By Terrarian Pony

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Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 3



It had been a few days now, since Luna came to Goodspring. Jenny was awake. It was still nighttime, and she was looking outside her window. Luna rubbed her eyes, noticing the white vulpix was awake.

Luna:" Jenny, what are you doing?"

Jenny:" I just can't help but wander... well, I don't remember my dad, and... mom doesn't like to talk about him for some reason."

Lucy:" You think she isn't telling you something?"

Jenny:" I know she isn't, otherwise she wouldn't be keeping it a secret. I love my mom, and all... but she's always so overprotective."

Luna:" Moms can be that way. I remember my mom..."

Flashes came to her head. A little girl, and her mother. The girl was Luna, of course. They were laughing with each other, and eating ice cream. Another flash of the girl crying while her mother bandaged a wound on her leg. More flashes of memories that weren't even hers anymore, about a girl with her mom. A memory of the girl getting angry at her mother, another of her mother in the hospital, and another of her crying at her mother's funeral. All kinds of emotions built up inside Luna, she couldn't keep them in.

Jenny:" L-Luna? Are you... alright?"

All of a sudden Luna let out a burst of tears. Jenny's eyes widened, and she went over to hug the poor Eevee.

Jenny:" Luna! Luna, it's okay! What's wrong? What happened?"

Jenny's mother came in to see what all the commotion is about.

Gloria:" What in the world is going on?"

Jenny:" I-I don't know... we were just talking, and... and she started crying."

Luna started wiping away her tears.

Luna:" I-I'm sorry... I... I just remembered something... from my past. H-how could I have forgotten my mother? Forget that she's gone? How could I forget everything in an instant, and not know why?"

Jenny's mother put a paw on Luna's shoulder.

Gloria:" I'm sorry for you loss. We too lost someone important... but, not in the way you think."

Jenny:" What did happen to dad?"

Her mother winced.

Gloria:" When you're ready, dear. When you are ready, I will tell you everything you need to know."

Jenny sighed, and layed on her stomach, looking away sadly.

Jenny:" Okay."

Gloria:" Luna, I know that times can be tough. It was something I learned the hard way. If you ever need to talk, you have me and Jenny."

Luna nodded, wiping away more tears.

Luna:" Th-thank you, miss. I just wanted ask... is there any way I can get a home, here in Goodspring, permanently?"

Jenny's mother put a paw to her muzzle in thought, then shook her head.

Gloria:" You're still considered a child, and we don't exactly have an orphanage here on account of being so unwelcoming to outsiders."

Luna's ears dropped to the sides of her head.

Luna:" I guess I better be prepared then when you say I can't live here anymore, then. You guys really were so nice to me, even when we first met. I guess I'll take what I can get, though."

Jenny looked down at her paws, feeling guilty that she couldn't do anything in this situation.

Gloria:" I suppose it couldn't hurt to keep you here. As long as you don't cause any trouble."

Luna's ears perked up.

Luna:" R-really? I don't want to burden you."

Gloria smiled.

Gloria:" Why would you? You've been so very helpful around the place, and you've been so polite. It's a trait you don't find much in Goodspring."

Jenny:" S-so Luna can stay!?"

Her mother nodded.

Jenny:" Yes!"

Luna and Jenny hugged each other tight. Jenny's mother chuckled, starting to leave the room, when Luna stopped her.

Luna:" Thank you, so much. I don't know what I'd do if I was left to be on my own."

Jenny's mother smiled, looking over her shoulder.

Gloria:" You aren't bad for an outsider."


A couple school days ...

Sal:" You started to regain your memory, you say?"

Luna nodded.

Luna:" Still having a little trouble with doing moves, though. I was hoping you could help me?"

Sal smiled brightly.

Sal:" Of course! It's what I am here for!"

It was free time at the school, and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. Doing battles, eating berries, or just taking a nap in the sun. Silver had streams of red on her face, like she'd been crying. She had burns on her shoulder, and was rubbing it down with river water behind a bush.

Luna:" What happened?"

Silver:" Just a scratch."

