By Terrarian Pony

WARNING: Content of this story may include violence, gore, romance, same gender romance, Pokémon, and references to several video games. If anyone is offended by any of the content listed above, than please turn back now. You have been warned.




Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 7

On the Run


Pop:" If you guys really think I should stay here, at least let me help you escape."

Jenny:" Pop..."

Pop:" You said I'm not a fighter. But I am a good distraction."

Jenny:" You could still be in danger."

Pop:" Jenny, you've done so much for me, and I never returned the favor. At least let me do as much now. Plus, I'm the only one here who knows sing."

Luna and Jenny looked at each other, than back at Pop.

Luna:" Alright. But just make sure not to get in trouble."

Pop:" Don't worry. If I can't make the entrance guards fall asleep, nobody can!"


Getting the entrance guard to fall asleep wasn't the problem. In fact, the sleeping guard WAS the problem, because the guard, as it so happens, was a sleeping Snorlax.

Pop:" Well there goes my plan."

Glory:" Dang! Flashfire probably hired that thing to keep anyone out. Nobody would mess with a drowsy freakin' Snorlax."

Jenny:" Don't worry Pop. I'm pretty sure you could still be of use here."

Pop:" How?"

Jenny reached into a bag of items she bought with her own money from Kecleon's shop. She pulled out a big apple, and a quick seed and gave them to Pop.

Pop:" Oooh! That's a big apple!"

Jenny:" The apple is for Snorlax. The quick seed is so you can get away a little faster. I need you to lure him away to the other side of town while wearing..."

She reached in again, and pulled out a yellow rag, shaped like a Pikachu, just like what Velora was wearing.

Jenny:" A Mimikyu costume."

Pop:" O-oh... spooky. I don't want to scare anyone."

Luna:" I'm pretty sure the big, rampaging Snorlax will be scary already."

Pop:" O-oh. Yeah..."

Jenny:" Just remember to ditch the costume when you can."

Pop put on the Mimikyu outfit, and waddled over to where the Snorlax was sleeping. She held up the apple after eating the quick seed.


The Snorlax sniffed the air for a moment, and then slowly began to pull himself onto his feat.

Snorlax:" HUNGRY!!!"

Snorlax's voice reached all the way across town. Even as the quick seed began to work, Sorlax actually managed to keep up with Pop. She screamed in terror as it ran at her, everybody in her wake fleeing or moving out of the way. She threw the apple into the air and Snorlax stopped midstep, catching it in his mouth. With a loud belch, Snorlax flopped down in the center of town. Pop moved towards an alleyway, and ditched the costume. She stopped only for a second to breathe, and then ran.

Jenny:" Phew. I hope Pop isn't too traumatized from that."

Colin:" Come on! We gotta go!"

They made their way to the town exit, and escaped.


As they ran through the Goodspring Forest, they stopped for a moment of rest. Jenny leaned up against a tree, and when she looked up, she saw something carved into it. "Keep going" it said. Her mother was okay. She breathed a sigh of relief. But then they heard buzzing. Out of the trees came a bunch of Beedrill Bandits.

Beedrill:" Bzzz... Mizz Delpohx hired uzzz... t-t-to c-capture anyone l-l-l-leaving town!"

Glory:" That does it!"

Glory sucked in a huge breath of air. You could see the wind currents rushing into her mouth. Once she had filled her cheeks with air, she blew it out again, causing the trees to shake violently, and the Beedrill Bandits to be blown away. Luna and Jenny stared in amazement. After all that, Glory collapsed to the ground, as if she was about to faint. She began panting to catch her breathe. Luna and Jenny made their way next to her.

Glory:" I'm... *pant* *pant* I'm alright... *pant* That spell w-... *pant* was really taxing."

Luna:" You could only do that 'cause of your magic?"

Glory:" Using magic costs me magic energy. Luckily my magic recharges, but if I use too much magic too quickly, I could suffer temporary burnout. Which basically means I wouldn't be able to use magic for a while."

Jenny:" Is that what's happening now?"

Glory:" Nah. I just used up a lot of mana. It'll recharge soon."

Luna:" Mana?"

Glory:" Basically a form of magic energy. You know how some Pokémon moves, like hyper beam are so powerful, the Pokémon has to rest for a bit before attacking again?"

Luna:" Makes sense."

Colin:" I should really make some kind of mana-meter, so you don't overuse your magic. You should take a rest for now."

Glory:" I'll rest when I'm dead."

Colin:" Keep talking like that, and eventually you will end up dead."

