, his Kalos League rival he never managed to defeat before. Can Ash finally get revenge for his losses or will Alain shut him down once again?


The episode starts with the Narrator explaining the world coronation series and how Ash is currently in the Masters 8 to hopefully battle and defeat Leon, but first he must face an old rival from his past. Ash and Goh are on a plane to Galar for Ash’s rematch with Alain.

Ash has a flashback to getting the notification on his phone for a battle with Alain from Kalos. Goh asks how Ash knows Alain and he reveals Alain defeated him in the Kalos League finals and he never once beat him, Shocking Goh. Ash remembers in flashbacks bitterly how he lost several times to Alain from his Noivern Vs Metang to his Ash-Greninja falling to Mega Charizard X in the finals of the Lumiose Conference. He vows to win this time and is confident he can considering he has a mega stone too as he looks at his Keystone on his Glove.

Ash and Goh exit the plane station and see the Wyndon stadium. Goh sees a Corviknight and throws a Pokeball. It repels it back at Gohs face comedically and a trainer appears from behind it, revealing Alain. Ash is happy to see him again and asks if it’s his new Pokémon, but Alain denies this stating he borrowed it from a company to get to Wyndon faster for their battle. Ash then sees his new Mega Ring and says he’s happy Alain will be at full strength. Alain replies it is only natural as he wanted a replacement one to make their battle all the more exciting. Alain notices Ash’s Keystone as well, surprised Ash has a Mega Pokémon too. Ash reveals he got it from Korrina. Alain asks what happened to Greninja as he assumed Ash would use him instead. Ash reveals Greninja is in Kalos defending it from the Zygard vines which Alain apologizes revealing to Goh he cause it in the first place. Ash says it’s okay as he and Greninja will reunite one day but today is just their battle first.

At Wyndon stadium, an announcer introduces Alain first as last years winner of the Lumiose Conference and the 6th place holder in the series. He then introduces Ash as the Alola Champion and 7th place trainer of the series, causing the crowds to erupt in loud cheers. Goh is in the stands with Grookey and his worried Ash is at a disadvantage. Ash says to Alain to have a great battle and Alain states there never dull when he battles Ash. The referee announces this is a 1 vs 1 battle with no time limit and counts down from 3 and Ash and Alain prepare their pokeballs.

Ash sends out Lucario and Alain sends out Charizard. Alain starts the battle with Fire Blast, but Ash has Lucario block it with Bone Rush. Goh states to himself they trained for many long days and nights to prepare for Charizards Fire type moves and are ready. Charizard tried a Dragon Rush, but Lucario slides underneath Charizard to dodge it and fires an Aura Sphere, hitting it in the back. Tired of warming up, Alain states it’s time Ash got to see his full power and activates his keystone. Alain states his catchphrase “Beyond Evolution, Mega Evolve!” And Charizard Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X. Ash states he got stronger too as he presses his keystone and says “Our bond of Friendship, Mega Evolve!” and Lucario’s stomach fur reveals a blue belt with his Lucarionite resonating and it Mega Evolves. The announcer states wildly that both trainers have mega evolved their aces and this has become Mega Evolution showdown.

Alain is excited, having felt dull from his world coronation matches till now and states battling Ash is the only thing that fires him up. Alain has Charizard use Fire Blast and Ash has Lucario counter with Bone Rush twirling as a shield again, then barrages Charizard in the face with the two energy clubs. Charizard flys back in recoil and uses Dragon Rush but Lucario dodges and jumps on Charizards back and uses Steel Beam as a Melee attack repeatedly. Goh states this is risky as while Lucario’s dealing lots of damage due to its ability boosting it, the move is exhausting Lucario’s stamina as it and Charizard begin to breath heavy. Charizard uses Dragon Dance to spin around and make Lucario dizzy. This shakes it off and Charizard hits it with Dragon rush, pinning it to the ground and tries to defeat it using Blast Burn. Goh notes Lucario is a steel type and would get decimated by the super effective hit, but Ash has Lucario hit the ground with Reversal to shield itself to reduce the damage. This also causes the fist to absorb some magma from the Blast Burn. Charizard breaths heavy and its body releases steam as the announcer states it can’t move due to the recoil of Blast Burn. Ash has Mega Lucario hit it with Aura sphere which is red and magma-like due to lucario’s power boost. Alain has Charizard use Blast Burn again but Ash has lucario use Steel beam towards the ground to propel itself and dodge the attack. It then slams into Charizard X with its Magma fist Reversal causing a huge explosion.

The smoke slowly clears. Ash, Alain, Goh, and the audience are breathing rapidly (almost hyperventilating) as they look on edge to see who won. Mega Lucario and Mega Charizard x are laying on the ground and slowly but painfully get up. They wobble and wince in pain as they can barely move. Suddenly…..

Spoilers Ahead.

Mega Charizard Collapses as the referee flies by with his Aegislash and announces it is unable to battle so Ash and Mega Lucario win. The crowd erupts in cheers and Goh jumps for joy with Pikachu and Grookey yelling Ash won.

Ash falls on his behind exhausted but happy he finally defeated Alain as Mega lucario returns to normal and breaths heavily lying down. Alain return Charizard to its Pokeball and thanks Ash for a great battle as they shake hands promising a rematch again when Ash Is the new Monarch. The announcer states Ash has defeated Alain and has switched ranks with him.

Back in Kalos, Greninja destroys a vine with cut and senses Lucario’s victory with his Aura and smiles happily.

Major Events

  • Ash and Goh go to Galar again.
  • Ash’s Lucario is revealed to have learned Bone Rush.
  • Alain is revealed to have obtained a new mega ring and Charizardite X.
  • Alain’s Charizard is revealed to have learned Fire Blast, Dragon Dance, and Dragon Rush.
  • Ash battles Alain in a World Coronation series match and wins switching ranks with him and becoming rank 6.



  • Ash
  • Goh
  • Alain
  • Announcer
  • Serena (Flashback)
  • Clemont (Flashback)
  • Bonnie (Flashback)


  • Pikachu (Ash’s)
  • Lucario (Ash’s, Mega Lucario)
  • Greninja (Formerly Ash’s)
  • Noivern (Ash’s, Flashback)
  • Metagross (Alain’s)
  • Metang (Alain’s; flashback)
  • Charizard (Alain’s, Mega Charizard X)
  • Grookey (Goh’s)
  • Dedenne (Clemont’s, flashback)
  • Corviknight (Taxi)
  • Heliolisk (trainers)
  • Poliwag (Trainers)
  • hawlucha (Trainers)
  • Tyrunt (Trainers)
  • Amaura (Trainers)
  • Growlithe (Trainers)
  • Chespin (Trainers)
  • Rookidee (Wild)


  • Pokémon XYZ intro instrumental plays during the Lucario Vs Charizard battle.
  • When Lucario mega evolves, music from the Movie Kyurem and the sword of justice is used (Save the sacred Swordsman)
  • Very little Gen 8 music is used in this episode as it is mostly from Gen 6, likely due to the trainers using mega evolution a gen 6 concept.
  • This marks the first time Ash has defeated Alain.
  • Team Rocket doesn’t make an appearance in this episode.