Luna:" Those are burns."

Silver:" Whatever! Why do you care?"

Luna jumped back a little, wincing.

Luna:" It's just... you looked upset. I wanted to help."

Silver calmed a bit.

Silver:" Oh. Well... I don't need your help."

Luna shrugged, looking into her reflection in the river. She remembered a time when she was looking down from a boat, riding towards... somewhere she couldn't remember. She then looked at the burns again, and had a sneaking suspicion, but tried to refrain from approaching it directly.

Luna:" So... how are things at home?"

Silver's shot a look at her, like she didn't want to talk about that.

Luna:" I was just wandering. You just don't seem to like being at school much, is all. So I figured maybe... talking about home may help."

Silver:" Nobody likes school. But... I feel less miserable here, if I'm being honest."

Luna:" Why's that?"

Silver:" What are we, friends now?"

Luna:" If you want."

Silver:" Like I would ever be friends with someone so... so... uncouth."

Luna rolled her eyes.

Luna:" Right, because you're so beautiful."

Luna was of course being sarcastic, but in a way, she meant it. Her eyes kept drifting towards the silver Eevee's bow ear.

Silver:" Of course I am. Have you ever seen such beauty or talent?"

Luna arched a brow, grinning.

Luna:" Talent, huh? Do you think you could beat me in a battle?"

Silver gawked at her.

Silver:" And risk getting my fur all dirty? No thank you. Mother would... I don't know what she would do if I came home and my groom was messy."

Luna:" Why not just regroom yourself."

Silver rolled her eyes as if there was something that Luna just didn't understand.

Silver:" It's not that simple. It takes hours just to get my fur to look this nice."

Luna:" So is it you don't want to get dirty, or are you just afraid of your mom."

Silver:" Here's a question. Why are you so nosey?"

Luna:" I'm just trying to be friendly. What's wrong with that?"

Silver:" What's wrong, is that you are asking questions that have nothing to do with you!"

Luna:" I'm just trying to understand your point of veiw."

Silver:" Why, so you can be more like me?"

Luna:" No, because I don't think you're as mean as you try to be."

Silver's eye twitched.

Silver:" I-I'm not mean! I just don't like when others try to upstage me! I have to be the most popular because my mother says so."

Luna:" So you're just trying to be who your mother wants you to be. You're letting her control you?"

Silver put her paws over her ears, tears beginning to stream from her eyes as she clenched her teeth.

Silver:" S-stop! Don't talk to me about my mom! Okay? You have no idea what I have to deal with everyday! The pretty bows! The constant fancy posture! Trying to maintain a high rep! She is always on my case about something! 'You can't go to the gala without a dress.' 'Tilt your nose up, it shows you are respectable.' 'You don't need friends, they only get you into trouble.' Isn't it enough that I'm her flesh and blood? Her daughter? Can't she see I want to live my own life, not hers!?"

Luna looked to see if anyone was watching. Luckily, they were behind a shroud of bushes, so no one noticed Silver crying. When she was sure it was clear, she wrapped a paw around the silver Eevee's shoulder. Silver protested, but she didn't move.

Silver:" S-stop."

Luna:" No one is looking. I'm just trying to help."

Silver looked the other way for a moment, then suddenly returned the embrace. She sniffed sadly, burying her face in Luna's mane. Lucy blushed beneath her fur.

Lucy:" A-aren't you afraid of messing up your fur?"

Silver sniffed again, getting up and wiping tears from her eyes.

Silver:" I-it's okay. I can fix this easily. I-I don't know why you're being so nice to me, after I was so mean to you the other day. Accusing you, teasing you... everything I said about you behind your back... I'm sorry. I was just being the Eevee my mother taught me to be."

Luna smiled.

Luna:" We all have something weighing us down. For me, it's my memory. I'm slowly getting back, but... well it only happens whenever I do something to remind me of specific things."

Silver sniffed once more.

Silver:" Who are you, really?"

Luna blinked, confused.

Silver:" You say you lost your memory, and I sort of believe you. But there is something you are hiding from me. From everyone."