Luna:" Colin is right. We'll head forward a little, but once we get deep enough into the forest, we should set up camp."


That night, the four runaway Pokémon set up a campfire deep in the Goodspring Forest, where they began to talk about stuff.

Luna:" Hey Jenny. Remember when Mr. Sal put us in that mystery dungeon? What is a mystery dungeon exactly?"

Jenny:" We call them dungeons, but really, they're mostly just caves with multiple floors and stuff, usually going down. Pokémon Explorers, and Pokémon Rescue teams go into them all the time to help Pokémon in need."

Luna:" What are those?"

Glory:" Pokémon exploration teams are usually associated with guilds and stuff, and they help Pokémon who are in trouble. Rescue teams do basically the same thing, but they are more independent."

Luna:" Well why does it take a whole team to explore a dungeon?"

Colin:" Because dungeon Pokémon are usually pretty hostile. That's why we call them feral Pokémon."

Luna:" Feral?"

Jenny:" There are Pokémon who live in dungeons. But see the thing about dungeons is... Pokémon go crazy in those places, or they are territorial. But most of them are just trying to survive because they have nowhere else to go. If a Pokémon is born within a feral community, most cities won't hesitate to reject them."

Luna:" They reject Pokémon for just trying to live a normal life?"

Glory:" See the thing about ferals, is that even though some aren't always crazy, major towns like Karma City, Goodspring, and other places won't except them, because they are to stubborn to realize that they didn't chose that life."

Luna:" That's bogus. How can such bigotry even exist?"

Colin:" Speaking of... you might want to keep your little... secret, a secret. Believe it or not, you are not the only human who has been brought to our world as a Pokémon. And believe me when I say there is a lot of bigotry against humans in this world. You got off lucky in Goodspring."

Luna:" Waitwaitwait! More humans? So... I'm not the only one? Then why did Spiritomb summon me?"

Glory:" Because he needed a human who has been brought here by a dark matter crystal. Which means he already has one, maybe more."

Jenny:" How many are there?"

Colin:" Judging by the size of one regular crystal, and the circumference of the alpha crystal, there are eleven, including the alpha crystal itself."

Pip:" You'd be correct in that."

Pip showed himself in the form of a ghostly figure. Colin freaked out.

Colin:" Wh-what? Who are you? Where did you even come from?"

Luna:" Oh him? That's Pip. He kinda just sticks around in my bracelet and... analyzes people's behaviors, but also tells me what to do all the time. I mostly ignore him though."

Colin:" I have a HEART CONDITION! I could have died!"

Pip:" That aside. The reason spiritomb summoned you was because he needs a human who was forcefully brought here by a crystal. Dark matter crystals can open ultra wormholes, which are portals to other dimensions. It's how humans and Pokémon from the human world, come to our world. Sometimes they just get sucked into these portals by accident when an ultra beast opens a portal."

Jenny:" Back up! What's an ultra beast?"

Pip:" I figured you would ask. See... ultra beasts are... well they're sort of like us, but they aren't. They come from ultra wormholes, and they aren't like any other Pokémon from this world, or your world as a matter of fact. They simply come from a world of their own, and sometimes they cause damage. Angels like me, used to go around with our crystals and put the beasts back where they belong."

Luna:" Okay... but what about these... other worlds? How do they work."

Colin:" And this is where I come in."

Colin grabs a stick, and draws a circle in the sand.

Colin:" Okay, so. Say this is your world. We'll call it... Pokéworld 1."

Glory raises her paw.

Colin:" What Glory?"

Glory:" Why Pokéworld? Why not just say human world?"

Colin:" Are their Pokémon in your world Luna?"

Luna:" Well... yeah."

Colin:" I rest my case. This is Pokéworld 1."

He drew another circle.

Colin:" This is our world. Pokéworld 2. Both worlds are filled with Pokémon, so they are nearly identical. But their are other universes, with other worlds, either equal, similar or different from our universe. Which brings me to..."

Colin drew more circles in the ground, making a circle of circles, and he drew a bigger circle in the middle. He points at each circle individually, starting counter clockwise from Pokéworld 1 to the center circle.

Colin:" Pokéworld 1, 2, 3, 4, and on and on, and on... and in the middle of all these Pokéworlds, any world that has to do with Pokémon, in the center here is Ultra Space."

Luna:" Oh. And that's where the ultra beasts come from."

Colin:" Now your getting it."

Luna:" And so..."

Luna pointed at Pokéworld 1.

Luna:" I came from here, and then with the help of the dark matter crystals, or I guess we should call them ultra crystals, I was sent..."

