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Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 2




Luna covered her mouth, looking over at a softly snoring Jenny. She looked left and right, looking for the source of the new voice.

Luna: (Whispers) "Who's there? Where are you?"

???:" Down here."

Luna looked down to the floor.

???:" Try again. Down on your arm."

Luna looked down at the bracelet she was wearing. She didn't actually pay any mind to it until now. It was a gold bracelet that was worn around her paw, with a cyan pearl wedged into it. Inside the pearl, she saw a pink shape, with ears, a mouth, big purple eyes, and a small red sphere on their forehead. The voice was male-ish. The pink shape grinned at her from the eye of the pearl.

Espeon:" Well, hey there. Sorry I wasn't there on your first day. Thought I'd give you some time to process things before startling you."

Luna:" What the... how... what?"

Espeon:" Okay, okay. Don't want to wake the Vulpix. I don't exactly want anybody knowing about me right now."

Luma:" What the heck are you?"

Espeon:" Well that was rude. I think you meant 'who are you?'. Would have been more polite."

Luna:" Okay... who are you?"

Espeon:" Yeah... I'm Pip. And I was tasked to help you in this world."

Luna:" Wait... what?"

Pip:" Okay, so it's like this. I did something really stupid, and I was cursed a long long loooong time ago, and my soul became trapped inside this bracelet. I was told that I would one day meet a human, and if I ever want to be released comepletely, I have to help said human. Welp, you're here... and now I feel kinda stupid, 'cause I have no idea what to do from this point."

Luna:" So... you're stuck in here for nothing?"

Pip:" Not exactly. I can still help you figure things out. Mew knows you'll need that help."

Luna:" No kidding. So... what did you do anyways to get stuck in this situation?"

Pip:" Let's just say, when you tick off a Jirachi, bad things happen. Like real bad."

Luna:" Oh, okay wise guy. Keep your secrets. But someday I want a real answer. How old are you, by the way?"

Pip:" Eh... over 300 years... I think? I don't know. Can't keep track. Years go by, and I forget what's going on."

Luna:" So how can I trust you? And why can't I tell anyone about you?"

Pip:" Because then she'll know you're human. She thinks you're delusional already, by the way. I can hear thoughts."

He tapped his head.

Luna:" Have you been reading my mind?"

Pip:" What? Nah... okay yes."

Luna:" Stop it!"

Pip:" Shh, shh... not so loud. Look, I know it's really crazy, but I am here to help you. With what... I don't know, but I'm going to help. Oh, and I have to keep you alive, too. If I don't, well... you die and I live forever in this bracelet."

Luna:" So I have to trust you, then."

Pip:" Well, yeah. Get some sleep now. Big day tomorrow."

Luna:" Hold on... wait a minute! I have more questions."

But Pip wasn't answering. She shook the bracelet on her arm.

Luna:" Come on, don't stop talking now!"

Jenny:" Luna? Are you alright? What's the racket?"

Luna:" Uh... n-nothing. I'm fine. Just not sleepy."

Jenny:" Oh, okay. Well, I am. So can you keep it down?"

Luna:" Oh... so-sorry."


The school house was on the far south-east side of the village. It looked almost like a large, wooden mansion, decorated with school banners, including a long banner at the top spelling out "Goodspring Pokéschool for Future Dungeon Explorers!"

Luna:" Dungeons?"

Jenny:" Oh yeah, you never been to a Pokémon dungeon before, have you?"

Luna:" Nope..."

Jenny:" Dungeons are pretty mysterious, and usually harbor very hostile Pokémon. But with a teacher like Mr. Sal, we'll soon be prepared."

Pip: Pfft. A school for dungeon explorers? Back in my day, we faced dungeons without being taught how to be Pokémon. By the way, I should probably tell we can both communicate through telepathy. Though, I can block you out whenever I want, so don't get annoying.

Luna: Well that's convenient. Now I can tell you how random a comment that was without sounding weird to other Pokémon.