Luna's eyes went wide. Then she sighed.

Luna:" Y-you're right. I am hiding something. But you won't believe me if I tell you. You might even hate me for lying, even though it's the truth."

Silver:" Well then, it better be convincing."

Pip: Luna. Don't... don't do that. Please, please don't do that.

Lucy: It's my secret to tell. You can't tell me who to tell and who not to tell.

Pip: It's our freedom on the line!

Luna: You had a chance to be free, and you did something stupid. You won't even tell me what you did.

Pip: Luna please...

Luna took a deep breath in, and let it out.

Luna:" The truth, huh?"

Silver nodded.

Luna:" Okay... here goes. I'm... I'm not a real Pokémon. I... I'm a human."

Silver looked at her as if Luna had just told her they were sisters.

Luna:" I told you you wouldn't believe me! I'm telling the truth! Please, don't hate me!"

Silver took a deep breath.

Silver:" I suppose that would explain a lot. I mean... even a Pokémon that's lost it's memory should be able to remember basic moves. But this... wow. I wasn't expecting that."

Luna:" I know it's hard to believe, but you can ask Jenny. I told her too. In fact, when we first met I freaked out because I was suddenly an Eevee."

Silver:" I mean... I kinda have to believe you. 'Cause either you are human, or you're just a really great actor."

Luna sighed.

Luna:" We don't have to be enemies, Silver. You know that, right?"

Silver:" I don't want to be enemies either, but..."

Silver looked away, then back at Luna.

Silver:" I don't want there to be rumors about us, in case my mom finds out. Can we... umm... can we be friends secretly?"

Luna nodded.

Luna:" I understand. Can I at least tell Jenny?"

Silver:" N-no! I don't want anyone to know!"

Luna:" Well, I don't want to keep secrets from Jenny. She trusts me, and I trust her."

Silver:" I know, but... she hates me after I said some really mean things to her. She'll never forgive me."

Luna:" Sure she will. If you just apologize, I'm sure the two of you could get along."

Silver:" Maybe..."

Luna:" Just give it a try. I'm not saying she'll trust you right away, but she's a kind Pokémon. She'll forgive you if you're sincere."

Silver sighed.

Silver:" I hope so. Thank you. No one has ever tried so hard to understand me before. I appreciate it."

Luna grinned widely.

Luna:" Well, I'm not just anyone."

Silver chuckled a bit, hiding a blush that Luna didn't seem to notice.

Silver:" Yeah... that much is obvious."

Pip sighed.

Pip: You know... it's bad enough I'm stuck inside a piece of jewelry. But not being able to control the body that I need to do something for me, who is telling everyone all her secrets is just frustrating.

Lucy: Like I said, it's my secret. I'm don't want to lie to the people to get them to trust me.

Pip: People are going to think you are crazy! In my day, if you claimed to be some human, or something crazy like that, you were locked away in a dungeon, and the key was thrown away and you were forgotten by time.


Luna and Jenny were heading back home, when Jenny struck a conversation.

Jenny:" Hey, where were you during free time? I wasn't able to find you."

Luna:" I was... umm... talking to Silver."

Jenny:" Why were you talking to her? Was she making fun of you again?"

Luna:" No, actually. She seemed upset. Crying, even. She had burn marks on her shoulder."

Jenny blinked.

Jenny:" Silver is always showing up with burns. We always thought she was getting into fights with the same fire type Pokémon. But I've never heard about her crying before."

Luna:" Shh... keep your voice down. I told her I wouldn't tell anyone, but you."

Jenny:" Well what do you think caused those burns?"

Luna looked all around, then back at Jenny.

Luna:" Eevee has several evolutions, right?"

Jenny:" Yeah?"

Luna:" What did her mother evolve into?"

Jenny:" A Flareon. Not shiny like Silver, but why... ooohhh. You don't think her mother has anything to do with Silver getting hurt, do you?"

Luna:" It's just a suspicion, but yes."

Jenny:" So do you also think..."

