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Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 6

Prophecy of Darkness


Gloria had started to feel like a second mother to Luna. When she lost her real mother, she lost all sense of feeling. She wasn't going to let Jenny endure the same emotions. As they descended down the steps, she saw a light beyond the stairwell. Down here was another room. The room was filled to the brim with bookshelves, small glass containers, bottles and jars of strange liquids and some fauna, and what looked like a lava lamp on one of the tables. There was cauldron on the far left side of room, and a furnace on the other side, with ingots and ores of metals that they had never even seen before strewn across a table. There were also two entire chemistry sets set up across from each other.

Luna:" Jenny... did your parents work down here? Is this their lab?"

Jenny:" I... I don't know. I've never seen this place before."

Luna walked over to one of the chemistry tables. She didn't even attempt to understand what was being experimented here, but it fascinated her. To think, Jenny's parents may have worked together, experimenting with all sorts of chemicals and stuff. But what were they doing? It looked all sciencey and stuff. She walked over to the furnace, and the table of strange metals. There was a book on the table, with notes written across the pages. Luna glanced at the page it was open to.

The mythril ore has exceptional sparkle to it. It seems that it may also carry certain magical elements inside. I've crafted a helmet out of the sparkly green material, and it seems to affect the chance of a critical melee attack. Very interesting indeed.

Chlorophyte ore is exeptionally rare. Almost as much as adamantite. The uses for it are amazing! It seems that Chlorophyte is psychic. Like it can read my mind. An inanimate psychic object. Who would have thunk it? It seems, with the proper tools, I can ask it to weld itself into a sword, or anything really. The sword design is unique. In fact, when asked to weld into a sword, with enough ore, it takes more of the form of a claymore, a heavy weapon from the times of the ancients. When swung, a mysterious green orb that explodes flies from it, and explodes on impact. An interesting weapon, but I wander who from the times of the ancients would have used it in battle.

Darn ghost types! I've had to go and play their illusive games just to get the ectoplasm from them. It was worth it though. I was able combine this "ghostly goop" with the chlorophyte ingots to craft an entirely new type of metal. I call it, spectre metal. Fitting. It's amazing the rewards you get from allowing the spooks to mess with your brain a bit.

It's been said that anyone who manages to reach the Netherworld in life, would never want to leave. Or maybe I've heard that wrong, because that couldn't possibly be further from the truth. I was unable to aquire the hellstone that I had sought out. There are just some hot places even fire type Pokémon can't endure. On the bright side, I found a way to make armor out of a meteorite. I've always wandered if there is life beyond our world.

Gloria carries that pearl around with her everywhere she goes. I've asked her if I could take a look at it, but she's so... hesitant. It's like she knows something I don't. This requires further investigation. In the meantime, I've been experimenting with palladium. It's a tough material, and just as rare as orichalcum, but I'm not sure I would use either in armor or weapons.

Demonite. No further explaination needed. It's unholy, unstable, but it makes a rather intriguing blade. The blade itself, when crafted properly, radiates a unique energy. I think I'll call it "light's bane" for obvious reasons. The magical properties of these rare ores is both fascinating, and quite frightening. The demonite material seems oddly similar to the material of the pearl Gloria carries. I don't want to betray my wife, but if I could just get it away from her for just a minute, I can be sure. I'd only be borrowing it.

I didn't understand it at first. The pearl. It promised me great power. To protect my wife. To protect our egg. And when I touched it... Is this was Gloria feels when she holds it? But wait. It looks different when she isn't wearing it. This time there was... some sort of smoke rising from it. At first I thought it was just obsidian. But this... this is different. It's like whenever she wear's it, it becomes pure. But when she takes it off, it becomes unholy. But for some reason, I couldn't deny it's power. It still speaks to me as well. Should I tell Gloria? What if this is what she was keeping from me? But why? Requires much further investigation.

