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Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon


Episode 2



The next morning, Felix skipped breakfast and went straight to the zen training facility on his own. He listened to Lanius' lesson without complaint, and did everything he said. His mind, however, was still far from clear. There was a lot of emotion inside of Him. Anger: at the Elder for keeping it secret for so long. Sadness: at the thought of his brother being gone forever. Regret: that he didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to him. Desire: to hold onto his aunt and cry in her fur. Tired: at the lack of sleep. Love: for the ones he'd lost. And yet, he still had a raging conflict inside him, telling him that the Elder is lying through his teeth.

Unfortunately, there was no way to prove that. And so he had to believe him. How could this have happened, though? Blaze was really strong. At the end of class, Felix was about to leave when he was intercepted by a familiar Flareon.

Flareon:" That was quite the show yesterday. I saw you crying home your auntie, all the from my house. What happened? Did you lose your favorite stuffed Pokémon toy? Ha ha ha."

This was Abel. She was the biggest bully in the Sanctuary. Sure there were rules against fighting, but she had other ways to hurt her victims.

Felix:" Get lost, Abel. I'm not in the mood today."

Abel:" Still hoping that big brother of yours is gonna walk from that door?"

Felix:" Don't you dare talk about Blaze!"

Abel:" He's not coming back, you know? He's dead. D.E.A.D. Dead!"

Felix:" SHUT UP!"

Abel:" Oooooh. Felix said a swear. What would Auntie Rosa say?"

Felix:" You're such a child!"

Abel:" You're one to talk. You can't even accept the reality that your brother was probably eaten by a hellhound."

Felix growled.

Felix:" I said SHUT UP!"

He pounced out of rage, tackling the Flareon to the floor, and bit down hard on her ear, but not too hard that it left a mark. It was really only just to scare Abel, but he realized she went too far.

Abel:" Ow! Ow! OW! Y-you're hurting me! Okay, stop! PLEASE! I-I'm sorry!"

Felix, realizing what he had just done let go of her grip, and moved off of Abel. He saw the Flareon crying on the floor, and shivering with a scared expression on her face.

Felix:" I-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! I... I didn't..."

Abel:" Wh- what is WRONG with you!?"

Felix:" A-abel, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. Please, don't tell."

Abel:" Get away, you freak!"

Abel ran, not looking back at him.

Felix, in his panicked state, ran as well, tears drifting from his eyes. He was really sorry. But what had he just done? He was just so angry. Why would he attack someone like that? He broke the rules. Now he was going to have his memories wiped? But he didn't want to forget everything. He couldn't forget Blaze, or Rosa. He couldn't! Maybe if he apologized... but would it matter? Rules were rules. And he broke them. He broke the rules.

Felix found a small nook in the side of an ally, and decided to hide there for the day. Maybe he could wait it out. His legs were shaking, his lips were quivering in fear. Tears were falling from his eyes. Eventually, Felix curled into a ball on the floor for the night. Quiet whimpers escaped his lips as he cried, trying to excuse what he had done in his head, but he couldn't. He felt deeply guilty for attacking another Pokémon. He'd never done anything like that. Suddenly, he heard the familiar voice of auntie Rosa.

Rosa:" Felix! Felix, where are you, sweetie?"

Rosa sounded scared. She also had tears falling from her face. Felix wanted to hug her so tight ans never let go. He wanted to tell her how sorry he was, and that it'll never happen again. But he couldn't. There were two Accelgor guards with her. If anyone found him, he would have his memory wiped.

Accelgor 1:" It is late, miss Rosa. We should return you to your quarters. We will look for your missing nephew in the morning."

Rosa:" No! I need to find him now. He could be lost, or worse, maybe even kidnapped."

Surprisingly, it is common for a child to get lost in the sanctuary. But wait, kidnapped? Does Rosa not know?

Accelgor 2:" We understand your concern, but our patrols are searching the mines, looking for the missing child right now. That's usually where they end up, anyways, usually out of curiosity."

Rosa:" He doesn't trust the guards. If they find him, he'll just run away, scared. I need to find him on my own."

