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Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 4



Back at home, Jenny and Luna were sitting in front of Gloria, waiting for her to tell them about the dark matter crystal. She breathed a sigh, then looked up at them both with her cold eyes.

Gloria:" You must promise you never tell anyone what I am about to tell you, unless it is absolutely necessary."

Jenny:" I promise, but... what is this all about?"

Gloria:" It is time I told you, Jenny... about what really happened to your father."

Jenny noticeably scooted herself a bit closer.

Gloria:" Your father and I... were very happy together. He was dedicated to protecting other Pokémon during his time with the Golden Hearts Exploration Guild. But one day, he started acting different. Kept changing his behavior a lot. When I asked him about it, he told me he had touched one of the crystals. He also told me to give the pearl to you."

Jenny:" But what happened to him?"

Gloria:" He left... said he will not come back. I begged him... pleaded for him to stay. I followed him, and he knew I did... he took me to a cave in the mountains. I was not prepared for what I saw in there."

Jenny was now getting nervous. All this time she wanted to know what really happened. But now it was like the world was ending in front of her. She wanted to leave, go anywhere but here. But she had to stay and listen. Her curiosity made her immobile.

Gloria:" He had these... purple tendrils, crawling from his paws, and his face was... his eyes. I'll never forget that look. It was as if he was a demon. It was like he wasn't the same. Like we had never met. A completely different Pokémon. He smiled at me, in a way had never seen anyone smile before. It was... terrifying."

Jenny felt like she was being choked. Her tears were finally flowing from her eyes. She couldn't hold back any longer. Couldn't fight the pain that came with a story like this.

Jenny:" S-stop... please."

Luna felt sorry for the poor Vulpix. She put a paw on her best friend's shoulder.

Jenny:" You were right... I'm not ready. I don't want to know anymore. I won't ask... ever again, I promise."

Gloria:" Jenny... you need to know. You need to know because you are most possibly in great danger."

Jenny slipped the necklace off, and threw it on the ground, stepping away from it.

Jenny:" Th-then I don't want it! I-if it does... that... then I don't want it!"

The necklace part began to... disappear. The pearl was all that was left. The pearl began to emit a small puff of smoke from itself.

Gloria:" Jenny..."

Jenny:" No! I shouldn't have asked! I was better off not knowing! I don't want what happened to dad to happen to me!"

Jenny was shaking now, crying with her paws over her face. Gloria looked away.

Gloria:" Jenny... you've worn it your whole life. Nothing will happen to you."

Luna:" The way you described it... it sounds like this thing corrupted him. And maybe it just doesn't do same to her as fast because she's still young."

Gloria:" No... it's because she is an angel."

Luna:" I'm a wh-what?"

Gloria:" An angel, dear. It means that you have the ability to purify dark matter crystals. It is in your... our blood. A gift that we were born with."

Jenny:" But... I don't understand. Why? Why didn't you tell me?"

Gloria:" I was only trying to protect you. But now the Golden Hearts guild may be after you, and you may be in danger."

Jenny looked at the strange pearl. Maron called it a dark matter crystal. She hesitantly brought her paw closer... than pulled away, shaking her head.

Jenny:" I still don't want anything to happen. Mom, I'm scared. I've never been this scared!"

Gloria walked around the pearl, putting a tail around Jenny, and pulling her close.

Gloria:" It's okay, dear. I'll carry it again. It won't affect me like it did Blaze."

Luna:" Blaze? Was that her father's name?"

The Ninetails nodded.

Jenny:" Mom? I have to know. Did he love me? Even when he was possessed?"

Gloria:" You're father only knew you when you were an egg. And he always loved you. He loved you so much, he would hold you close and whisper to you every night, and you did."

Jenny:" But how did he know to trust me?"

Gloria:" I told him about us, and our mission."

Jenny:" What mission?"

Gloria:" To protect the pearl at all costs. It's been passed through our family for generations.

Luna:" So you and Jenny are the only one who cannot be possessed by it."

Gloria:" There were others, once. Other angels. But sadly, they were believed to be wiped out."

Jenny looked at the pearl again. She didn't like how the smoke was slowly growing. Maybe she was only one who could hold it back. If that were the case, no mere box hold it. But... why her? She held out her paw again.

Gloria:" You don't have to do this if you are afraid. I can carry it until you are ready. But I've always believed you to be the bravest Pokémon I know."

Jenny rested her paw on the pearl, and the smoke died again, the platinum necklace forming around her neck again as she brought the obsidian pearl closer. Luna watched in amazement. Jenny had a look of determination.

Jenny:" No... father trusted me with it. Which means, this is my mission now. I won't let him down, or you mom. I promise."

She looked down at the crystal. It was no longer radiating the terrible essence it was radiating before.