And that's where it ends. On top of the furnace, was a small, purple sword. Blaze was right, the material was rather demonic. Jenny was studying it with a look of malice on her face.

Jenny:" Why would my father be creating weapons and armors?"

Luna:" I think it was for research purposes. He seemed to be studying different ores, and their... magical properties? I've never thought that ore can carry such properties."

Jenny:" Most ores in this world do."

Luna walked over to the cauldron, which was empty, but there many, many strange ingredients next to it, on a table. There was another book, possibly similar to the one next to furnace. Luna opened it, and reading some of the pages.

I admit, doing alchemical research in the same place we do our chemical and advanced smithing research may not seem appealing (nor safe), but really, what's the worst that could happen? I've finally found exactly what I need to start making my potions. Maybe I can make potion that grants me fertility? We've tried everything, but I just can't seem to produce an egg. Maybe, I'm just not meant to.

Today's experiment was a disaster. I was trying to create a simple healing potion, using an oran berry, and blutefruit plants. Instead, it resulted in some sort of lust potion, which would have been useful, if only I was fertile. I made a complete fool of myself, and my husband still won't stop blushing evertime he looks at me. It didn't even give me the desired affects. Oh well. I suppose I've just started playing with potions. I shouldn't have expected to get it right on the first try. But a lust potion? Really?

I'm getting better. I've managed to make a potion that would remove any bad conditions. (Paralyses, burns, poison, etc.) Only a single cherri berry, and two pecha berries, mixed with an energy seed. Not too hard.

Drat! Another null potion. This is the sixth one that turned out comepletely useless. Unless their affects are supposed to give me grey hair, than it is DEFINITELY WORKING!

I made a potion that did nothing but make me dizzy, and start seeing weird things. Possibly some sort of hallucinogen potion. Anyways, not even worth writing down the recipe, but I'll do it anyways. Kelpsy berry, cherri berry, and a nomel berry. On a side note, my husband has suddenly had his eye on my "pearl". I think he wants it for his research on magical ores, but I can't part with the pearl. Maybe I should just tell him what it really is.

I did it! I made an egg! I don't how. I think it has something to do with the failed healing potion from my second entry. Maybe while it may have made me crazy with lust, I think it may have given me the ability to give birth to an egg. I really can't think of any other explanation. I can't believe it, it finally happened! Blaze was so happy when he saw the little white oval in my paws. I wander if it will be a son or a daughter. I hope it's a female. If so, I've already come up with a name. Jennifer.

Luna:" Your full first name is Jennifer!?"

Jenny blushed.

Jenny:" Uh... well I... I don't like that name. Jenny is short, easy to remember, and not so ugly."

Luna:" You don't like your full name?"

Jenny:" I just don't like the sound of it. Is there any other notes around here?"

Luna:" Let's see."

Luna and Jenny looked around for a moment longer, until Jenny found a note addressed to her and Luna.

Jenny:" I found something!"

Luna came over to read with her. The note looked rushed, as if it was made in a minute.

Dear Jenny and Luna...

If you have found this letter, I am already on my way to a safe area, which I should not disclose. Just know that I am doing what I can to make up for past mistakes. They'll be coming for me, but I will be long gone. Do not worry about me, and don't go looking for me. Instead, I have a mission for both of you. One of utmost importance. Go to a place called Scorch Town. That is where you will find an old friend of mine, a Talonflame named Flame, of the Phoenix Guild. They can be trusted, or at least he can be. On the back of this letter is a map to get there. Show him the words from this prophecy.

'"As angels fall, and darkness rises, the true nature of Pokémon is revealed. '

'Fear the shadows, embrace the darkness, for the beast of light will be unsealed.'

'Those who do not obey, will feel the lover's wrath,'

'For they will wipe out all whom block their path.'

'Fear the setting sun, fear the night of red, but hope can be found in only one.'

'When it has begun, and the light is dead, the age of destruction cannot be stopped by any Pokémon."'