Luna:" That her fancy 'love me cause I'm not you' act isn't real? Yes, I know for a fact it's not real. In fact, she told me she wanted to live her own life, but her mother doesn't let her. She practically said that she'd rather be at school than at home."

Jenny suddenly began to feel sorry for the poor Eevee.

Jenny:" I guess it makes sense."

Luna:" Oh... and she also knows I'm human."

Jenny rolled her eyes.

Jenny:" You must really have a lot of trust in her to let that one slip."

Pip: I know, right? Even I can't believe she did that.

Luna:" It... she... she brought it up. She knew something wasn't right, so I told her."

Jenny:" Well, at least she might not tell anyone. I mean, who would believe her? Humans aren't even supposed to be real."

Luna:" And yet, here we stand."

Jenny:" Here we stand."

They were silent for a short moment, until the white Vulpix broke the silence.

Jenny:" Is it me, or have I been hearing wing beats for the past five minutes?"

Luna:" Now that you mention, I've heard them, too." Pip, you there?

Pip: Yup. And you are definitely being followed.

They both looked up in the sky, and saw nothing, and they didn't hear wing beats anymore.

Luna:" Someone is watching us."

She saw leaves rustling in one of the trees, and pointed.

Luna:" There."

Jenny aimed, and made her move. Jenny's Powder Snow hit the tree, and it... screamed? Trees don't scream. There was a loud thump, and the two of them ran over to see a male Pidgeot on the ground.

Pidgeot:" OW! What was that for!?"

Jenny:" Talk or I'll do it again! Why are you spying on us?"

The bird pokémon grinned sheepishly, waving a wing as he recovered.

Pideot:" Sp-spying? Hehe... who... who's spying? Totally not me!"

Luna:" Hey Jenny, how hard do you think I can Tackle him?"

Jenny grinned.

Jenny:" I don't know. You've been practicing your Tackle move a lot lately. Why, I think you may be the best tackler I've ever seen."

Pidgeot:" Alright! Alright! My name is Maron, and I was sent by the Golden Hearts Guild. They told me something about a dark matter crystal."

Jenny:" You're from the guild? Wait. Dark matter crystal? What's that?"

Maron:" I don't know. Really. All that's confidential stuff, that only the higher ranking members know about. I wasn't spying really. I was just told to observe."

Lucy:" Really? Sounds a lot like stalking to me when you try to do it in stealth."

Maron spread his wings.

Maron:" I have my orders. I was carrying them out."

Jenny:" So you have no idea what a dark matter crystal is... but you've been told to observe us for it?"

Maron:" Well, like I said. I don't know much. Must be that thing around your neck they're talking about."

Jenny looked down at the obsidian pearl on her necklace, lifting it with a paw.

Pip: Wait a minute... is that... no it couldn't be. But... but how?

Jenny:" So what... you just wanted this? Why?"

Maron:" No, I was just tasked to watch you with it. I wasn't told to take it from you. But I wouldn't be surprised. Flashfire has been giving some very strange orders lately. She's the leader of our guild."

Jenny:" What kind of strange orders?"

Maron:" Sorry, I don't have the clearance to tell you that. But I can tell you that these crystals are part of something none of us can even come close comprehending."

Luna:" That doesn't sound like something you should be exposing. If you don't know what's going on, wouldn't that decrease morale?"

Maron:" Maybe. But we're more concerned with the dangers that may take place if we don't find all the crystals. But for now, I've been ordered only to keep an eye on that one. You seem to handle it yourself pretty well, in any case."

Jenny:" What do you mean?"

Maron:" Well... these crystals... usually when we even get close to one of them, there is this... strange feeling. I can't explain it, not because they won't let me, but because it's very difficult to explain. Something is not right about these crystals. They give off a... well, Aaron would refer to it as an unholy aura. But I thought only living things had auras, so either these things are alive, or whatever that Lucario saw wasn't an aura. But I would never doubt Aaron for a second. He's a well-respected member of the guild, ya know."

Luna thought back to the other day, when a Lucario showed up with a shaymin.

Luna:" This Lucario wouldn't happen to be yellow, would he?"