Jenny:" I have to keep it safe, and hope that I don't... that I don't change."

Gloria wrapped a tail around her again.


The next day, during school, Sal was not in the class. Which Luna thought was odd. The teacher, being late? But then, the doors burst open, with a loud "Aha!" Everyone in the room turned towards Sal, who was standing in the doorway, with a gleeful expression.

Sal:" Pack your bags, children! We're going out on an adventure!"

Everyone went from bored, to a flurry different facial expressions.

Machop:" An adventure!? Awesome!"

Blitzle:" Oh boy! Finally! We haven't done an adventure all week! Where are we going today!?"

Buneary:" I don't know... I think I just want to learn today."

Steenee:" What!? I didn't have time to prepare! Uh! I need to go back and check my item box! A-and is it alright if I maybe visit Kecleon for more revival seeds?"

Dewpider:" Oh, I hope it's a water place."

Fomantis:" I just hope it's not a fire area!"

Flarious looked like he was pretending to sleep, and there was a Zorua in the corner, grinning like a shuppet. Silver looked as if she were in a lot of pain. She had her ear bow wrapped around her right ear today, which was odd, because it was usually on her left ear. Unless she was hiding something?

Sal:" Settle down, please. I decided we are heading to a dungeon today."

The room went quite immediately. You could hear a Nincada chirping if there was one. Hear Pineco falling from tree. Everyone in town knew about Goodspring Forest, and how it was full of nasty bandits, who want nothing more than to make you faint, and steal your goods. Even Litten came up in surprise.

Chespin:" Uh... Mr. Sal? Isn't that where the Beedrill Bandits live?"

Sal raised a wing.

Sal:" Do not worry. I put you all into groups of four. If you want to see your group mates, the grid is on my desk. When you're ready, meet me at the forest entrance."

Steenee:" Ooh, yay! I'm partnered with Manta!"

The Fomantis in the room perked up.

Manta:" Yes!"

Pop:" Oh, uh... I'm partnered with Flarious."

Flarious:" What!? I'm partnered with the wimp?"

Blitzle:" Don't be mean, besides, I'm sure she'll do a great job. Looks I'm with you guys too, and Relena!"

The Buneary was blushing at the electric zebra Pokémon.

Relena:" O-oh cool! I always wanted to be partnered with Stripe. Hey Stripe, d-do you like my ear bun?"

Stripe: Um... It looks exactly the same as always."

Relena:" Uh... y-yeah, but... what do you think?"

Stripe:" Um... nice, I guess?"

Relena:" N-nice? Just nice?"

Stripe:" Well, what am I supposed to say? It looks like every other Bunearys' doesn't it?"

The Buneary gasped. Flarious rolled his eyes.

Flarious:" You have no idea what is going on, do you?"

Stripe:" Of course I do. We're going to a dungeon aren't we?"

Flarious face-pawed. Relena almost looked like she wanted to cry, but refrained from doing so. Stripe... just looked really confused. He never understood why the poor Buneary stuck with him all the time, even when it was obvious.

Luna and Jenny looked at the grid. Jenny was partnered with Lola the Steenee, Manta the Fomantis, and Cosmo the Dewpider. Luna was partnered with a Machop named Rip, a Zorua named Nora, and Silver. Silver would have to disguise her attitude around the other two, which she was immediately nervous about.

Luna:" You okay?"

Silver:" Yeah... I mean, sure... whatever. It's not like you'll upstage me or anything."

She gave Luna a wink to let her know she didn't really mean it. Luna blushed like there was no tomorrow. Silver must have noticed this time, because she tilted her head.

Silver:" Is there something wrong with your face?"

Luna:" H-hey!"

Silver's eyes widened. She shook her head.

Silver:" Th-that didn't come out right... I was just saying... your face is red. Particularly your cheeks."

Luna was blushing even more now.

Pip: Busted!

Luna:" How about we change the topic? How come your bow is on the wrong ear?"

Now it was Silver's turn to be embarrassed.

Luna:" You can tell me. You can trust me."

Silver hesitated for moment, then nodded slowly. She reached up a paw, and lifted the bow, just enough to see burn marks. Then she quickly lowered it again, hoping no one else saw it.

Luna took a deep breathe, trying to be as genuine as possible with this next question.

Luna: *Whispering* "Silver? Did your mother do this to you?"

Silver tried to hide the tear that was trickling down her cheek. She wiped it away quickly.

Silver:" It's not her fault. She was just angry when I woke up today, and she took it out on me. Something about the mail Pelipper sending her the wrong package."

Luna:" Not her fault? It sounds like she overreacted about something so simple."

She looked back at all the Pokémon behind them, thankfully paying more attention to the grid, rather than the two Eevees who were supposed to be yelling at each other.