He will know what it means. Jenny, I am so sorry I lied to you about your father, and I am sorry for leaving you in this position. But I want you to know that no matter what, I have, and always will love you. Luna, I know what you really are, I suspected it the moment Spiritomb was involved. I do not hold it against you for not telling me. But be weary. There are some people in this world whom will not accept you for who you are if you tell them the truth, and there are some who would try and take advantage of you for it. Stay safe. Both of you. And keep the pearl close. I will meet with you again soon.

Always in your heart,


Jenny breathed a long, relieved sigh.

Jenny:" She's safe. I thought for sure she'd be in danger. But the scorchmarks upstairs..."

Luna:" She could have gotten away. The way the trail ends, and the broken pile of ice suggests as much."

Jenny:" You think she might have froze her attacker to make her escape?"

Luna:" That seems most likely. Do you think it was Spiritomb that came for her?"

Jenny:" Spiritomb isn't a fire type, and he seems to mostly use ghost type goons. Unless he's got a Chandelure he hasn't revealed. But who else would have gone after mom?"

???:" The Golden Hearts."

The voice came from a familiar grass and flying type Pokémon. Glory and a psychic type Raichu were blocking their exit. Raichu was wearing a pair of glasses, and had a strange box device in his paws. And it was clicking like a geiger counter in a nuclear crater.

Raichu:" Wow! That Eevee kid is spiking more dark matter energy than the pearl! And she doesn't even have a crystal on her!"

Glory:" That's because she's the human. Spiritomb used dark matter to transform her and bring her here."

Luna:" Hold up. Let's step back a moment. What's this about the Golden Hearts?"

Jenny:" Yeah. What do they want with my mom?"

Glory:" They need you and your mother to stay safe, but our guild master mostly aims to kill the human."

Luna gasped. Her ears landed to the sides of her head, as she instinctively backed up into the wall behind her, her tail between her legs.

Glory:" Oh... no no no! That's not why we are here! We're trying to save you!"

Luna:" And how do we know we can trust you?"

Jenny:" Yeah! What makes you different from them?"

Glory:" The difference... is that we could kill you now, and steal Jenny. But we didn't."

Jenny:" But you could still have lost me. There is only two of you, and unless one is big enough to block that entrance..."

Raichu:" Buuut, you wouldn't do that to her."

Glory lifted a paw, showing the blue star.

Glory:" Also, magic. I can use flying type magic to make myself faster."

Luna:" There's that... Why does your guild master want to kill me?"

Glory:" Because you are part of Spiritomb's prophecy."

Raichu:" And let's just say that she's not much of a science person. She truely believes the prophecy will come true as long as you are alive."

Glory:" It is real, trust me. I know."

Luna:" And how do you know your leader wants me dead? Surely she's not that trusting."

Raichu:" Being a Pokémon of science and observation, I easily swayed her to believe that I was on her side."

Luna:" But why does he need me for this... prophecy?"

Glory:" Spiritomb believes a human can summon a very powerful Pokémon."

Jenny:" Wait, is it the same prophecy from this note?"

Jenny handed Glory the letter from her mother.

Glory:" Why, yes. That's the one. Scorch Town, hm? That's a ways away. And the journey is dangerous."

Raichu:" Scorch Town? That's fire and ground type territory. And need I mention... the Volcano?"

Glory:" I have a plan, Colin. No need to get your tail caught in a bind."

Jenny:" I'm sorry, but... Volcano?"

Glory:" Right. I don't know why Gloria would send you there, of all places, considering you are an ice type Pokémon. She must really trust this Flame character."

Luna:" So how do we get there?"

Colin:" It's a few days trip. We'd have to go through Goodspring Forest. Easy enough, right? Well, next we have to through Pleasant City, which is anything but."

Glory:" And like I said, I have a plan for the Volcano when we get there."

Colin:" I'm thinking we should get going. Before Flashfire finds out we're here."

Glory:" What about the machine? Can you build a new one? Do you still have the crystal?"