Maron spread his wings in surprise. Jenny blinked, turning her head in curiosity, and suspicion.

Maron:" Yeah! How'd you know?"

Luna:" A yellow Lucario showed up my second day in town with a Shaymin. They were talking with Gloria, and Gloria told me to go inside."

Jenny:" You didn't tell me any of this."

Luna shrugged.

Luna:" I didn't think it was anything important. And I didn't exactly want to get on your mom's bad side by asking questions."

Jenny's expression softened. She could understand that. She didn't like making her mother upset, which rarely ever happened. Something else was rustling the bushes nearby. Jenny screamed as a cold, purple claw grabbed her leg, and pulled her in. Luna and Maron went after her, and back onto the road. A Sableye was dangling Jenny in front of him. She was struggling as he tried to grab the necklace hanging from his neck. Jenny reacted quickly, blowing a cold wind into the Sableye's face.

Sableye staggered, grasping at his frozen face. A whole group of Sableye jumped out of the bushes, one of them slashing at the first Sableye, breaking the ice. Jenny landed on her paws, Luna and Maron running up to her.

Luna:" Jenny!"

Jenny:" I'm fine. But what are these guys doing here?"

Luna:" I don't know. Maron?"

Maron:" I'm just as baffled as you."

Pip: Oh no... this is bad. Very very very bad!

Lucy: What? What's going on!?

Pip: Uh... n-nothing!

Lucy: By Mew, if you don't start making sense, I'm gonna...

The Sableye surrounded them at every side and corner. Suddenly, another Pokémon appeared. A pink spiral, with green spots surrounding a green mouth and eyes, attached to the spiral was a large stone.

Spiritomb:" Well, well... I half expected this to be more challenging. But it seems you have exactly what I want. The alpha pearl! Now... give it here, and spare yourselves the exhaustion."

Luna:" Jenny, I know that necklace is really important to you, but... are we sure it's really worth a battle against seven ghost/dark types? I mean, my Tackle won't even affect them."

Maron:" Don't even think about letting it go! What you have is too powerful to be in the wrong hands!"

Jenny stood her ground, holding the obsidian pearl close to her chest.

Jenny:" You'll get my necklace when you pry it from my cold, dead body."

Spiritomb cackled maniacally.

Spiritomb:" I hoped you would have some fight in you! Sableye, attack!"

And just like that, a real battle started. The first move was made by Spiritomb using Shadow Ball on Jenny. Jenny dodged it. One thing she learned from battling bullies all the time, never make the first move. She followed up with a Powder Snow, but a Sableye interfered, catching her off guard with Shadow Claw. It hurt, a lot. Jenny had never had to battle this many Pokémon at once before. Her highscore was three. Pidgeot did an areal ace on on another Sableye, which disappeared in a mist.

Maron:" What in the world?"

Another Sableye retaliated with Zen Headbutt, quickly knocking the confused bird Pokémon out of the air. One of them used Dark Pulse on Luna, who had no idea what to do at this point.

Jenny tried to recover enough to use another move, but she was planted face down in the dirt by the sudden appearance of a Mimikyu. She laughed in such a way that made Jenny's spine jitter.

Mimikyu:" Daw, you made it way to easy to surprise you! Now, about that crystal..."

Maron used Areal Ace.

Mimikyu:" Hey! THAT! WAS NOT! NICE!"

She used Shadow Claw on the Pidgeot, forgetting that he was also a normal type Pokémon. The bird Pokémon grinned.

Maron:" I think you forget, ghost type moves don't work on us normal types."

Mimikyu:" But you... I thought... Ah!"

Spiritomb:" Enough of this debacle! Grab that crystal!"

Jenny suddenly surprised Spiritomb with an ice shard. It was a critical hit.

Spiritomb:" You'll pay for that!"

Spiritomb used Shadow Ball, but Maron blocked it with his body, but gaining no damage at all.

Maron:" Are you going to help out back there, Eevee?"

Luna looked freaked out of her mind.

Luna:" I-I... I only know Tackle! What can I do?"