Nearby, they heard a few student Pokémon chattering.

Bunneary:" Who is she?"

Steenee:"An outsider? We've never had outsiders come to our school..."

Chespin:" Maybe she's related to Silver?"

Machop:" Is she tough? I don't care where she's from as long as she is tough!"

Luna didn't feel tough. She felt like a lone Durant, who had just encountered a hoard of Heatmor. She was excited up until now to see what Jenny's school was like, but now that she was here, she wanted to crawl under a rock and hide forever.

Pip: Huh... I guess this must be a town of preservationists. They really don't like outsiders, do they?

???:" And just WHO is THIS peasant!?"

The voice came from a female, snobbish-looking, silver Eevee, holding her nose high above her ears, but still seemingly able to stare right into Luna's eyes, as if she were staring into her soul. This Eevee was different though. She had a pink bow on her tail, and one on her left ear, and she wore a pearl necklace around her mane.

Luna:" Um... h-hi, I'm..."

The opposing Eevee rudely interrupted.

Eevee:" Here to try and upstage me as the most beautiful Pokémon in Goodspring Village? Ha! An outsider like you wouldn't know the first thing about beauty!"

Luna:" That's not what I..."

Eevee:" And if you even think about trying, your efforts will be wasted! Because no one is as fabulous, nor as purebred as I! Well..."

The silver Eevee shamefully lowered her ears.

Eevee:" ...e-except for my mother, of course. I-I could never be as beautiful as her."

Her expression then turned back to one of determination.

Eevee:" Eh... but still! I am the second most beautiful, and don't you forget it!"

Jenny:" Ugh! Knock it off, Silver. Lucy isn't here to steal your spotlight."

Silver:" Well good. Not that she could if she tried. Now I best be off before I catch... eh, whatever you have."

As the very rude, but very pretty, Luna thought, Eevee began to walk away, Luna was confused about what had just unfolded. Pip rested his head on his paws.

Pip: Wow. She sounds like someone I knew back in my day. She was a lovely little thing, but eyed everyone around her like they were parasites.

Jenny:" Ugh! Stupid Silver. She think she's so much better than everyone else just because her mom has such a high reputation in Goodspring. Like everyone else is beneath her."

Luna:" I-I'm sure there is a reasonable explaination for why she is the way she is."

Jenny:" Uh, yeah. Because her mom is raising her to be a perfect little princess. It's not our fault we aren't all rich, or rare-colored."

Suddenly, they heard panting behind them. It was coming from a small blue Pokémon, who looked like she'd rushed to get here.

Pop:" I'm not late am I? Oooh! Please tell me I'm not in trouble! I know I woke up late, but I didn't know what time it was while I was sleeping..."

Jenny:" Pop!"

Pop snapped out of it upon hearing Jenny saying her name.

Jenny:" You aren't late. But I'm so glad to see you. I have someone I'd like you to meet."

Luna:" Hi, I'm Luna."

She raised a paw as friendly gesture. Pop looked shocked.

Pop:" I-is she... an outsider?"

Jenny:" Don't worry. She's just lost her memory is all, and she's living with me and my mom for a few days. You can trust her."

Pop:" Well... I suppose if Jenny trusts you... any friend of hers is a friend of mine."

Pop shook Lucy's paw with her fin.

Pip: Timid, but easily trusting. Two qualities that don't mix well.

Pop:" But wait... you said you lost your memory? That's terrible."

Luna:" Y-yeah... I don't think I even know how to be a Pokémon."

Pip laughed in her head so hard, and Lucy made an annoyed face.

Popplio:" It sounds like something you should tell Mr. Decidueye."

Decidueye:" Tell me what?"

Luna nearly lost her balance upon seeing a tall, green, brown, and white bird Pokémon, looming over her. He seemed different from the other Pokémon, seeing as he was smiling at her.

Decidueye:" Ah, now who's this? A new student?"

Luna:" Uh..."

