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Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon


Episode 3

Escaping Sanctuary


Memory wiped? Memory wiped? This must be a dream Felix thought. Aunt Rosa said that Uxie doesn't wipe children's memories. Perhaps there were exceptions. Maybe he had gone too far. But he swore that it wasn't his fault. All of his tears couldn't dissuade all the snobby, arrogant, rich Pokémon of the Sanctuary from their decision. To make it even more unfair, Harpoo had forbade any visitation while he was locked up, getting ready for memory wipe, which meant he could not talk to Rosa one last time, and tell her how much he loved her. His memory wipe was scheduled to be in a couple of hours from now, and in front of a crowd, too. Harpoo wanted to make an example. Eventually, his crying outburst faded to acceptance.

Felix laid, curled into a ball, pondering his existence, or what remained of it. Around his neck, was a collar made of mythril, a green, hardened substance which disabled his ability to use moves and magic. He wandered what it would feel like, to have all of his memories... wiped from his mind. Would it be instantaneous, or would it happen slowly, with his memories all fading one by one as he begged for mercy. Would it be painful? Would it feel like he died and been reborn as someone else, with no recollection of his previous self?

Harpoo:" You only have a few hours. Anything to say for yourself."

Felix didn't answer.

Harpoo:" Your whole bloodline is cursed, you know that? Finally, we'll be rid of that curse once and for all."

Felix:" Just because we have magic, it doesn't make us who we are?"

Harpoo:" I disagree. After all, your brother let himself succumb to his own magic."

Felix:" What are you talking about? My brother is dead, because of you."

Harpoo looked away, muttering something to himself, then turned back to Felix.

Harpoo:" It matters not. By the end of the day, we will not have to deal with your kind."

Harpoo then left, leaving him confused.


The six-tailed fox only had twenty minutes left before he was placed in front of the entire population of the Sanctuary, and mind wiped by Uxie. Felix had seen Uxie before, guarding the time gear.

Uxie is a small, gray, fairy-like Pokémon with two gray tails that are each encrusted with a red gem. Uxie has a partially yellow face with another red gem encrusted into his forehead. His head faintly resembles that of a helmet or a brain. Uxie always has his eyes closed. It is assumed that he only opens them to erase memories. Felix would find out soon enough. He felt a minor shift in the ground he was laying on. Was it an earthquake? Then suddenly, three, tiny brown heads popped up out of nowhere.

Dugtrio:" There you are. Sorry it took so long."

Felix:" Mr. Mole? What're you doing here?"

Mal:" It's Mal, actually."

Felix smirked slightly.

Felix:" I know, but the other kids call you Mr. Mole behind your back."

Mal:" Th-they do!? Oh... never mind. It is unimportant. What is important is getting you out of here."

Felix:" Rescue? B-but... you're breaking the rules!"

Mal:" So is the elder. How do you think he got you in here? This isn't the first time, neither. Harpoo has memory wiped other Pokémon he doesn't trust, and sent them into exile. He's afraid for his position. I'm just a single part of a group rebelling against the Elder."

Felix tilted his head, confused.

Felix:" There's a rebellion?"

Mal:" That's not important. We need to act fast before someone catches us. Follow me."

Mal burrowed underground, leaving a hole in the ground, small enough for Felix to crawl into. The tunnel was narrow and dark. It took about a half hour to navigate through it. When they finally got to their destination, where a small hole in the ground sat, Mal turned to the fox.

Mal:" We're here. Now, you'll be going through Steam Cave. An old mystery dungeon, so try not to get lost. Good luck. And be careful out there."

Felix:" Thank you, Mr. Mal. I won't forget what you did for me, here."

Mal:" Don't mention it. It's been my pleasure, young Felix. Oh, and we talked to your aunt. She asked me to pass on a message. 'Go with courage, little flame'."

Felix felt tears, but smiled behind them.

Felix:" Aunt Rosa... Thank you."

Mal:" One more thing. When you get out there. Search for a Pokémon named Winston."

Felix nodded, and climbed out of the tunnel, glad to breathe the fog of Fogbound Lake. But he still had to go through Steam Cave. Outside the hole, Felix saw what looked like a pair of giant, steel doors, blocking his path. On the right side of it, was a lever. Felix tried to throw the lever, but that didn't do anything.

Felix:" Wha-? Why won't this do anything? Come on. Open up! I don't wanna have my memory erased!"

It was then Felix noticed a small slot on the right side of the lever. He eyed it curiously, noticing it looked like a small key hole. He heard voices, and hopped back in the hole. Luckily, it was hidden in a corner, so no one would see it very well. The voices came from two Bisharp.