She dragged a claw across the into the middle circle.

Luna:" ...into Ultra Space, in which case, I hopped through a second portal..."

Her claw dragged through the dirt from ultra space to Pokéworld 2.

Luna:" ...right into Pokéworld 2!"

Colin:" Yeah! That's exactly right!"

Jenny flopped down onto the dirt-drawn diagram.

Jenny:" GUUUUUGH!!! This multi-world stuff into hurting my braaaaiiiin! I'm gonna turn zombie!"

Colin: *Sigh* "This generation... so simple-minded."

Luna:" Trust me... I've had the same problem in my world."


Jenny:" You know... there was one time my mom and I went stargazing. I practically had to beg her because she always seemed afraid of me going outside at night. Mom told me that if I was up there in the night sky, I would be the brightest star."

Luna:" That sounds nice."

Jenny:" It was... she wasn't always there. Always out doing... something, she wouldn't tell me what. I finally gad a chance to be normal that night."

Luna:" What was your family like, Colin?"

Colin:" They were pretty cool. They loved me as if I were theirs."

Luna:" You mean... you don't know your real parents."

Colin:" Nope, I was adopted as an egg. But to me they were my real parents. My mother is an Ampharos, and my father is an Electivire. Mom was a researcher, dad was part of an exploration team with the Golden Hearts. I followed in both their footsteps. They taught me a lot."

Jenny:" They sound great. What about you Glory?"

Luna:" I actually have a question. Is it true that most species of Legendary Pokémon are genderless?"

Glory: *Sigh* "Oh... this again. You see, contrary to popular belief, I do have a gender. I am, in fact, a female And yes, we can breed, we just don't like to do it in the mortal realm. The thought that we are genderless comes from lazy research and some hippie who decides one day to spread rumors about the guardians that they don't believe in. It's ridiculous."

Luna:" I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

Glory: *Sigh* "No, you didn't. I just get tired of hearing the same questions and assumptions. Anyways, my family is pretty boring. They're mostly disappointed in me I think."

Jenny:" Why's that?"

Glory:" See, the thing about legendary Pokémon is... well, they have etched into their heads that they are some kind of gods just because they're immortal, and they deserve to be worshipped. That's why, where we call from, our world is called the Guardian Realm. The word 'guardians' used to mean something. We used to protect for mortals when they needed us. But then Arceus came up with this... order of balance. Says he has this plan. Basically, he decided that all guardians stay in the Guardian Realm, away from mortals, unless he orders otherwise."

Luna:" And I'm guessing you aren't here by his consent?"

Glory:" Of course not! This realm was at war with itself, and Arceus acted as if everything was just peachy. He said that we have to let it play out. And that's when I had had enough."

Jenny:" What did you do?"

Glory:" I knew it was risky... and I would most certainly be ordered hunted and executed afterwards. I went into the mortal realm, and I landed in the middle of the war zone, just before the next battle started. I knew exactly where it would happen, and when. I unleashed a surge of energy, and made the battlefield into a place shrouded with greenery and life. That was a long time ago. Pokémon now call it the garden of peace. I stopped the fighting. And now I've been hunted ever since."

Luna:" Sounds like you saved a lot of lives."

Glory:" Not enough... I could have something sooner. I should have done something sooner. But I had been taught to be obedient."

Luna:" But you made a difference. It sounds like you have real good in your heart."

Jenny:" Did you ever have to make morally questionable choices when being hunted."

Glory:" On occasion... but only as a last resort. Many of the Pokémon in the Guardian Realm, I used to call family. There is nothing worse than being shunned by family."

Luna:" So what dis you do next?"

Glory:" I went on the run, helping those I could, trying to avoid drawing attention to myself. I hadn't trusted anyone for a long... long time. At least a couple centuries. But then... I met someone."

Luna:" Layla."

Glory:" She was a lot like you. She was so kind... never hated anyone. All she wanted was to make the world a better place."


20 years ago...

A tiny Eevee was playing out on a hill, overlooking a town called Blooma, rolling around in the grass, laughing like the child she was. She stopped for a moment, seeing a group of Vivillon pass by.

Layla:" WOW! SO PRETTY!!!"

Layla stood at the edge of the cliff to get a closer look. Her tail was wagging so fast, anyone behind her could feel a breeze. She waved a paw at the Vivillon, and some of them waved back. Suddenly, the cliff started to give in underneath her paw, and she slipped and fell, screaming for dear life, when all of a sudden...


