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WARNING: Content of this story may include violence, gore, romance, same gender romance, Pokémon, and references to several video games. If anyone is offended by any of the content listed above, than please turn back now. You have been warned.

CROSSOVER WARNING: This is a indeed a crossover between Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Terraria! If this is not allowed, SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN MOVE IT! Thank you. This series is not canon to my original PMD series.


Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Adventures in Terraria

Pilot Episode


The waves of the sea were calm. Water Pokémon were playing, and splashing on the surface of the ocean. Not too far, a Wailord hopped out of the water, and landed with a huge splash that rocked the old, wooden pirate ship. Down in the brig, an Eevee lay silently, his ear twitching from time to time, eavesdropping on private conversations. Sam had a couple implants, because of the fact that he was born paralyzed. Sam's father just couldn't accept that his son would not be able to walk on his own. The implants granted him the ability to walk, as well as becoming more agile, giving him speed and flexibility, and he also stronger and more resilient, so he can take a great hit without being completely crushed in battles and stuff.

Sam wasn't like most Eevees. He was something called a "battlemage". A battlemage is a Pokémon who can use magic beyond the powers of a normal Pokémon depending on their particular type, or species. Battle magic isn't exactly the same as using regular Pokémon attacks. Instead, it is something that can be controlled, and for many different purposes. If a Pokémon is born with a blue star anywhere on their body, they are a battlemage. Sam, being a Eevee battlemage, can use magic to transform into any of his evolved forms at will, and use the magic element of that type-specific evolution in battle. Battlemages, no matter what type, can use their particular element to heal or defend themselves or other Pokémon. They can also control the actions of their own element by casting a spell. Spells are cast by using rechargeable energy called mana. A battlemage's mana capacity grows the more they cast spells, and their spells grow stronger.

Captain Mimic:" Seventeen. Ye single-handedly slaughtered seventeen o' me crew. I guess the tales really are, truly true."

Sam lifted his head to look at the Mr. Mime with a bored expression.

Sam:" That's funny. Last I checked, mimes don't talk."

Captain Mimic:" Ho ho! We have a sense of humor on board, do we?"

Captain Mimic grinned.

Captain Mimic:" I have a proposition for ye. I respect someone trying to get by making a few killings to get a little bit o' coin. But thaar must be blood for blood, see? Now I could kill ye... leave your corpse to get eaten by Sharpedo... or you could give me the name o' your employer, and I can see 'bout lettin' ya go free. Last I heard, ye don't need a water stone to turn into Vaporeon, eh? All ye gotta do is give me a name."

Sam:" Sure. It's... PTEW!"

Sam's spit reached the captain's good eye, and Captain Mimic growled in pain and frustration.

Captain Mimic:" Aaaarg! That's it! I will have yer head! But first... I'll let ye rot in here! No food, no water... You'll be lucky if someone spills a bucket o' mop water over yer cell! But at the end o' the day, thaar will be blood!"

Sam rolled his eyes, and went back to scratching at the wood plank below him with a single digit of his paw. Suddenly, he heard an odd noise, and turned to look at a grinning Vaporeon. Surprised, he jumped to his feet, and raised rear end in a defensive position.

Vaporeon:" Hehe... he's right about one thing, you know. There will be blood. Teeheehee..."

As the Vaporeon giggled menacingly, she slowly dissolved into a puddle of water, and slipped right through the floor boards. This was not odd behavior, however. Vaporeon were meant to have this ability. What was strange was the fact that she entered his cell. Why? Was she with the crew? Was she taunting him? No. The way she spoke... something wasn't right about it. Now unnerved, Sam decided to fall asleep.


That night, there was a storm. The ride was bumpy, and loud. Thunder struck as if Zapdos were attacking the sea. A bolt of lightning hit the hull next to Sam's cell, causing him to jump in surprise and hit his head on the cell bars. Thanks to his implants, he could hear a conversation between Captain Mimic and who was possibly his first mate.

???:" Captain! The sea is dangerous in this storm!"

Captain Mimic:" We ain't turnin' back 'til I find my treasure!"

Suddenly, there was a noise like Sam had never heard before. A roar coming from the ocean depths. Then Sam heard a splashing sound. Not the kind of splash when something hits the water, but something jumping out. It roared again.

???:" What in the Nether Realm is THAT!"

Captain:" No... impossible! It can't be..."

The roar became louder, and something seemed to hit the ship's hull, because Sam hit the bars of his cell again, and it was enough to knock him out cold.


Sam awoke, feeling comfy, and not at all dizzy. He found himself lying on a comfy mattress, tucked in blankets, and a fluffy pillow under his head. Sam rolled onto his side, and embraced the pillow. It was so soft, so warm. He wanted to stay submerged in it forever...

???:" Hey, you're alive."

And like that, the moment was ruined. Sam turned over again, and saw a female Quilava in the doorway of the room. She had a scar over her right eye, and her nose. Her belly and arms were covered in scratches, and she wore a tattoo of a light blue Pikachu face on her right cheek. She was holding a knife, twirling it in her paw.

Quilava:" You're lucky I found you washed up on the beach. The sea beat ya up pretty good, didn't she? Good thing I was able to patch ya up."

Sam:" You know something about playing doctor?"

Quilava:" I know enough. So, mind telling me what you were doing out at sea?"

Sam:" Vacation cruise."