Jenny:" Mr. Sal, this is my new friend, Luna. I met her in the forest, but she lost her memory."

Luna:" Uh... y-yes."

Technically, it wasn't a lie. But it wasn't the full truth either. But how was there any way to tell a Pokémon that you're a human when you look like an Eevee? Would he even believe her?

Luna:" I-I don't even remember how to be a Pokémon, or how to use moves?"

Sal gasped in shock.

Sal:" No moves? Well, perhaps you have come to the right place. My school is for all kinds of Pokémon, not just Future Dungeon Explorers. Follow me inside."

Pip: Free spirited, doesn't seem to mind outsiders, seems genuinely concerend with the well-being of his students. Seems pretty gullible though.


The inside of the school house was very moderate. It was a single classroom with wooden desks, comfy cushions to go with them, a teacher's desk, and chalkboard. There was also quite a bit of decoration, and even a few older class projects on display.

Pip: Not half bad for a classroom.

Sal:" Now class, listen up. I had something planned for today, but it seems we have a new student. Miss Luna, would like to introduce yourself?"

Everyone turned their heads towards her. It frightened her, and the fact that Silver was giving her an "I don't like you, because you're not me" look, wasn't helping either. Lucy tried to shrink in her seat, but the white vulpix sitting on a class cushion next to her put a paw over her shoulder.

Jenny:" This is my new friend, Luna Luck! She's a little shy on account of losing most of her memory!"

Everyone else in the room had faces of confusion, some of them gasping at hearing of her condition. Luna blushed, wanting to hide underneath the comfy cushion she was sitting on, and just stay there as every Pokémon in the room was now focused on her. Silver, however, wasn't convinced.

Silver:" Lost her memory? She looks fine to me. Or, at least as fine as a peasant like her can be. If she lost her memory, then how can she still even remember how to breathe?"

Sal:" Now now, Silver. It is, in fact, possible for a Pokémon to suffer from memory loss. But there are different cases of it, depending on the severity. In most cases, Pokémon obliviously suppress certain memories, perhaps something they're ashamed of, or memories of trauma. Or they could, in a very, very rare cases, forget everything, and as you said, forget how to breathe. But in Luna's case, she can only remember her name, and basic funtions. But I've never heard of a Pokémon forgetting how to use moves, as had been explained to me."

A litten in the right-back corner of the room, made a "tsh" noise. It was the same Litten that attacked Popplio the other day.

Flarious:" Are you saying she doesn't even know how to be a Pokémon? That's ridiculous."

Sal:" Maybe. But there is no way to know if it is true, unless someone challenges her in a battle."

Luna's whole body almost went into a state of shock upon hearing the word battle.

Luna:" B-battle?"

Pip: Oh dear...

Sal:" Ah! Yes! I believe that is a wonderful idea! Planned topics out the window! We shall try to encourage you to re-learn how to battle!"

The tall bird Pokémon flared it's wings open.

Sal:" Come students! Let's go outside, and see what your new classmate really has in her!"

Luna's ear's flopped to the sides of her head. This would not end well for her.


In the back of the schoolhouse, was a large field of grass. The middle of the field was painted white in a rectangular shape. Suddenly, Luna remembered something. She couldn't remember what she looked like as a human, but she could remember that other humans would battle with their Pokémon on fields like this, as if it were a sport. Luna had never caught any Pokémon, and even if she did, she never had time for battles. Which raises a very good question. If she never battled 'with' a Pokémon, how would she be able to battle 'as' a Pokémon? She stood on one end of the white rectangle, and the Decidueye stood on the other. Every other Pokémon was standing on the side, watching.

Luna:" Um... I don't think I can handle this..."

Sal:" Do not worry. This isn't a normal battle. I won't make a single move. The only move you have to focus on, is Tackle. It's very basic. Just run at me, and tackle me."

Luna blinked, curiously.

Luna:" But... you want me to attack you? And you won't even fight back? Not even dodge? That hardly seems like a fair battle."