Colin pulled a large, glass container out of a sack. Inside the container was a large, black crystal. It was as black as the pearl, but in a more gem-like shape. It radiated the same mist as the pearl when Jenny wasn carrying it, but the glass seemed to contain the mist.

Colin:" The crystal is safe with me, and I've memorized the blueprints of the machine I made."

Luna:" What machine?"

Colin:" I've made a machine that can track the frequencies of dark matter crystals. The Golden Hearts had two crystals. This is one, the other is being held by the guild mistress."

Jenny:" But if your leader has one, then that means..."

Glory:" She's had it for a long while. Since before you were born. Before Blaze..."

Jenny:" You knew my dad?"

Glory:" I did. He was a really great guy. We didn't know about dark matter at the time, but he came one day with this look in his eyes... he said he was leaving the guild. I didn't know why then, but now I do..."

Luna:" Are there others who know?"

Glory:" I don't know. I tried to tell Vance, but he won't listen to me. He... he called me a traitor, as if I'm the one who is ruining our guild's good name. We used to mean something. I know Layla would be ashamed if she saw what was happening."

Luna:" Who?"

Glory:" Uh... no one. It doesn't matter anymore."

Colin:" Regardless, it's happening now. And we cannot be a part of it any longer. Now come on. We got to go."


As they came back to Gloria's room, they heard a voice. Slow, and sadistic.

???:" I know you're in there. No one hides from me."

Glory:" Oh no... it's Flashfire."

Flashfire:" I would have been here sooner, but... your mother put up a heck of a fight. It's too bad she got away, but at least I can grab her little girl as insurance."

Colin used psychic to swing the bedroom door shut, moving a nearby bookshelf in front of it, and Jenny fiddled with the Machamp statue a bit to make sure no one else could find the hide out. Luna used tackle to bust the bedroom window, and as a result, began bleeding from the shards of glass.

Jenny:" L-luna!"

Barely able to recover, Luna stood up, slowly, shaking glass off her mane. She examined her forelegs, which were bleeding, as well as a spot on her head from the impact.

Luna:" I-I'll be fine."

Jenny:" But-..."

They heard the door being smashed open, the bookshelf flying across the room to the other side, breaking into pieces. Flashfire walked towards the smashed window, only to find that the ones she's been pursuing were gone. With a cold trail, she went back the way she came.


Zoroark:" Fugitives?"

A Bisharp from the Golden Hearts Guild was waving a bunch of flyers around, with the faces of Luna and Jenny on them. The passing female Zoroark didn't seem all too convinced. Meanwhile, Luna and Jenny, and Glory and Colin were watching from a bush nearby.

Zoroark:" No, I've met Gloria's kid. She's a nice young girl. Nicer than most younger ones around here, and more polite as well. There must be some mistake."

Bisharp:" If they are innocent of... whatever crime they've been accused of, I'm sure they can explain their side in full detail."

Luxray:" Are you telling me that you don't even know what these children are accused of? What sort of debacle is this?"

Zoroark:" Your guild comes into our town, closes off all our exits, and all for a couple of children who probably aren't even a threat? This is why we don't like outsiders coming into our town!"

Luna wanted to point out that she wasn't a child, but instead she was just on her way to becoming eighteen years of age. She cringed a bit at the word "outsiders". Did they all know by now? If so, are they afraid of her? Do they just want her gone? She wished she knew, and that the hole in her stomach would subside. Not to mention she was seriously hungry. She felt like she could faint from hunger any moment. She mentioned this to Glory, and she pulled out a sitrus berry.

Glory:" Here. The best, and most filling berries you'll ever find in our world."

Luna took a bite out of the... juicy, flavory, mouth watering fruit. One bite made her taste buds feel as if they were swimming in an ocean of pure bliss. Luna ate the whole thing quickly, and felt a little sad after she finished. Who knows when she would taste another devine sitrus berry again? Not only did it fill her up, she also felt stronger, and healthier. The downside is... now she really had to "go".