Accelgor 2:" Please, madam. I urge you. Go home. Get some rest. We will look for the child. You cannot search on a lack of sleep."

Rosa:" I suppose you are right. Please, just make sure he makes it home safe."

Accelgor 1:" We promise to do our best, ma'am."

With that, Rosa left to go home, and the Accelgor started talking with each other.

Accelgor 1:" Poor Rosa. The Elder's been hard on her lately. Having a missing nephew on her plate is much more stressful."

Accelgor 2: *Sigh* I bet he's hiding with some girlfriend he's been making out with. Remember that one time?"

Accelogor 1:" Ha! Yeah. That Pancham boy tinkled himself when we caught them."

Accelgor 2:" Ha."

They really had no idea what he had done? Or was this a trick? Still, he didn't trust either of them. He had to go home to auntie Rosa and explain himself. He sneaked through the stalls, trying to find home when suddenly, he heard chomping. He gasped, turning his head to a figure inside a box of merchandise. An oblivious Munchlax came out and sat down with a sigh of relaxation. He then opened his eyes to see Felix. They stared at each other for a moment until the Munchlax broke the silence.

Munchkax:" Guh... it's not what this looks like."

Felix:" Really? Because it looks like you're stuffing your face in a box of apples that aren't yours."

Munchlax:" A guys' gotta eat, ya know? Hehe..."

Felix sighed. As much as he didn't like it, he couldn't just go tattling on him when he himself could already be in serious trouble.

Felix:" Let's make a deal, kay? I won't say anything if you won't."

The Munchlax shrugged.

Munchlax:" Sounds good to me."

Felix rolled her eyes as he heard the sound of the Munchlax chewing at another apple. He continued forward until he reached home. He checked both ways for guards before crossing over to his house. He was scared to open the door, but he couldn't help it. He had to ease auntie Rosa's worries. He opened the door, and slipped in. He saw the Glaceon perk up from the couch, and pounce towards him, grabbing the Fennekin. He was waiting for the scolding, or even a beating, although Rosa had never done that before. Instead, Rosa just embraced her tightly, crying loudly.

Rosa:" Oh my little flame, I was so worried! Whatever were you doing out there!? I had to involve security, and I looked all over for you! Where have you been!?"

Felix couldn't help but cry, as well. He felt so terrible for what he did earlier, and for worrying auntie Rosa.

Felix:" I-I-I'm so sorry aunt Rosa! I did something bad! Something really bad! And I didn't mean to! I was so scared that I went into hiding, because I attacked Abel because she was saying bad things about Blaze, but it was an accident, and I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, aunt Rosa!"

Rosa:" You... you did what?"

Felix:" Abel was teasing me because I just couldn't accept the fact that Blaze is gone. I hurt her out of rage, and I tried to apologize, but then I got scared and I ran away, because I don't want to lose my memories."

Rosa sighed in relief, then smiled.

Rosa:" Felix... Uxie doesn't wipe children's memories."

Felix sniffed, looking up at Rosa. Uxie is the legendary Pokémon who guards the entrance to Sanctuary Market. He has the ability to wipe Pokémon's memories of the place in order to protect Sanctuary Market.

Felix:" H-he doesn't?"

Rosa:" No."

Felix:" But I broke the rules! And I hurt someone! I-I have to be punished!"

Rosa looked sternly down at him.

Rosa:" Yes, you did break the rules. And when children break the rules, they are usually sent down to do supervised scavenging in the Mystery Dungeon for a week. However, it help if you apologize to Abel.

Felix gulped. The Mystery Dungeon used to be home to feral Pokémon before the cataclysm, but now it's just an endless maze of unlimited resources. The Mystery Dungeon changes all the time, but that is made up for by it's rotating consistencies. Some times the dungeon will have the same structure as it did in a previous exploration, making it easy for mapping out different dungeon structures, but it will never be the same twice in a row.

There are two types of runners. Dungeon runners map out, and explore the mystery dungeon called Steamy Cave, picking up random items that may be useful for the sanctuary, some are even in charge of supervising misbehaved children who get stuck doing dungeon duty. Wasteland runners go all the way through the dungeon, and into the wasteland, like Blaze did.