Luna:" You shouldn't have to go through this. If your mother is being violent towards you, you have to stand up for yourself."

Silver looked legitimately scared. Luna could see how scared. Silver looked at her as if she was pleading for another option.

Luna:" Okay... what if we tell someone?"

Silver looked even more afraid of that option. She shook her head violently.

Silver:" You can't say anything to anyone."

Luna:" Well we can't just let your mother do this to you. She could really hurt you one of these days."

Silver:" I know your concerned, but it is my problem. I have to handle it my way."

Luna:" What's your way?"

Silver:" I just have to endure it as best as I can."

Luna:" But... I don't want you to get hurt."

Silver smiled.

Silver:" You know, if this is the kind of stuff friends say to each other, I really don't deserve friends like you. Look, I like you and all... but I have to deal with this on my own. I have to get stronger, and the only way is to do this myself."

Pip: What the heck is this? First it's "Oh, I'm better than you" than it's "let's be friends" than it's "I have to do this myself". This Eevee has some really mixed emotions.

Luna:" You know we're going to be most likely battling in the forest, right? Aren't you worried about your fur getting dirty?"

Silver shook her head.

Silver:" I just have to fix it right after the dungeon is cleared. Besides, I fight gracefully enough."

Luna:" Okay, well... I'm just worried. I like you. But I don't like my friends getting hurt."

Silver:" Don't worry. If it things with my mother get too serious, I'll ask for help."

Luna:" Promise?"

Silver:" Promise."

Rip:" Hey! You guys coming?"

Luna:" You ready?"

Silver:" You?"

Luna blushed embarrassed.

Luna:" Not really."

Silver chuckled.

Silver:" Me either."

Pip: Aren't you both just the cutest.

Luna: Shut up, Pip.


Everyone met at the entrance to an underground opening in the middle of Goodspring Forest.

Flarious:" Alright, this is the beginning of the dungeon... where is the teacher?"

Relena:" Maybe he went into the dungeon without us?"

Manta:" But why?

Luna:" Maybe he's waiting for us at the end?"

Nora:" Well then... what're we waiting for?"

Rip:" YEEEAAAH! Let's go on in!"

Rip ran straight into the dungeon without a second thought. Nora, Silver, and Luna looked at each other and Nora shrugged.

Nora:" Can't argue with that."


Goodspring Forest

Floor 1B

Luna:" So... how does this work?"

Nora:" What we're in right now... is called a Mystery Dungeon. First thing you outta know... is these places are mysterious."

Luna:" Yeah, I got that."

Rip:" Nah, she means real mysterious."

Nora:" If you ever go into the same dungeon twice, you'll find that the floors are different every time. They're never the same. It's like some sort of magic... hoodoo stuff."

Luna:" So then what do we do?"

Nora:" There are five floors to this dungeon. We search this floor, find the stairs, and then move on to the next floor until we reach the clearing."

Luna:" Sounds simple enough."


Goodspring Forest

Floor 4B

Silver used Bite, chomping down on a Beedrill's wing. Another Beedrill was coming at Luna with a Poison Sting, but she used Sand Attack, lowering Beedrill's accuracy, and then used Tackle. Nora used Pursuit on one of them, and Rip used Karate Chop. Soon, the Beedrill that surrounded them, all fainted to the ground.

Silver:" Yes! We did it! I mean, um... yeah, cool. We did it. Whatever."

Luna:" Y-yeah. That was awesome, right?"

Nora:" That was pretty cool. I can't believe your Tackle is so tough."

Rip:" Yeah, it was so cool!"

Luna:" Eh... well, I've been training a lot with it."

Silver:" Sounds like it's the only offensive move in your arsenal. How weak."

Luna stuck her tongue out. Nora rolled her eyes.

Nora:" You know you guys don't have to act like enemies in front us, right?"

Luna:" Eh... I have no idea what you are talking about."

Rip:" Come on, I may be a brute, but even I can see when two Pokémon are clearly friends."

Nora:" Yeah. We won't judge. Besides, isn't it nice to finally get to know other Pokémon for once, instead of jumping to conclusions all the time?"

Silver:" You can't tell anybody. If my mom finds out that I've been socializing with... um, 'undisciplined Pokémon', as she calls them, I'll never hear the end of it."

Nora:" Relax. We're a team, you don't have to worry."

She walked up to Luna, holding out her paw.

Nora:" I never introduced myself, by the way. Name is Nora."

Luna shook her paw, and then they started walking and talking, whilst also watching out for bandits and other hostile Pokémon.

Rip:" And I'm Rip. Not like... aw man, I ripped my blanket. More like, you know, I get all ripped, like muscular. Though, I guess I'm not that tough yet. Hehe."