Sal smiled.

Sal:" Don't worry, I do this all the time with my students. Trust me, I can take a beating."

Pip: Confident. I like it.

Luna looked at all of the other Pokémon, and gulped. Suddenly, she began imagining a lot of Silvers, just looking at her with that "Haha! I'm so much better than this chump" look.

Luna: I... I can't do this. Not in front of a crowd of Pokémon!

Pip: Hey hey hey. Yes, you can. You just have to feel it inside you. That's how it works for all Pokémon.

Luna: But I'm not even a Pokémon. Is it even possible for me to do moves?

Pip: You are a Pokémon, you're just different. You can do it.

Luna breathed in deep through her nose, and let it out through her mouth. She then put her right hind paw back, and her head low. She was trying, and failing, to look determined. With a push of her right hind leg, she blasted off into a run, and aimed towards Sal's chest. She jumped... and barely hit the tall bird Pokémon. She fell to the ground in front of him, and he stared down, confused. Everyone on the side, except Jenny and Pop laughed at the poor Eevee. He cleared his throat, nervously.

Sal:" W-well... I have to admit, that was unexpected."

Machop:" Ha! That has got to be the weakest Eevee I have ever seen! It's like she's not even a Pokémon at all!"

They all began to laugh louder. Tears began to slightly streak Luna's face. Why was she crying? She shouldn't cry over something so stupid. To her surprise, Jenny spoke up for her.

Jenny:" Hey! At least she tried!"

Pop was smiling, but Lucy realized quickly that it wasn't a laughing smile. No, this was a knowing smile. Luna could see in the water types' eyes that she wasn't a fighter either. Luna also began to notice that the Litten in the crowd wasn't laughing either. But he wasn't smiling at all, instead he was... scowling? At her? Did she offend him, somehow? This day was only getting worse by the minute. She had to do something to redeem herself. She wiped away her tears, stood up straight, and posed in a four-legged battle stance, with an actual determined look on her face.

Pip: That's it kid! Give 'em a good show!"

Luna:" I want to try again! And this time, I'll get it right!"

Sal smiled again, respecting the ambition in his new student's eyes.

Silver:" Haha! Oh no! Hey guys, she's going to gently poke our teacher again! Hahaha!"

Luna didn't even look towards the silver-colored Eevee, as she march back to the other side of the field. She pushed off with her hind leg again, running at Sal, and slamming full speed into him, with great force. Sal grabbed his stomach in pain for a second, and then looked up at his attacker with a big, beaky smile. Everyone else gasped in amazement.

Sal:" Haha! Nicely done! I do believe we are making progress!"

Luna smiled with great pride, and looked towards Jenny and Pop, who were clapping for her, and cheering her name. The Litten softened his scowl, but he still looked at her as if she was a smudge on his favorite ball of yarn.

Flarious:" Pfft. She'd never survive in a real battle."

The Litten stood up, and began to walk away, back in the direction of the schoolhouse. Luna watched him go, until Jenny tackled her in a playful hug.

Jenny:" Nice job!"

Silver:" Hmph. She was 'okay'. I bet I could beat her, but ya know... I'm too beautiful to get messy in a fight."

Machop:" I take back what I said. You're not as weak as I thought."

Pop:" You're definitely a better battler than me. Hehe..."

Steenee:" I guess you're alright. For an outsider, that is."

Buneary:" I still don't trust her, but I have to admit, it was a little impressive. Just a little. Tackle isn't even that strong of a move, you know."

Luna blushed. She didn't think she'd get this much attention on the first day of school.

Pip: Hey kid...

Lucy: Yeah?

Pip: Good job today. I'm proud of you.

Lucy: Heh... thanks. I couldn't have done without your help.

Pip: Daw. I bet you could have.


Luna, Jenny, and Pop were walking beside each other, giggling. It was time to go home, so they decided to take a walk first.