Jenny:" Luna, I know you can help! You just have to let it come to you!"

Luna struggled to think of something, and suddenly, she found a new memory. She perked up.

Luna:" I GOT IT!"

Luna brought her hind paw around, and kicked dirt into a few of the Sabeyes' eyes. They put their claws over their eyes.

Jenny:" Sand Attack! Good idea, Luna!"

Jenny used Powder Snow on those particular Sableye. Luna continued to kick sand and dirt at the all the Sableye around them.

Lucy:" I don't know if we can call this a Sand Attack, but it's affective, right?"

Dirt flew into Mimikyu's eyes, and she gasped.

Mimikyu:" How dare you ruin my outfit!"

Mimikyu began to glow with rage, and used Wood Hammer, knocking Luna into Jenny and Maron. The Sableye began to close in. The three were already feeling weak now.

Luna:" I'm sorry Jenny. I got too cocky."

Jenny:" It's okay... but we can't let them have this. If it's really as dangerous as we're told..."

Luna:" What other choice do we have?"

Jenny wanted to get up, then and there. She wanted to throw all her strength into this battle, and win. But she knew it was not a realistic thought. She couldn't move. Neither could Luna, and Maron didn't stand a chance against seven Pokémon at once.

???:" Zzzzt! Stop right there! Zzzzt!"

A Magnezone and two Magneton emerged from the road.

Magneton 1:" Suspicious activity located."

Magnezone: Zzzt! Surrender, or you will regret it! Zzzt!"

Right behind them was Gloria, growling at the Sableye surrounding her daughter. The Sableye dispersed, yelling in distress.

Jenny:" It's officer Magnezone!"

Spiritomb:" Velora. Let's get out of here!"

The Mimikyu stared death beams into her opponents' eyes.

Velora:" I can take them on myself! I'll kill 'em all!"

Spiritomb:" No! We must retreat."

Velora:" But..."

Spiritomb:" Do not make tell you again. I am in charge if this operation."

Velora sighed.

Velora:" Fine. Your no fun."

They fled, Jenny and Lucy feeling both relieved, and about to pass out. Gloria ran to them.

Gloria:" Are you two alright?"

There was a hint of panic in her voice.

Gloria:" Are you hurt?"

Jenny looked down at her paws.

Jenny:" Only our pride. We thought we could take them... I thought I could... but I was wrong. I'm sorry."

Luna:" Hey... you did great. All I managed to do was kick dirt in their faces. If anyone should feel bad, it's me for not helping out as much as I should have. But Tackle wouldn't do anything against those guys."

Gloria wrapped one her tails around Jenny, and another around Luna, pulling them close and nuzzling them.

Gloria:" I am just glad you two are safe. I don't know what would I'd do if something were to happen to you. Why were they attacking you in the first place?"

Jenny held up the obsidian pearl.

Jenny:" They were looking for this."

Gloria's eyes went wide, then she sighed.

Jenny:" Mom... do you know what this about?"

Maron:" Ehem. Hello there. Maron. From the Golden..."

Gloria:" ...Hearts Rescue Guild. I know. I told your friends that I did not trust them with something so dangerous, and yet they send a lackey to steal from my daughter. I should have taken extra precautions."

Maron raised his wings.

Maron:" N-no! I wasn't trying to steal it! I was under orders to watch them both to make sure nothing happens to them."

Jenny:" It's true. He could have just taken it from us. But he didn't."

Magnezone:" Zzzt... I'm afraid we'll have to take you in for questioning."

Maron:" I'll answer any questions you have. But know that I'm not the guilty party here."

Maron:" Well... I suppose I should thank you for keeping them safe. But what is your guild's angle in all this?"

Maron shrugged with his wings.

Maron :" Don't know. To be honest, they've stopped telling me things. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. I mean... secrets within our own guild? I could understand if it was personal stuff, but recently there have been surprise changes everywhere in the guild."

Gloria:" I see."

She looked down at her daughter and at Luna.

Gloria:" Come. It's time to go. I'll explain everything to you at home."



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