By Terrarian Pony

WARNING: Content of this story may include violence, gore, romance, same gender romance, Pokémon, and references to several video games. If anyone is offended by any of the content listed above, than please turn back now. You have been warned.




Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 5



Spiritomb used Pursuit on Luna, knocking her back to her group. Jenny growled at him. Everyone around tried to battle their way out, but the Sableye were just too fast. Velora was having way too much fun knocking away the poor, weaker Pokémon. Spiritomb headed directly towards Jenny and Luna, but before he could strike, Maron came down quick with an Areal Ace, putting Spiritomb face-down in the dirt. The red Lucario ran right in, using Bone Rush on three Sableye at once. It was at this point, Luna realized that the three guild Pokémon were wearing some sort of badge. A golden heart, with wings. Shaymin came in her sky form, using Magical Leaf on Velora, ruining her Pikachu-shaped cloth.

Velora:" Hey! Who said you can come in and crash our party!?"

Lucario:" Give it up! You'll be thankful you did!"

Nora:" Rip! Look out!"

Rip turned around to see a Beedrill trying to use Poison Jab, but he reacted quickly with Knock Off, slapping Beedrill out of the air. Then he grabbed Beedrill, preparing for a Seismic Toss. He jumped in the air with Beedrill, and used his full weight to cause a disturbing blow once they hit the ground. Suddenly, Rip began to glow.

Nora:" R-rip! You're... you're glowing!"

Rip began to grow bigger, and seemingly, more muscular. Once Rip stopped glowing, he was revealed as a Machoke. Nora blushed hard, unable to keep her eyes off his muscular form. Which was almost her downfall, as a Sableye came at her with Shadow Claw. Rip interfered, using Knock Off.

Rip:" Hey now, stay focused."

Nora nodded. Lucario pounded another Sableye with Bone Rush.

Lucario:" Why did you guys come all the way out here in the first place?"

Jenny used Ice Shard on Velora.

Jenny:" Our teacher was tricked by them. They wanted him to lure us to the forest clearing."

Shaymin:" The cowards! I can't believe they would go as far as to involve an entire class of Pokémon students in their games."

Shaymin used Magical Leaf again.

The battle was over in minutes. All the Sableye and Beedrill lay fainted on the ground. Spiritomb was panting, and he was getting angry.

Spiritomb:" And just when I thought we were getting somewhere... you Rescue Guild dogs had to get involved."

Maron:" That's... kind of our job."

Lucario:" Let's finish this. Glory, do it."

Shaymin:" You got it!"

The leaves all around the Shaymin whirled around them, and suddenly, roots dug out from the underneath ground, but it didn't look like any Pokémon move. The roots moved to grab Spiritomb. Spiritomb grinned, a shroud of smoke surrounding him. The move passed right through the smoke. Once the smoke cleared, Spiritomb was gone. Everyone gasped.

Velora:" Hey! He left without me! HE LEFT WITHOUT ME!!!"

Glory:" He just... vanished."

Lucario:" The rest of you are under arrest! Form a line. Any resistance will be met with violent force. Wait, huh?"

Suddenly, all the Sableye had just disappeared into smoke as well. Sal began to wake up. The Beedrill used this as an opportunity to fly away.

Sal:" Ooh... what happened?"

Jenny:" Mr. Sal, are you okay?"

Sal:" Y-yes, I'm fine."

Glory:" Can you tell us what happened?"

Sal:" Well, I was taking my class into a dungeon to help them get stronger. I thought I'd try a bit of an experiment by leaving them a surprise at the end. That's why I recruited those extra Pokémon. That's the first and the last time I ever involve mercenaries in a school project."

Jenny:" You can't trust those guys. They're bad news."

Sal:" Yes, I can see that now."

Lucario:" That was foolish! Do you even know what's at stake?"

Glory:" Vance! We can't blame someone for not knowing the situation."

Sal:" I assure you, I had no idea of their real intentions. Well, at least I knew the Beedrill only wanted my money, but I didn't think the others were part of something completely different."

Jenny:" It's alright. I guess we all make mistakes."

Silver:" Hey guys... where'd Lucy go?"


Luna was sitting by a lake, looking at her reflection. She was still an Eevee. Tears dripped from her face into the water. They all knew what she was now, and they would never forgive her for lying to them. Further more, they blame her for that sudden ambush. She heard paws stepping on the grass behind her. She expected to hear Jenny, or Silver. Or one of her teammates. But this was a new voice.

Flarious:" So, you're the one to blame here. I guess it all adds up."