Jenny:" I'm glad you're starting to do well for yourself."

Pop:" Just don't let it get to your head though, otherwise you'll end up with a lump between those big ears of yours."

Jenny:" Oh Pop. Always the jokester, you."

Luna:" Th-thanks guys. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen. I thought I'd die of embarrassment when I hit Mr. Decidueye with that sorry excuse for a tackle."

Jenny:" Don't worry. I still would have been friends with you, even if you hadn't made up for it. Friends shouldn't be judged by their strength, but by their character. And so far, you've got a good one."

Luna:" Thanks."

Pop:" I have to get to my home. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Jenny:" See ya!"

They both waved at Pop as she headed home.

Jenny:" So, how did you like your first day?"

Luna:" It was certainly interesting, for sure... I've never been to a school of Pokémon before, but..."

Jenny:" But?"

Luna:" Well, I got this flash. Like... I remembered something from my human life."

Jenny looked uneasy.

Jenny:" You're freaking me out with this human stuff. Are you sure you were once... you know?"

Luna sighed.

Luna:" I know it's hard to believe, but when I woke up, I explicitly remember being human. I promise, I'm telling the truth. I wouldn't lie to you."

She looked away for a moment, blushing.

Luna:" Y-you're my... my friend."

Jenny looked back at her. She smiled.

Jenny:" Well... as unbelievable it is to think I'm walking next to a human... I believe you."

Luna:" Y-you do?"

Pip: She does?

She looked back at the snow colored vulpix.

Jenny:" If what you say it's true... it must be. So what was this flash you had?"

Luna:" The battling field. It reminded me of human trainers who would battle with their Pokémon on something just like that."

Jenny:" So it's true that humans would use Pokémon to battle? Why?"

Pip: Sounds like a demeaning concept.

Luna thought about that one, then came to a conclusion.

Luna:" I don't know. Guess I should keep trying to remember."

Jenny:" I guess it doesn't matter. You are one us now. And you seem to be pretty nice. I got to ask... can we be friends?"

Luna blinked in confusion.

Luna:" I... thought we were already friends. You said so yourself."

Jenny:" I did?"

Luna:" When you first introduced me to the class."

Jenny:" Oh yeah. Well, I guess I just want to hear you say it, is all. I don't have many friends, aside from Pop. She's been my best friend ever since I can remember."

Luna:" Jenny... I'm glad you're my friend. I was surprised when you took me in, and convinced your mom to give me shelter, if only for a week. You didn't have to, so thanks."

Jenny:" I know I didn't have to, I just didn't have the heart to just leave you there, especially in your condition. It must have been scary waking up in a world unfamiliar to you."

Luna:" Well... thanks. I owe you a lot for this."

Jenny:" Aw shucks! You don't owe me a thing! That's what friends are for!"

Jenny giggled, and hopped inside the house. Luna thought she was cute the way she got excited. She blushed bright as she got another flash of a memory. It was a memory of her on a date. The girl across the table from her was had brown hair, and blue eyes. She couldn't remember many details of this memory, nor the girl's name, but she remembered kissing her on the cheek, as the girl chuckled. She also remembered the relationship didn't last very long.


The Golden Hearts guild leader, a Delphox named Flashfire, was in deep thought. The Lucario and the Shaymin had reported back to her, and she was still concerned.

Flashfire:" Very well. I'll have Maron keep an eye on them, and make sure these two are protected. I suspect that the amount of dark matter you found wasn't all from the crystal."

Lucario:" You think it may be from one of the Pokémon themselves?"

The psychic type Raichu in a lab coat next to Flashpaw nodded.

Raichu:" It's entirely possible. Though, I don't know know what could cause such a reaction. I think you are right. We should keep an eye on these two if that is the case."

Shaymin:" Do you think Gloria is right? Could these crystals be more dangerous together than they are apart?"

Raichu:" We don't know for sure, but they definitely aren't of this world. I'll continue to moniter for anymore dark matter."



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