Something caught Layla, holding onto her with a firm grip. They Pokémon holding her, gently set her down. Layla looked back to see a Shaymin in Sky Form. She had a stern look on her face.

Glory:" What were you doing up there!? You could have gotten really hurt!"

Layla:" Wow! You saved me! Thankyoutheankyouthankyouthankyou!"

The little Eevee hugged Glory tight, but Glory pushed her away.

Glory:" I wouldn't have had to save you if you weren't playing so high up. What were you doing up there, anyhow?"

Layla:" I was playing, and then I saw the Vivi- the Vi-... the pretty butterfly Pokémon! Weren't they so pretty?"

Glory:" Well be careful next time! You don't have wings like they do."

Layla:" I know THAT, silly. I'm an Eevee! Eevee can't fly!"

Glory:" Well, you should go back home to your mother. I'm sure she's worried about you."

Glory began to walk away, until she noticed that the little Eevee was following her. She looked back with a stern expression.

Layla:" Hey! What's your name?"

Glory:" Glory. And I told you to go home."

Layla:" But I'm still playing!"

Glory:" Well then go play. Stop following me."

She began to walk away again, but the little Eevee hugged her hind leg, giggling.

Layla:" Hehe! I wanna play with you!"

Glory: *Sigh* "Trust me, kiddo... I am the last person you want to play with right now."

Layla:" But you're sooo cool!"

Glory wiggled her leg to get Eevee off. Layla landed on her rump with a thump.

Layla:" Ow! Hey!"

Glory:" Play with someone else."

As she started to walk away, yet again, she was stopped again by the Eevee blocking her path, and using babydoll eyes.

Layla:" Pleeeeeaaaaase?"

Glory stepped back with a shocked expression.

Glory:" Wha- what the... who... I... NO!"

Glory launched herself into the air and flew away.

Layla stood their a moment, and then waved.

Layla:" Okay! Maybe next time! I'm gonna tell mommy you were really nice to me!"


Luna and Jenny giggled. Colin had fallen asleep minutes ago.

Luna:" Aaaww! How cute!"

Glory:" Heh. She WAS a handful. I returned to Blooma a month later to buy some merchandise. I wanted to taste this new thing called a Petunia Daisy Wrap. It was okay, though it was really nothing special. And that's when I met the little squirt a second time."


Layla:" B-but it's mine! Mommy gave it too me! It's special!"

A teen Braixen had just taken Layla's special, blue scarf that her mother made for her recently. She was showing it off, when it was stolen.

Braixen:" What? This thing? It's nothing but a piece of cloth! Hahaha!"

Layla reached for the scarf, but her tiny little legs weren't long enough.

Braixen:" You know, you're always so happy all the time. Maybe I should teach you a lesson about having nice things."

The Braixen held her firey stick just below the piece of cloth, slightly blackening a piece of it.

Layla:" N-no! Please!"

Braixen:" Haha! Maybe you shouldn't be showing it off like you were. Prepare to cry!"

Layla:" No!"

Glory:" Hey. Maybe you should be messing with someone your own size."

Braixen looked back and saw the Shaymin. The Eevee's eyes sparkled.

Layla:" Miss Glory!"

Braixen:" Wh-what? Who the heck are you?"

Glory:" You shouldn't be stealing from little kids like that. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Braixen:" N-no fair! You brought a grown up? I'm out!"

Braixen dropped the scarf and ran. Layla grabbed her scarf and hugged Glory.

Layla:" Yay! You saved me again! Hehehe!"

Glory:" Hey I know you. You're that flying Eevee."

Layla:" Hehe! I don't fly, silly. Remember? No wings!"

Glory rolled her eyes.

Glory:" Kids."

She began to walk away again, but Layla hugged her leg.

Layla:" W-wait! Don't go again! I just wanna be your friend! Why don't you like me?"

Glory nearly tripped over her own paws.

Glory:" I-I... I do like you, it's just..."

Layla:" Then why not play with me? Please?

Glory:" I-I'm busy. Aren't there other kids your age you could be playing with?"

Layla's ears drooped to the sides of her head.

Layla:" No one else wants to play with me, 'cause they say I'm too annoying."

Glory felt bad for the poor Eevee. How could she say no and leave her like this?

Glory: *Sigh* "Okay. Maybe a few minutes of playtime won't hurt."


Glory:" Aaand then a few minutes became a few hours, and... you know. I decided that I kinda liked her, so I visited her frequently. Eventually, I decided to settle down. It was a nice, quiet place. Eventually, Layla evolved into a Leafeon, and then she grew up and moved. So I moved with her, and she decided she wanted to join the GH Guild."