Colin:" So... they've barricaded our exits, put a bounty on two of the most important Pokémon here...

Luna:" One who barely knows how to Pokémon."

Colin:" ...and they don't even know why. It's fascinating what you can get away with, when you're in a position of power."

Glory:" We need help. If I can convince Vance..."

Colin:" Vance will not help us, okay? He's too loyal to the guild mistress."

Glory:" But he doesn't know..."

Colin:" Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. But we cannot risk it."

Glory:" He's my partner, Colin. I've already lost one partner, now I have abandon Vance, too?"

Colin:" Yes. I'm sorry about what happened to Lay-..."

Glory got in Colin's face.

Glory:" Don't you dare say her name. Layla was my best friend!"

Colin:" She was a friend to all of us, Glory!"

Glory:" Just... shut up."

Glory's eyes were dripping tears. Whoever Layla was, it was clear that she was really important to Glory.

Luna:" Guys... we aren't going to get anywhere by fighting each other. Layla seems really important to you, but we have to focus on the now."

Glory:" I-I know. I'm just saying, if I can get Vance to believe that Flashfire does not have the guild's best interest at heart, he would come with us."

Colin:" It's no use. Flashfire already ordered him back to the guild, which is all the way back in Laven Town. There is no way we'd get to him undetected."

Glory:" But I just know he would help us!"

Jenny placed a paw on Glory's side to comfort her.

Jenny:" I know you trust him, but if he really is your friend, he'll figure out on his own that Flashfire can't be trusted."

Glory looked down at her own paws, hoping it was true. Vance had called her a traitor, but a rebel and a traitor are not the same thing. A traitor would have lashed out against the entire guild. But Glory still sees all the good people who're oblivious to the guild mistress's plans. She wants to save them from doing the wrong thing before it is too late.

Glory:" *Sigh* You're right. But if if he finds us again, we have to convince him."

Luna:" I'm all for that. But let's focus on getting out of Goodspring."

Jenny:" I am going to miss Goodspring. I hope maybe, once everything else has settled, that we could just go back to living here."

Luna:" Yeah... it's nice here. I wish to come back as well."

Silver:" You're leaving!?"

Everyone turned to see Silver, Pop, Nora, and Rip. Silver looked upset at the news.

Luna:" S-silver?"

Silver:" I thought we were supposed to be friends!"

Luna:" We are. But we can't stay here. They want to hurt me, and take Jenny away."

Pop:" Just because you're a human? And she's... some kind of angel? None of this even makes sense."

Jenny:" I know... I wish things were different."

Luna:" You could come with us, Silver... You could get away from your mother."

Silver:" I... I can't. I... I have to find my real mom."

Luna and Jenny:" WHAT!?"

Silver:" Turns out... Pyra was never my mother. My parents were an Umbreon and Espeon who live in a place called Paradise. But they couldn't keep me because they were in trouble, and they didn't want me to be caught it the middle of it. So that's why I have to go to Paradise, and hopefully I'll find them."

Luna:" So... the Flareon who's been, quote 'taking care of you', unqoute... what did she say about this?"

Silver:" She told me it doesn't matter to her what I do, but... somehow I don't think wants me to leave. I'm going to go find Paradise. I hope we see each other again soon."

Luna:" Me too." *Smiles*

Pop:" Can't I come with? I can help you."

Jenny:" Oh Pop... I would never forgive myself if something happened to you. You said it yourself. You aren't a fighter. I don't want to have to bring you into danger."

Nora:" What about us?"

Jenny:" I need you guys to look after Pop. And also... make sure the GH aren't doing anything shifty in our home town. If they do, mail a letter to the Phoenix Guild. That's where we're going."

Nora:" You want us to be spies? That'll be so cool!"

Rip:" Make sure to remember Sal's teachings."

Jenny:" I'd never forget."


To Be Continued...

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