When Luna didn't say anything, the Litten sounded angrier.

Flarious:" You want to know what ticks me off the most? Is that you're the weakest little thing I've ever seen, weaker than that blue ball head, and somehow you get all the attention! Somehow, you're suddenly the most famous Pokémon in the world!"

There was a long silence before Luna spoke.

Luna:" Say what you want... it doesn't even matter. I was brought here as a tool, just to be thrown away later. What about you? When have ever felt like you were someone else's weapon? All you've done is stare, and avoid me like a plague. You don't know what it's like... to wake up with a different face, have all your memories ripped from you. And then be told that you are part of some terrible prophecy?"

Flarious:" At least you're part of something. I'd give anything to be in your position."

Luna's Eevee ear twitched.

Luna:" You think this is a good thing? This is horrible! I didn't ask for this!?"

Flarious:" You mean to say that you'd rather be stuck in a hole, alone, than be interesting?"

Luna:" I never said I wanted to be alone! But I don't want to be put in some life-or-death situation, where other people will get hurt!"

Flarious:" You could have just joined them. They would have been powerful allies. It's what I would have done."

Luna:" I'm going to pretend you didn't say that."

Flarious:" Well, I meant it."

Luna:" They're bad guys! They'd have used you!"

Flarious:" How do you know that Vulpix isn't using you?"

Luna blinked.

Luna:" She would never do that."

Would she?

Flarious:" How do you know?"

Luna:" Because Jenny is my friend, and I trust her."

Flariois:" Everyone has secrets. Even if they don't know it. You can't trust anyone."

Luna:" What do you know?"

Flarious:" I know more than you about survival."

Silver:" There you are!"

Flarious looked back, seeing the Silver Eevee.

Flarious:" You agree with me, right?"

Silver:" Huh? Uh... sure. Whatever. Jenny is looking for you, Luna. You shouldn't be alone here. Spiritomb might still be somewhere around here."

Luna:" You guys should stay away from me. Whatever is going on... I'm in the middle of it."

Silver:" No. You do not get to do that!"

Luna blinked in surprised.

Luna:" You said that we should all deal with our own problems."

Silver:" This is different. Your life could be in danger."

Luna:" Well so could yours."

Silver:" I know mom would never seriously hurt me."

Luna opened her mouth to object, but Silver didn't miss a beat.

Silver:" Also, Jenny told me everything. She is in just as much danger as you are. That's why you guys need to stick together, and why you need as many friends to help you through this as possible."

Flarious:" Friends? Since when were you two friends?"

Silver:" Doesn't matter. She is my friend, and I'm not ashamed of that."

Luna blushed, smiling.

Luna:" Thanks Silver."

Flarious:" Bleh! Whatever!"

The grumpy Litten ran off, and Silver sat by Luna.

Silver:" I'm not going to pretend I know how you must be feeling, because... well, I don't."

Luna:" How could you so easily trust me?"

Silver paused for a moment, then made a face as if she ate a bad berry.

Silver:" If I'm being honest... I don't. My mother taught me never to trust anyone. But... you taught me that sometimes I have poor judgement in character. I've always assumed that other Pokémon want to put me down for being who I am, so I act like someone else. Or I think that they don't have problems like mine, so I pick on them to make myself feel better. But I'm not going to be that kind of Pokémon anymore, I promise. Even if it's for nothing, even if you turn out to have a much darker side than I think you do... I promise."

Luna raised her head toward the shiny Eevee and smiled. She dared to step closer, subconsciously rubbing her cheeks against Silver's. It wasn't until she had done so that she realized she was doing it. To her surprise, Silver returned the action, making Luna blush ten times redder. A moment later, Jenny found them that way. She arched an eyebrow at them, confused.

Jenny:" Hey, there you are!"

Luna's eyes shot wide open, and Silver calmly turned her head.

Silver:" Oh hey. What's up?"

Luna:" I-it's not what looks like!"

Jenny tilted her head in confusion.

Jenny:" What does it look like?"

Glory flew over to check on them.

Glory:" Is everybody okay? Anyone hurt?"

Luna:" What was that? That move you used?"

Glory blushed, rubbing the back of her head.

Glory:" O-oh. That? Hehe... That wasn't a move. You see... I'm a battlemage."

She lifted her paw, revealing a tiny, blue star on her center paw pad.

Luna:" What's a battlemage?"

Jenny:" Oh my Mew! I've heard of those! It means you can do magic, right!?"