Luna:" Wouldn't settling down mean that you were more exposed? And you'd be putting her in danger?"

Glory:" That's what I was afraid of at first, but eventually, the other guardians just stopped looking for me. Guess they gave up, and moved on to bigger Magikarp. I dunno."

Luna:" Glory... how did she die?"

Glory gave her sad expression.

Glory:" I... *sigh* I'm sorry. I'm not ready to relive that part of my life yet. I just miss her... so much."

Luna saw a tear rolling down Glory's face.

Luna:" She was a good friend... wasn't she?"

Glory:" The best. She was also sort of my... moral compass. Before I met her, I haven't been making very good decisions. Layla kept me honest, and helped me forgive myself for all the bad things I've done ever since the Guardian Realm had abandoned this world, and other things. She even gave me her special scarf. I can't believe I've had it all this time."

Glory pressed the blue, tattered scarf with a Golden Hearts badge attached to it, to her chest. It looked as if it had been sewn together multiple times. If it was special to Layla, it must have been even more special to Glory.

Glory:" I'm sorry. I really shouldn't be bringing down the mood. What was your family like, Luna?"

Luna:" I don't remember much about her. I'm still adjusting to these memories. But I do know she died in a car accident."

Glory:" A... what?"

Luna:" It's a... human-made machine, used for transportation. What about you guys? Do you have any... technology similar to ours?"

Glory:" Colin built his first radio when he was ten. Do you guys have radios?"

Luna:" Yes. How about long-distance communication?"

Glory pulled out a red hand-held (or in her case, paw-held) device, with some sort of touch-screen.

Glory:" We call this a PokéHowler. Long-distance commication, radio, and PokéNet."

Luna:" What's PokéNet?"

Glory:" Basically for research and entertainment purposes. Social Media, local news... stuff like that."

Luna:" We had something like that. It's weird."

Jenny:" How?"

Luna:" Well, in my world, Pokémon were treated more like pets, or for battling. Not that I ever did any of that myself... they sometimes were used fir constructive purposes, but they never made anything like this."

Jenny:" So... basically, we were just... what, mindless animals in that world?"

Luna:" Well, no... humans and Pokémon are still share equality. The bond between human and Pokémon is special. Occasionally you would find a human who was cruel to Pokémon, but those types of people are rare, and usually always get their just-deserts."

Jenny:" Ha! Good one. *Yawn* It's getting really late. We should get some sleep."


The next morning, Colin was the first to wake. Jenny and Glory soon after. When Luna woke up, Glory and Jenny were making preparations to leave. Colin seemed to be tinkering with some sort of device that was attached to his wrist. It was small, black, and had some sort of color-coded meter. It was the same device that was clicking when they were in Gloria's basement.

Luna:" What's that do?"

Colin:" It's a modified geiger counter. Originally, it was supposed to detect radiation. But now it also detects traces of dark matter energy. And since you are full of that stuff..."

Luna:" It's clicking like a nuclear bomb just went off."

Colin:" Yeah."

Luna:" Since when do Pokémon have a need for radiation detectors?"

Colin:" You forget... in your world, Pokémon may not have invented technology, but in our world, we've just recently started building nuclear reactors. The GH Guild has one in it's basement right now. Had it for two years, ever since nuclear power was a thing here."

Luna:" That's funny. We learned to use nuclear power just recently as well. Started when some psychopath tried to... end the world using some kind of weapon, a Pokémon named Zygarde, a few years ago. I don't remember half the details. Mostly... mostly we were all just trying to recover, including... me."

Colin:" Oh. That's when your mother..."

Luna:" Yeah."

Colin:" I'm sorry to hear that."

Luna:" I'm sorry to have been there."

Just then, they heard a noise coming from the forest, but before anyone could react, a ball of fire flew straight towards Luna, and exploded, causing everyone to take damage.

Luna:" Wh-what the heck!?"

A certain Delphox, and two Bisharp came out of the trees.

Glory:" You!"

Flashfire:" I'll deal with you later. And you. I think you understand why I have to kill you. I cannot allow Spiritomb to get his... to capture you."

The white vulpix jumped in front of Luna.

Jenny:" Over my dead body, you evil witch!"

Flashfire:" How rude. I was hoping you would listen to reason."