Bisharp 1:" Why do we get to guard the least interesting spot in the Sanctuary? What did I do to deserve this?"

Bisharp 2:" Didn't ya hear the briefing? Sanctuary Market's on lock down. That kid that was supposed to be memory wiped today. He escaped."

Bisharp 1:" Oh right. Eh, I don't really listen to those things on account of it usually being the elder yelling at the incompetent guards."

Bisharp 2:" That explains why he is always yelling at you."

He could go out there and take them both without raising any alarms. He was a fire type. With magical abilities, no less. But that that's not me. He thought.

???:" Your display of... aggression... towards Abel says otherwise."

Felix:" Wha-?"

Felix looked around. The voice sounded close, but there was no one there. It also sounded like multiple voices, whispering and yelling at the same time, and switching out, one after another in unison.

???:" There's no... denying it now. You are a... creature... of pure violence... pure... violence."

Felix:" Who are you?"

???:" Why... we are you... you... but you can call us... Discord."

Felix:" Umm... are you my evil conscience?"

Discord:" You can call me whatever you want. At the end of the day, we are the better part if you."

That sounded like yes, in a cliche sort of way. It was then that Felix heard the familiar voice of a certain Flareon.

Abel:" Guards! Guards!"

Felix: Abel? What in the world is she doing?

Abel:" I saw him! I saw! It was him!"

Bisharp 2:" What are you on about? You aren't supposed to be back here."

Abel:" I saw the magic user, hiding in one of the shop stalls! He threatened me!"

Bisharp 2:" Stay here, citizen. We will handle that Vulpix."

Felix heard metallic footsteps, and peaked through the hole in the ground. He came face-to-face with a very cheeky-looking Flareon, with a little, red key in her mouth.

Felix:" Abel! What are you doing here!? You could get caught!"

Abel rolled her eyes, taking the keys in her paw

Abel:" With that level of volume, we might. Go on. You should go."

Felix:" Wait! Come with me. You should get away from this place. I don't want you get in trouble."

Abel smiled.

Abel:" Sorry Felix. I can't. I have Pokémon here I want to protect too. I also hear there's a rebellion against the elder. Maybe I can do some good here if I can find them."

Felix:" Abel I... I'm scared. I don't know if I can do this alone."

Abel pulled Felix into a hug.

Abel:" I don want to see you go. But I know you'll be okay. You have to be."

Felix:" Goodbye, Abel."

Abel:" Bye Felix."

Abel went in the direction the two guards went. When he was sure she was gone, Felic entered the key, and twisted it. He pulled the lever. The door opened immediately, revealing a certain psychic type Pokémon, with memory wiping abilities. He gasped, and instinctively blew a fireball at Uxie, who flung it away with telekinesis before it hit him. He floated there, staring at Felix with deeply shut eyes.

Uxie:" Harpoo was right. You are dangerous.

Felix:" Y-you're a psychic type Pokémon, you know I didn't do anything wrong!" Aside from accidentally attacking Abel. Does she still forgive me for that?

Uxie:" Perhaps. But I am not only referring to your magic. You have other, more destructive capabilities. What are you? What is this..."

Uxie gasped.

Uxie:" N-no. That's... not possible! What are you doing here!? Why are you here again!?"

Felix didn't have a clue what Uxie was on about, but he decided not to ask, and instead cast a spell.

Felix:" Flaming blindfold!"

A ring of fire began orbiting Uxie's head just before he opened his eyes. Felix almost gasped in relief. He didn't think that would actually work. But it worked nonetheless. The spell was not meant to temporarily blindfold Uxie with a ring of flames without causing any damage to him or his eyes. But it would also block his vision so he couldn't erase their memories.

Uxie:" You are clever, young kit. You have much potential. But you do not know the power you wield. That entity you carry, it is a danger to us all. But I can help you. You won't even feel it. I can make it forget."

Felix:" I don't wanna forget!"

Felix used ember. Uxie, who never opens his eyes anyways, dodged it. Felix hadn't meant to hit him anyways. It was only a distraction so he could move right past Uxie. He then reached out with his magic for the key, and turned the key with a snapping sound. He heard the loose half of the key clatter to the ground as the metal door shut. And everything went dark,

Felix was now panting, trying to process what had just happened. He faced the legendary Uxie, and survived, memory intact and all. When he caught his breath, he turned slowly, and saw nothing but darkness. He held his paw up, using his magic to light it like a candle so he could see.

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