Nora grinned, looking Rip up and down, and biting her lip.

Nora:" I don't know. You look pretty tough to me, handsome."

Rip blushed hard.

Rip:" Awe, come on. Not in front of our team."

Silver:" By Mew! Get a room, why don't ya?"

Luna couldn't stop giggling at Nora's cute, flirtatious comments towards Rip.

Luna:" I take you it two are a couple?"

Rip:" We've talked about it before, but..."

Nora:" We've decided we're just not ready for a relationship like that yet."

Silver:" They flirt at each other every day. It kinda gets annoying. And I'm not just saying that because my mother wants me too."

Nora:" Maybe you'll find that special Pokémon someday, Silver."

Silver:" Yeah... about that..."

Lucy:" What's the matter?"

Silver:" Nothing... my mom just... she already has someone she wants me to marry."

The forest went completely silent suddenly. It took a few minutes before Luna broke the silence.

Lucy:" You mean, your mother has already planned your marriage?"

Silver nodded, sadly.

Silver:" I don't even like him. He snorts when he laughs, and he chews with his mouth open, and he's just the most indecent individual I've ever met. Not to mention he is two years older than me, so... there is that. But his family is rich, so mother says I have to."

Nora:" Darn. It must be rough, not getting to choose your own life."

Silver collapsed onto the ground, tears streaming from her eyes. Everyone else all gasped, rushing to her side.

Nora:" Hey. You can ask for help, you know. Maybe we can help you."

Luna:" She doesn't want help. I've tried offering, but she seems pretty determined to handle things on her own. But I don't understand how she'll do that if she won't try and talk to her mother, and stand up for herself."

Silver:" You don't understand. This isn't just fighting between mother and daughter. Something is wrong with her. I-I can't explain it."

Luna rubbed her between the ears.

Luna:" It's alright. If you need us, just ask. I promise, you can trust us."


They reached the end of the dungeon, a clearing in the forest. When they got there, every other Pokémon from the school was there, looking around in confusion. Suddenly, the grass bird Pokémon came out of nowhere.

Sal:" Good. You're all here. Well... except Steenee, and her group. They had unfortunately been eliminated and sent back to the dungeon entrance."

Jenny:" Um... Mr. Sal? There's nothing here."

Sal grinned. Why was he grinning like that? Why didn't Luna like that grin?

Sal:" Oh... but isn't there? See, I thought I'd do a little experiment. I brought you all here for a little surprise. You'll all have to band together to overcome this challenge."

He put his wings in his mouth, and whistled. After he did, ten Sableye, and the same Mimikyu and Spiritomb from yesterday emerged from the trees, along with six Beedrill. Each group was surrounded at every corner.

Luna:" Spirtomb!?"

Jenny:" You again!? Back for round two, huh!?"

Silver:" You guys know those Pokémon?"

Luna:" I'll fill you in later."

Sal:" Your objective is to work together to beat me, and all these Pokémon here."

Spiritomb:" Heh... about that. See, now that you've brought us exactly what we want, we have no need for you any more."

Sal:" Huh? Wait, what are you..."

Two Beedrill used Posion Jab to incapacitate Sal. Spiritomb laughed maniacally as the bird Pokémon staggered and fell.

Velora:" TIMBER!!! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Spiritomb:" Now that THAT is out of the way... let's move on to what we're really here for. Give me the snow Vulpix. Oh, and the human as well."

Luna:" W-wait! How did you know..."

Spiritomb:" That you were human? You're part of the prophecy. You are the one who will summon... HIM. I brought you here for that very reason."

It was all finally coming together. Lucy finally knows who to blame for her predicament. She finally knows who to be angry at.

Luna:" Grr! You were the one that brought me here! You took away my memories and turned me into a Pokémon!"

Everyone around her was starting to put the pieces together, like a puzzle. They knew. Luna didn't care. Let them know. The only thing she was concerned for now was right in front of her. She gritted her teeth, growling angrily.

Luna:" You take me back to my own world! RIGHT NOW! I want to be human again! I want ALL my memories back! I want everything that YOU STOLE FROM ME!"

Spiritomb cackled, as if he were watching his favorite comedy tv show. What was a tv again? Not important. What was important was he wouldn't stop laughing... at her. She ran at him, using Tackle, over and over while he laughed. She didn't care that there it did nothing at all. Jenny and Silver tried to tell her something, but she was to angry to here them.

Spiritomb:" Such anger. Such hatred. That can be useful. Join us... and I can give you what you so desire, and much, much more."

Luna:" NO! You're going to turn me back, NOW!"

Velora:" Ugh... this is getting sooo boooring."

Spiritomb gave a wide grin.

Spiritomb:" You're right. Let's end this, shall we?"



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