Suddenly, a piece of metal flew over their heads. Glory covered her eyes, but Jenny and Luna were too slow to contemplate what was happening, and within a couple of seconds, they saw nothing but white, and all they could hear was a loud ringing in their ears. Luna couldn't see, but she felt herself be grabbed by someone. Her vision was coming back slowly, but the ringing was still there. She heard voices, but she couldn't put a name to them, nor hear what they were saying. One word she did make out was the word cave.


Luna's eyes felt as if they were being burnt out of their sockets, but she was starting to see again. But now all she could see was darkness. What did Colin do? What was that? How did he do that? So many questions had gone unanswered, as she began to hear a conversation between Colin and Glory.

Colin:" Don't blame me. I wasn't the one who gave them a trail."

Glory:" Who else then?"

Colin:" Well, it wasn't me. I'm trying to do the right thing here."

Glory:" Right, like you did when you helped her find that second crystal?"

Colin:" That wasn't... I didn't know-"

Glory:" You could have easily picked up that PokéHowler, and told her exactly where we were while we were sleeping. Maybe your a double agent!"

Colin:" Now what sense does that make!? I just saved all of our tails! How would I have anything to do with them?"

Luna:" Uh... guys?"

Glory:" I don't know. Maybe you're still trying to pick sides!"

Colin:" I've picked my side! What side are you on?"

Glory:" The side that has honor, and dignity."

Colin:" Really? That's funny, because you aren't being very dignified right now!"

Glory:" Bite your tongue!"

Jenny:" SHUT UP! If we're going to do this, we have to trust each other."

Luna:" Jenny's right. For now we're a team. We can't afford any infighting."

Just then Luna thought of something.

Luna:" We need leadership. We need someone who can both carry the team, and make the hard decisions. If you guys can't get along, it has to be someone who can solve problems, and talk things through instead of resorting to violence. I vote Jenny as our leader."

Jenny looked at Luna with caring smile.

Jenny:" That's really sweet, Luna... but I'm none of those things you just mentioned. You're the one with the most influence here."

Colin:" Well I nominate myself. I'm clearly the brains here."

Glory:" You may be willing to make the hard decisions, but you have no compassion. All we are to you is a bunch of numbers."

Colin:" That's not true!"

Glory:" Jenny's right. Luna should be the one to lead us."

Luna:" W-wait wait wait!"

Jenny:" Yeah! She's the one who found my mom's secret basement, and everyone likes her. She even changed Silver for the better."

Glory:" And she is just like Layla. I vote Luna."

Colin wanted to make a comeback, but he couldn't argue that Luna would be just good as Layla had been. He sighed.

Colin:" Yeah... you're right. Layla was a good team leader."

Luna:" Hold on! Don't I get a say? I can't lead! I barely know how to be a Pokémon. Besides, I'm a human. My kind aren't very famous for being rational."

Jenny:" You're more rational than these two. I mean, have you seen the way they go at it?"

Luna:" But what about you? It was your plan that helped us escape Goodspring."

Jenny:" Yeah, but again, you have the most influence. You are the best at persuading, and encouraging other Pokémon."

Luna:" That would imply that I'm able to persuade you guys that I'm not the right candidate."

Jenny:" Nope. You're just trying to be humble. I know a facade when I see one. We all believe in you. Besides, you are the one who suggested a leadership."

Luna *Sigh* "Alright. I guess if you guys really think so... but don't always expect me to not live up to your expectations."

Glory:" Of course we do, and it's not like we expect you to work miracles."

Colin:" Yeah, leave that to the 'Guardian' in the group."

Glory:" I swear to Mew, Colin, I'm going to rip your tongue out if you say that again."

Luna:" So what is this place, a mystery dungeon?"

Colin:" Correction, it's the entrance to a mystery dungeon."

Jenny:" Which will hide our movements. That's why it's a mystery."

Luna:" Well then, let's get moving, before they find us again!"


Goodspring Cavern

Floor 3B

Luna wasn't sure why she expected Geodude and Cubone. Maybe it was the fact that they were inside a cavern, and nit in an open field of grass, and trees. Instead they found themselves surrounded by a Delcatty, a Nidorino, an Arbok, a Wigglytuff, and a Mightyena.

Delcatty:" Well, well... what do we have here? More little munchkins stuck in our trap."

Nidorino:" How unfortunate for them."

Luna:" Okay... quiz time. Can someone please tell me... what the heck just happened?"

Glory:" A monster house. Basically an ambush. I should have recognized the signs."

Jenny:" Signs?"

Colin:" If there is too much loot... let's just say you probably don't want to go in that room."

Indeed, there were piles of Poké, and other items strewn across the floor that had attracted Luna's attention.