Felix:" O-okay. I really didn't mean to hurt her. I was just so angry, because she bullies me all the time. A-and I really scared her."

Rosa:" It was wrong of you to do what you did. But, it was also wrong of her to do what she did. I think you should both apologize to each other. Now, off to bed, and we'll go see her in the morning."

Felix nodded, and went to bed.


Again, he couldn't sleep from all the guilt. It was horrible what he had done. Sure she deserved it, but it didn't make it right. He would have to face Abel today, and hopefully make things right. Abel was right there, and she still looked shaken from yesterday. As Felix came to sit down next to her, she flinched shaking even harder than before. Felix laid on his belly as a show of good faith. It didn't seem like Abel told anyone about what he had done, probably to preserve her own reputation.

Felix:" A-abel. I'm really sorry about attacking you, yesterday. I just got really angry, and I shouldn't have done that. Would you... would you please forgive me?"

Abel didn't say anything, only looking at him wearily, holding a paw to her bit ear. Even though he was pretty sure he didn't bite her that hard, he still had a guilt in her stomach that just didn't go away. The entire day, class felt very awkward, and Felix did his best to be as far away from Abel as he could to make Abel more comfortable. But one question was on Felix's mind the whole time. Why didn't Abel tell anyone? She could have gotten him in trouble. So why didn't she? Felix didn't mind working a few days in the mines to compensate for his actions.

When class was over, Felix walked out of the classroom. A feeling of guilt kept rising inside of him until the Abel finally called his name.

Abel:" F-felix! Wait up."

Felix gasped in shock. His tail dove between his hind legs in fear, his ears flopped to the side of his head, and he froze in place, trying to avoid eye contact with the Flareon.

Abel:" I-I'm sorry for the things I said. A-and I'm sorry that Blaze hasn't come back yet. I realize the things I said hurt you a lot, and I forgive you."

Felix:" A-abel..."

Abel:" I didn't tell anyone what you did. I was going to, but I also didn't want to get in trouble."

Felix:" O-oh. Well, it turns out that... Uxie doesn't wipe children's memories. Instead kids who break the rules get sent to the mines to work for a week. You can tell on me if you want. I just hope we can forget it ever happened. Besides, you were right about Blaze. He's gone, and there isn't anything I can do about it."

Abel:" H-how do you know he's gone?"

Felix:" The Elder told me."

Abel:" Whoa, seriously? You heard it from the Elder himself? He doesn't ever let kids into his tent."

Felix:" He made an exception for me, and he said that Blaze was killed by a spine ripper."

Abel:" O-oh. I'm really sorry to hear that."

Felix:" It's okay. I have to get home."

Abel:" Hey, can I come with you?"

Felix turned his head towards Abel.

Felix:" R-really? Even after..."

Abel:" It's okay. I forgive you. I guess you were going through something, and I was just making it worse. I'd really like it if we could both make amends, and just be friends. I promise I won't bully you anymore. Or, at least not outside of public notice."

Felix smiled and nodded.

Felix:" I'd like that."

So they went to Felix's house, and they talked for a while. Turns out that Abel loved the Lucinda the Fierce series as well. At the end of the day, Abel went home, but not before waving goodbye to her new friend. Felix actually had a friend now! This was so exciting. And she was going to come tomorrow, as well. Finally, Felix felt like she was catching a break.


A week later...

Felix found himself in that same place, with the same fire, and aunt Rosa lying on the floor, bleeding. This time, she had even more cuts than before. The same shadowy figure came, and burned everything. Only this time, that wasn't the end of the dream. Felix arrived somewhere filled with some kind of pitch-black liquid, and he was walking slowly through it, only seeing the silver glimmer coming from the substance. The other dream had become pretty familiar to him. The fact that it and changed, was a surprise, but he was too tired to be afraid.

Felix:" This is new. What's going to happen this time?"

He saw the same shadowy figure approaching him. The figure stopped, and began to form into a solid shape, until it looked just... like... him. Every feature, down to the star mark on his tail. The only thing that was different was that the fur where he was normally red, was entirely black.