Glory:" Hehe... well, yes. But I can only do grass magic, and flying magic too when I'm in my sky form. Battlemages can only do certain kinds of magic, depending on their types, abilities, or even their species."

Jenny:" That's soooo cool! Oh! I almost forgot! Mr. Sal wants to speak to you, Luna."

Luna:" He probably is blaming me for his class interruption."

She sighed, and began to head back with the rest of the class.


Sal:" I have never... ever in my entire life... had such an entertaining dungeon experience! I mean, to think! You were actually a human all along! It all makes sense now! And a prophecy? You are part of a prophecy! How exciting!"

Lucy:" Sssooo... you aren't mad that I lied?"

Sal:" Are you kidding! Everyone is talking about how you are a human! They are all asking me questions about humans I don't know the answers to! Saying how marvelous it is to be in school with a REAL HUMAN!"

Luna:" Everyone... likes me?"

Jenny's eyes were stars.

Jenny:" You hear that!? You're SUPER popular!"

Luna blushed, horrified. That's the last thing she wanted.

Pip: Oh, this is just great. Everyone knows what you are now. Haha... hahaha... oh man. This is going to end in disaster.

Luna:" But everyone is going to talk! Your mom will find out I'm a human, and she'll kick me out! I won't have anywhere to live!"

Jenny's face turned to one of worry.

Jenny:" You're right. Now I'm worried. I don't want to leave you all alone."

Luna:" Maybe if I tell her myself... sh-she'll think about it. I can prove that I'm worth keeping around. Just until I find a way to get back home."

Jenny:" But Luna..."

Jenny grabbed Luna's paw. The human Eevee turned back to her ice type Vulpix friend, who was giving her a sad expression.

Luna:" H-huh?"

Jenny:" I don't want you to go... y-you're my sister now. R-remember?"

Luna blushed. Sister? Jenny thought of her as family. She'd now realized that going home, back to the human world, would be selfish on her part, especially when Jenny didn't want her to. But should that have been enough to stay? Maybe it was Jenny being selfish. Or maybe they both were.

Luna:" Jenny... I... I can't stay here forever. I have life in the human world. It's not perfect as far as I can tell, but it's my home. I'll have to return at some point."

Jenny looked down at her paws.

Jenny:" I know. I just thought... maybe..."

Now Luna was feeling really guilty. What could she say? What could she do to make up for wanting to go home, be human again? Was it really worth it, though? What did she have to gain from going back?

Luna: No friends, my mom has passed on, my dad left me and her when I was little, no one understands me. Is it really that hard of a choice? To live in one world where I am human, and everyone I know is either dead or hates me, and there are just so many bad memories. Or to live in a world where I can start over, and become someone else? Maybe settle down, find a girlfriend and marry her. I guess I can't do that with Jenny, even though she is kinda cute. She thinks of me more as a sister. *Sigh* And she's probably not even a lesbian. Maybe Silver? Though, I don't think her mom would approve. Silver get's enough of crap from her mother as is. I couldn't just do that to her. Wait... why am I suddenly thinking about relationship? I should be deciding weather going home is worth it or not. Everyone here loves me. Well, maybe not everyone. That fire cat Pokémon seems to hate my guts. Plus... maybe Gloria will be generous enough to let me stay, just so long as I don't do anything I might regret. I just want to be somewhere where I can fit in, and everyone cares for me. Is that so much to ask? Is it against the laws of the universe for me to be happy? Even if I am being chased by mad Pokémon? And is Jenny asking me a question? Wait... Jenny asked me a question! Oh my Mew! Uh... what do I say?

Luna:" Uuuhhh... huh? Wha-?" Way to go, frickwad! Way to put salt on a wound! I hate me!

Jenny:" Are you okay? I asked if you think, maybe there might be a way for you to... you know, travel back and forth."

Luna tilted her head, curiously. She hadn't even thought of that.

Luna:" O-oh! May-maybe. I'm sorry... There is just... a lot going on that I need to process. I mean, Spiritomb sent me here for some sort of prophecy! Like... what the heck? Who does that? And on top of that, you being an angel of light or something, everyone knows I'm a human, and everything that's been going on just seems to be my fault."

Jenny:" It can't be your fault. It's not like you chose to come here. I understand that you just want to go home."

Luna:" Jenny... we should tell your mom who I am. Maybe if I say something before she finds out... she'll be more willing to help."

Jenny:" My thoughts exactly. Come on!"

Luna:" Okay."

As they walked, Luna still had a feeling of guilt in her.

Pip: Lu- Luna. I can read your mind. I know what you want to do. And I give you permission, only because she already knows you are human.