Luna:" Oh... I wish someone would have told me that sooner, rather than later."

Arbok:" Thisss talking is making me hungry. When do we feed?"

Luna:" Wait! You want to eat us?"

Delcatty:" Goodness, no! Is that what you think of us ferals? It's no wonder our kind are so shunned."

Mightyena:" We only wish to kill you, and take whatever you have. It's survival, you see."

Luna:" Colin, tell me you have more flash bang thingies."

Colin:" Nope. But I do have this!"

He pulled out a round, orb-like object, and pressed it's sides. The orb broke, and the offending Pokémon grunted as they froze in place."

Wigglytuff:" WHAT! NO FAIR!"

Mightyena:" A petrify orb? No!"

Glory:" Come on!"

Nidorino:" No! They're escaping!"

As they ran, they saw stairs, going deeper into the dungeon.

Luna:" Umm... how far down are we supposed to go? And when will we be on the other side?"

Glory:" Don't worry. We'll reach a clearing soon, and then we go up.


Goodspring Cavern

Floor 4B

Luna:" What was that thing you used earlier?"

Colin:" That was a petrify orb. Paralyzes all enemies within in a certain area."

Luna:" Why didn't it paralyze us?"

Colin:" Not even I can explain that logic, but I won't complain. My only theory is that it senses the user's brainwaves, which allows it to determine friend or foe. But that's just a theory."

Luna:" Are ambushes like that common?"

Glory:" Not really. Occasionally we come across one or two monster houses per dungeon, but it doesn't happen as often as you'd think."

Luna:" There is also something else I've noticed that Poké can be found randomly all over these dungeons. And that raises questions, like who put them there, and wouldn't all that free money be bad for the economy?"

Glory:" You'd think so, but I guess not."

Flashfire:" Not another step!"

Flashfire appeared behind them, along with the two Bisharp, who were huffing and puffing from exhaustion.

Jenny:" Seriously? Can we go ten minutes without a catastrophe?"

Flashfire:" Kill the Eevee, capture the Vulpix. Leave the traitors to me."

The two Bisharp run towards them, one using brick break on Luna, the other starting out with iron head on Jenny. They both hit their intended targets. Flashfire used flame burst on Glory, but she dodged it and used flare seed, while Colin used thunderbolt. Both attacks hit Flashfire. The first Bisharp used fury swipes on Luna, and it was at this moment, Luna realized she had a certain move in her arsenal. One that she could use to her gain a great advantage here. Luna ran at Bisharp, and then use double kick. The first kick sent him flying into a nearby corner, the second kick smashed his face into the stone, knocking him out cold.

Jenny was having trouble with her opponent, being an ice type against a steel type, not to mention she was much smaller. Luna was about run over to help out, but she saw that Glory had gotten knocked down. Colin rushed over to her, but was quickly subdued by an ember attack, and he dropped what he was holding. It looked to be some sort of seed that he was trying bring to Glory.

Jenny:" Luna! Reviver seed!"

Before Luna could even process what that meant, she was hit by a powerful psychic attack, which threw her into a nearby wall, and nearly knocking her unconscious. She looked up, the Delphox looking extremely pleased with herself, raising her fiery wand in front of Luna's face.

Flashfire:" I've heard that humans were more resilient. Guess the rumors weren't all that true."

Suddenly, Jenny launched an ice beam at Flashfire's wand, and it fell out her paw, as she yelled in pain. Luna recovered as quick as she could, and went after the seed, which she realized could only revive one Pokémon. She would have to chose between Glory and Colin.

Luna: Glory is fast, but she is weaker towards fire type Pokémon. On the other hand, Colin is part electric type Pokémon, so he could use thunder wave to paralyze Flashfire, so why hadn't he? But what if one of them takes offense to me reviving the other first? Would they even care? There are more reviver seeds, aren't there? But right now I only had the one in my paws, and Colin's item bag is on the other side of the room. What should I do?

Luna realized that Flashfire was quickly recovering from the ice beam. She had to choose quickly. Strategically, she chose to run towards Colin. Flamethrower barely nipped her tail as she ran, she gave the reviver seed to Colin, and he ate it. Flashfire was just about to use ember before Colin recovered and struck her with thunder wave, paralyzing her.

Flashfire:" N-no. This... cannot be. I trusted you."

Colin:" Believe it, 'Guild Mistress'. I had you fooled the whole time."

Colin used thunder punch, knocking the Delphox into the wall. Flashfire chuckled.

Flashfire:" It's too bad... you didn't take the other one."