Felix:" Wh-who are you? This didn't happen before. Let me out of here!"

???:" You can't escape me, Felix. I am your destiny."

It felt as though he was being consumed by the black substance surrounding him. His paws were blackening, and it was spreading. Suddenly, his paw burst into flames, and it grew bigger, and bigger until it consumed him too. He screamed, and cried. But no one could hear him. Something was wrong. He couldn't control the flames like he usually could. The black Vulpix just grinned, while Felix could only scream, louder and louder, until finally he woke up to his bed ignited in flames. His entire room was on fire.

Rosa:" Felix! What are doing!? We have to get out of here!"

Felix looked frightened at his aunt Rosa, who was coughing by the doorway to his room. What happened? Is this even real? Or another dream?"

Rosa:" Fe-felix! *Cough cough* H-hurry!"

Felix rushed towards the door, and realized that the fire was not contained only to his own room, but in the living room as well, where Rosa sleeps. Rosa kept coughing and hacking. She looked like she was going to fall down.

Felix:" A-auntie Rosa!"

The star on Felix's cheek started glowing, and he used his magic to clear a path through the flames. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make them just disappear. The fire was too big, and he was still learning how to use his magic. But it never went out of control like this. How did this happen?

As they made their way out of the house, they noticed a Blastoise and a duo of Squirtle putting out the fires. The flames had already spread to two other living quarters, but it seemed that nobody was harmed. Felix was thankful for that. The Elder, however, was furious, pointing right at Felix.

Harpoo:" What have you done, child!"

Felix was startled, and confused at the same time.

Felix:" Wh-what? I-I didn't..."

Harpoo:" I knew it! I knew from the day you came into this place that you were trouble!"

Felix:" Y-you think I did this?"

Rosa:" Felix couldn't have done this. He was in his room the entire time. The fire started at the front door."

Harpoo:" That doesn't mean a darn thing! Look at the star on his tail! He's a magic user! For all we know, he could have manipulated the flame to start there!"

Actually, Felix knew for a fact that that was impossible. He wouldn't be able start a fire unless he physically saw where he was starting it. But he was too timid to speak up about it. He had never seen anyone, let alone the elder this angry before.

Felix:" But I-I didn't do this, I swear..."

Everyone was now looking at him with faces of disgust, and accusing him of treason.



"Wipe his memory!"


Felix:" N-no! I didn't... please! I had nothing to do with this!"

???:" I-I believe him."

The voice was familiar, yet timid. It was Abel the Flareon.

Abel:" Felix would never do something like this."

Harpoo gave her a glare, as well as a quiet growl, as if warning her not to get involved. The Flareon gulped.

Abel:" Uh... Felix is too... um, too cowardly to even think of doing such a thing. He's uh... a big, weak softie."

Felix would usually be offended by her words. But seeing as Abel was actually attempting to defend him despite the dangerous looks from the elder, he was grateful.

Harpoo:" Enough! Listen not to this child. She has no understanding of what she speaks."

Rosa:" This is ridiculous! You have no proof that Felix started this fire!"

Harpoo:" Who needs proof, when the picture is clear? The welp is a battlemage, with fire magic, and there is clearly a fire here! I'm sure you can all put two and two together. And with that said, he must be punished!"

Rosa:" This isn't how things work! He has to stand trial! The citizens of the Sanctuary have to decide weather he is guilty or not!"

Harpoo's brow furrowed, as he let out a slow growl.

Harpoo:" Fine."

Harpoo turned to his underlings.

Harpoo:" All adult Pokémon within the general vicinity, all of you believe this 'battlemage' to be guilty under the charge of arson, raise your right hand, paw, or claw."

Felix dreaded the number of hands that rose into the air. Every adult within the general vicinity, except for Rosa raised their hand.

Felix felt tears welling up in his eyes. It wasn't fair. How could they do this to him?

Harpoo:" It seems the Pokémon of Sanctuary Market have spoken. Felix Kitsu! You have been charged with the felonies of arson, violence against the community, and treason against the sanctuary. Tomorrow morning, you are sentenced to be wiped of all memory, and exiled from the Sanctuary."

To be continued...

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