Luna: Thank you. I don't want to lie anymore.

Pip: Just be careful.

Luna:" Jenny, I have this... um... I'm not sure what to call him. But his name is Pip, and he's been inside my bracelet this whole time."

Luna showed her the bracelet, and Jenny saw the Espeon trapped inside.

Pip:" Hey ya!"

Jenny's eyes seemed to almost pop out of her head.

Jenny:" What... who is that?"

Pip:" Name's Pip. And I'm technically supposed to be helping Luna. But you seem to doing more of that than me."

Luna:" Apparently, he needs to help me with something in order to be set free."

Jenny:" Why didn't you say anything?"

Luna:" He told me not too. It wasn't for me to tell. I'm sorry I kept it a secret."

Jenny gave a sad look, but she smiled shortly after.

Jenny:" Alright. I forgive you. So what's the story with you?"

Pip:" I was cursed a long time ago. I have to help Luna return to the human world if I want to escape. I've been here a looong time. Like... really long."

Jenny:" So how is Luna going to return to the human world?"

Pip:" That's the thing. Even I don't know the answer to that question. But I think it may have something to do with that crystal you are carrying."

Jenny looked down at the obsidian pearl.

Luna:" You mentioned you saw before it earlier, but you were pretty vague."

Pip:" Actually, I saw all of them. There are more of these things. See the thing is... I was just like Jenny, an angel of light. Seems that she and her mother are the last of us. I thought all the angels were wiped out a long time ago."

Jenny:" Why?"

Pip:" Spiritomb. He hunted and killed most of us. It was probably the Riolu kid that lived. He probably grew up and married a Vulpix."


Once they reached Jenny's house, and went inside, they immediately got the idea that something was very wrong. Scorch marks danced across the walls and ceiling, as well as trail of ice. Jenny gasped at a small spatter of blood on the floor. Was this from Gloria, or her attacker? Where was Gloria?

Jenny:" M-mom? Mom!? Where are you? What happened?"

Luna:" Mrs. Gloria? Hello?"

No answer. Luna looked down at the tiny flames on the floor, that were slowly dying down. There was a wall of ice in the corner of the room, with an indiscernible shape carved into it, suggesting that the ice type Ninetails may have temporarily froze her attacker. There was a ruined picture frame on the floor in front of a cabinet. It was obscured, but Luna vaguely saw the shape of Jenny's mother sitting next to a regular Ninetails. That must have been Blaze, her husband, and Jenny's father. How did Luna not see this picture here before? In fact... she was pretty sure that the only things on this particular cabinet were two vases full of flowers, and a music box, which were still there, except one of the vases fell down. Luna picked up the frame, and turned it. She opened up the back of the frame, and there was a piece of paper. She looked back at Jenny, who was frantically putting out the small fires with her powder snow.

Luna:" Hey Jenny... I think she knew someone was coming. She left something in this frame here."

Pip:" Ah, you are quite the detective, aren't you?"

Jenny rushed over to her.

Jenny:" What is it? Is it a note?"

Lucy took out the paper, and unfolded it. It was a picture of a Machamp, holding a dumbell in his bottom left hand, both of it's right arms crossing each other. The number 10 was written right next to Machamp, with an arrow pointing from 10 to the dumbell.

Pip:" Did your mother have like a secret crush or something? If so, she had weird taste."

Jenny:" No... my mom said it was the original plan for my father's Machamp statue, but he changed it for some reason. He was a sculptor as well as a rescue guild member."

Luna:" Wait a minute. Maybe it is the same... where is this statue?"

Jenny:" In mom and dad's room."

Luna ran to Gloria's room, and Jenny followed closely. Indeed, the room had a Machamp statue, but it was holding a different pose. The bottom left arm was being held straight out without the dumbell, while the top right arm was being held up, just like the bottom right. Luna unconsciously stood up on her hind legs, putting one of her paws to her mouth in thought, her other paw holding up her arm. Jenny gave her a weird stare, as if Luna had just jumped into a hot tub with a Muk.

Luna looked at the picture again, then began to climb the statue, realizing that the limbs were supposed to move. Sliding the limbs into the right place, she noticed something was missing. Jenny found three different sized dumbells inside a drawer. From left to right was a 20, a 10, and a 15. Lucy took the 10 ib weight, and placed in into the bottom left hand. The arm moved downward all the way, and something opened up behind them.

Jenny:" Whoa! A trapdoor? Were mom and dad like... secret agents or something?"

Luna:" Only one way to find out."



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