Quilava:" You're a terrible liar. I might've believed you if there were a cruise dock within a hundred miles of here. My one rule in this house: no lying, especially when I saved your tail."

Sam:" Was on an assignment... to kill a pirate captain."

Quilava:" Fine, don't tell me. But you should know, honesty goes a long way in this world."

Sam:" Didn't lie."

Quilava:" Either way. I've made leppa berry salad. Pokébeans mixed in. Maybe some homemade special will get you more talkative. Whenever you're ready to get out of my bed."

Sam:" Hey... what's your name?"

Quilava:" What's yours?"

Sam:" Sam."

Quilava:" Ruby."

Ruby left the door ajar as she walked out of the room. Sam looked around the room. He felt awkward waking up in someone else's bed. As comfy as it was, he didn't want ruin it any further with his body odor.

He began to walk out of the bedroom, and into a short hallway, which lead to a living room, connected to a dining room and a kitchen. Ruby's living room was decorated with two couches, with many... many scorch marks, and a lava lamp on a small table. In the middle of the room, was a round table, with a bowl of Pokébeans.

Going into the dining room, Ruby was sitting at a table with two plates of leppa berry salad, with Pokébeans in it. Ruby was chewing on some salad. She swallowed, and smiled at Sam. The knife she was holding was laying next to her plate.

Ruby:" Nice of you to join me."

Sam:" How do you know you can trust me?"

Ruby:" I don't. I'm... curious. You come around with those scars and such, it makes me wanna find out what else we have in common."

Sam:" I noticed your scars. Where'd they come from?"

Ruby grinned now, leaning forward, scanning Sam.

Ruby:" Where'd you get yours?"

Sam:" On the job. Family business."

Ruby:" Come on, now. What'd I say about honesty?"

Sam:" Wasn't lying. My father makes me hunt and kill for his contracts."

Ruby:" Have ever killed an innocent Pokémon?"

Sam:" No matter what my father says... I protect the innocent. He thinks I'm playing hero, but I'm just making right for every wrong I do."

Sam started eating from his plate.

Ruby:" Really? What's the good count?"

Sam didn't answer for a long moment.

Sam:" Nowhere near as much as the bad count."

Ruby:" Do like working for your father?"

Sam:" It's a legacy."

Ruby:" That's not what I asked."

Sam:" It doesn't matter what I want. I do what I'm told, and that's that."

Ruby:" But you just said you would disobey your father to protect the innocent."

Sam:" As long as I the job done, I'm part of the family. If I refuse, I'm nothing to him."

Ruby:" So what? You're trying to impress this guys who doesn't even care?"

Sam:" Pretty much."

Ruby:" Why?"

Sam looked into Ruby's brownish-golden eyes.

Sam:" Because I... I don't have anyone else."

Ruby gave a sympathetic frown.

Sam:" Please don't make that face. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me. It's only a pathetic sob story, and I'm not sobbing."

Ruby:" Well, compared to my life... that's just sad. I mean... I've a good family, a good life... and here, I'm a bounty hunter."

Sam:" You work for the Enforcers?"

Ruby:" Yeah."

Sam:" Well, so do I sometimes. Except, I don't bring in criminals. I bring their heads. But that's just what my family are. A bunch contract assassins."

Ruby:" That's what I'm talking about. I don't have a reason for doing what I do. I just do it for the money. You do it for family. But you seem so unhappy about it."

Sam:" Well, as a part of a family who has a history of blood, maybe I don't deserve happiness."

Ruby:" Your family doesn't make you who you are. That's your choice. And if your family doesn't approve of your decision, than maybe you shouldn't be seeking their approval."

Sam:" Well, if not them, then who?"

Ruby:" Someone who cares about you. I mean, my parents don't agree with my work, but they love me all the same, and they aren't afraid to say so."

Sam:" Ruby... have you ever killed any of your bounties?"

Ruby:" Only if I had no other choice."

Sam:" Yeah, well I never have a choice. I've killed more than I can count, and that's what I was raised to do. That's why I said I don't deserve happiness."

Ruby:" I think you do. Because you care about others."

Sam:" It doesn't make me any closer to a good place."

Ruby smiled.

Ruby:" Maybe you're more good than you realize."

Sam felt warm sensation in his cheeks, and he also couldn't help but give a shy smile towards the Quilava.

Sam:" I appreciate the kind words. I have to get going, though. Thank you for your hospitality."

Ruby:" You're welcome to stay a bit longer, if you'd like."

Sam:" I'm actually still on business. And I don't have proof of the dead captain, so..."

Ruby:" What about this?"

She held up the hat that Captain Mimic was wearing.

Sam:" Where did you find that?"

Ruby:" Next to your unconscious body. You're lucky I was at that particular beach at the time. No one really goes there because of the rumors."

Sam:" Rumors?"

Ruby:" Have you never heard of the Duke Fishron? Big, beastly shark creature, with a boar face, and can fly!"

She tried saying that with a straight face, but ended up laughing anyways.

Sam:" I've heard the stories. Doesn't mean they're true. Besides, even if it were true, who would dumb enough to bring a truffle worm aboard a pirate ship, unless they wanted to summon the thing. Then again, the attacker, whatever it was, seemed to come out of nowhere. In any case, thanks for this."

Sam finished up, and was on his way out the door.

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