Colin:" What?"

Flashfire pressed the center of her guild badge, and a beam of light struck her before she disappeared. The two Bisharp pressed their own badges, and the same happened to them.


Goodspring Cavern


They reached a room where the path went straight, but not so much narrow, so they would have enough room to rest up without being attacked. On the other side of the room, was a statue of a Kangaskhan. It almost seemed realistic, from the size, down to the smallest details you wouldn't even see unless you were looking for them. The only real difference was that it's eyes were diamonds.

Luna:" Whoa. What's that?"

Colin:" That's a Kangaskhan statue."

Luna:" Why's it here?"

Jenny:" Oh! I know this one! Mr. Sal taught us this! Kangaskhan statues were built by the ancient Pokémon to use as magical checkpoints, so they can teleport back here using some kind of rare artifact. They're not only in dungeons, though. They are also in every town in Mythrolhia. The rare artifacts they used are mostly lost to time, but with the technology we have now, badges worn by Guilds, and Rescue Teams can be used to do the same thing."

Colin:" Precisely. But you have to register the statue to your badge, like so."

Colin pressed his badge up against the statue, and it's diamond eyes glowed for a short moment.

Luna:" Is that what Flashfire used to escape?"

Glory pressed her badge to the statue.

Glory:" Yes. They must have retreated back to either Goodspring or Laven Town. You'll need badges like ours as well."

Glory dug into her bag, and pulled out two badges that were identical to her own and Colin's, and gave them to Luna and Jenny. Jenny's eyes lit up.

Jenny:" Eeeh! Does this mean I've become an official explorer?"

Glory:" Eh... not officially... but sure."

Luna and Jenny pressed their new badges against the statue as well. Luna looked at her new badge, and then turned to Glory with a sad expression.

Luna:" Hey, um... are we good?"

Glory arched a brow in suspicion.

Glory:" Hmm? What do you mean?"

Luna:" Well... back there, I chose to revive Colin first. I was just wandering if you were mad about that."

Glory's expression returned to normal.

Glory:" Oh. No, I'm not mad. You made a tactical decision, and I wasn't in any immediate danger, so there is no need for you to apologize."

Luna:" It's just..."

Glory:" Yes?"

Luna:" You and Colin seem to have a lot of issues."

Glory: *Sigh* "My issues are with Colin, not you."

Luna:" But why? I don't understand why you two can't get along."

Glory:" Colin and I hold different opinions on how the world is supposed to work. He's a scientist, who believes we are all made up of ones and zeroes. He and his kind tamper with the world's gifts as if experimentation is the way of life, and anyone else who isn't as smart as him is expendable."

Luna tilted an ear in confusion. Colin didn't seem like that sort of person. He seemed to genuinely want to help others. He even ran towards Glory with a revival seed before he knocked down by Flashfire. Glory's story wasn't adding up somehow. Or maybe that's what Glory wants to think. Does her hatred of Colin have something to do with Layla's death? Luna was afraid to ask, knowing that it was a touchy subject. Whatever her reason, though, Glory shouldn't stay mad at him forever.

Glory walked towards a corner on the other side of the checkpoint, and laid down. Something was bugging her, but Luna felt it was best to leave her alone for now.

Jenny:" Luuunaaa! Get over here and help me comprehend what this fool is saying!"

Luna walked over to Jenny and Colin.

Luna:" What's going on?"

Jenny:" Colin is using big words, and I don't know what he's saying!"

Colin:" Jenny asked how orbs work, and I told her that when an orb is smashed, it releases psychokinetic particles into the air, which target specific Pokémon within a certain area, depending on the type of orb, and depending on the different outcome affects. The affect of the orb is determined by the frequency of..."


Colin face palmed.

Luna: *Sigh* "Basically, orbs are really explodey, and the stuff inside targets certain Pokémon depending on the orb."

Jenny:" Oooooh. Now I get it."

Colin:" That's practically what I just said."

Luna:" Here's the thing. Jenny understands simple analogy, and does not like scientific terms or long explanations."

Jenny:" What's an analogy?"

Luna:" Hence, we can deduce that the gears in her brain are a bit slower than ours, and we should speak using small words in order for her to understand."

Jenny:" Are you making fun of me? I feel like you're making fun of me."

Luna:" No. I'm just explaining that everyone has there own speed."

Colin:" My apologies for thinking at the speed of sound."

Luna:" Well, now that we've rested a bit, I think it's about time we start moving again."

Glory:" I agree. I don't like sitting around. Let's keep moving."


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