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Terrarian Pony presents...


Mystery Dungeon

Shields of Hope

Episode 8

The Chase


Enchanting Caverns

Floor B4 (Going up)

The cave they were in was beautiful. Green crystals lined the walls, and lit the way.

Luna:" Wow! This dungeon is beautiful!"

Glory:" These crystals are often used to make jewelry in Lapis Town."

Luna:" Is that where we're headed when we get out of here?"

Glory:" Yeah. Either that or Sunny Smiles. Frankly I prefer Lapis Town. Sunny Smiles isn't exactly... sunny or smiley."

Luna:" Lapis it is, I guess."

Jenny:" Guys, watch out!"

A electric type Graveler came out of nowhere and slammed into Luna. The Graveler turned towards Glory and Jenny, using Thunder, dealing a lot of damage to both of them. Colin used Iron Tail, but it was grabbed by an electric Geodude, who swung him and thew him into the cavern wall. A whole hoard of Electric Geodude appeared, and attacked.

Jenny:" That's it! I hate getting surrounded! AAAAGGGHHH!"

Suddenly, a storm of ice began to blow right past them, and Luna, Glory and Colin were all getting hurt by it. Graveler and all of the Geodude had all been knocked out by the blizzard.

Luna:" J-Jenny! St-stop!"

Jenny opened her eyes, and realized what she was doing. The storm stopped, and Jenny's ears dropped to the sides of her her head.

Jenny:" S-sorry. I didn't know I could use Blizzard, it just... it just happened."

Glory looked exhausted after that Blizzard.

Glory:" It's okay... I'm sure... now that know... you can control it next time, right?"

Colin pulled a reviver seed for her out of his bag.

Jenny:" Um... y-yeah. Sorry."

Luna:" Don't worry Jenny. Everything will be fine. Just try not to hit us next time you use that."

Jenny:" Yeah. It was new, so I didn't exactly know how to control it."


Enchanting Caverns

Floor B1 (Going up)

The stairs were in sight. They just needed to get them. Unfortunately, a Diance, an electric Golem, and two Gurdurr had other plans.

Jenny:" You have GOT to be KIDDING ME!"

Glory:" Do you think you can use Blizzard again?"

Jenny:" Um... I'm sure if I can control it."

Gurdurr 1:" You aren't going anywhere!"

Gurdurr 2:" Yeah!"

Diance:" Hey look. It's a bunch of guild Pokémon! Let's show them the error of their ways."

Golem:" Want to smash!"

Glory:" I can use a spell that will get rid of them, but I need you to buy me time."

Luna:" Gotcha."

Luna used Quick Attack to run in circles around the two Gurdurr, and confuse them! Colin got into an electric battle with Golem, and Jenny froze Diance using Ice Beam. Gurdurr used his girder to smack Luna, causing her to roll across the cavern. They began to rush towards her until Jenny used Powder Snow to slow them down. Colin defended against a Rock Throw by smashing it with Iron Tail, and then using Psychic to attack Golem.

Glory:" Alright, I'm ready when you are!"

Luna:" Do it!"

Glory let out a massive surge of green energy, pushing the offending Pokémon away.

Glory:" The stairs!"

They made their way towards the stairs, and cleared the dungeon.


Pond of Sanitation

Glory, Colin, Jenny, and Luna walked out of the cave, and into a forest with a lovely pond. It was glittering beautifully, and a group of Surskit were skating along the water.

Glory:" The Pond of Sanitation. I've been here once before."

Exhausted, Luna and Jenny walked up, and began to drink from the pond. It had been a long day for everyone, and they deserved it.

Colin:" You guys did great, but we can't stay here long."

Glory:" He's right, for once. No doubt Flashfire is still looking for us. Lapis Town is just nearby."


Lapis Town

There were tons of Pokémon milling about, most of them wearing jewelry, fashioned out of gems and crystals. But the mostly they were made from the same green crystals they found in Enchanting Caverns.

Luna:" Wow! Everyone is wearing such pretty jewels."

Glory:" They do love their jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings. I once saw someone here make a necklace out of oran berries."

Luna:" That's... interesting?"

Glory:" It is, considering they're more useful as a birth enhancer potion."

Luna:" Really?"

Glory:" Yeah, those crystals can crushed into some kind of rock dust that increases fertilization, as well as an aphrodisiac."

Jenny:" Wow. I guess next time I see my mom, she'll be really happy to know that."

Glory:" I think we may be able to sleep here tonight. There is an inn here, so finding a spot is easy and cheap."


In a nearby tavern, a male Espeon wielding a large, sharp spear on his back, was sitting, drinking a glass of cherri wine. The handle was a cobalt rod, and the pointy end was made of some sort of plasma. It was powered off right now, so it wasn't glowing. Suddenly, he got a call on his PokéHowler. He answered, and a voice came from it.

Espeon:" Go."

Flashfire:" Lance. Remember that favor you owe me? Time to make good."

Lance:" Who're we talking about?"

Flashfire:" You wouldn't happen to be in Lapis Town, would you?"

Lance:" I am."

Flashfire:" An Eevee whom goes by the name of Luna must die. Another... a ice type Vulpix named Jennifer, I need her captured. Alive."

Lance:" A killing I can do for a favor. But I'll need payment for the capture."

Flashfire:" 200 Poké."

Lance:" Just how valuable is this Vulpix to you? What's she worth?"

Flashfire:" Ugh. You're a scoundrel, you know that? Fine. 500 Poké. Payment after the job."

Lance:" Sounds like a deal."

Hanging up, he took another sip of his wine, and grinned.

Lance:" Ah. The sweet bliss of knowing that more blood will spill soon. It's... intoxicating."


That night, the inn room was... far from comfortable. The white walls were barely white anymore, the bed hay felt like it hadn't been changed in weeks, and there was only single toilet in the tiny bathroom. The biggest problem was the brewing tension between a certain Raichu and a certain Shaymin in the room. Glory huffed, and began to walk outside for some air. The door swung closed behind her, without her having to touch the door. Probably a perk given from her being a battlemage.

Luna: *Sigh* "I'll go talk to her."

Jenny:" I think she needs time alone, Luna."

Luna:" But..."

Jenny:" I know you want to help her, but sometimes, Pokémon just need self-reflection. Besides..."

She looked over at Colin, who seemed very restless, and sitting at the side of his bed.

Jenny: *Whispers* "I think someone else may need your comforting."

Luna nodded somberly.

Luna:" Yeah..."

Luna made her way to Colin's bed, and hopped onto it. She didn't notice, but she was standing on her hind legs only.

Colin:" Let me guess... this is the part where you try to talk to me, and make me feel better. Well, I don't need to listen to some else's sympathy. It just makes everything worse."

Luna:" Okay then, if you don't want to listen, then..."

She crossed her forelegs.

Luna:" Then I will."

Colin turned his head, confused.

Colin:" What?"

Luna:" Maybe you don't need me telling how things are going to get better, or how I think you are such a good friend to Glory, despite all that things she says about you. Maybe you just need to someone to listen to you, because you aren't being heard. And that's what I'm here for."

Colin was speechless for a moment, trying to find a way to decline. But Luna had listened to him before, when no one else would.

Colin:" I want to hate her... so much! But I can't. I care about her, and I want to show her that. But no matter how many times I jump in front of an attack for her... she doesn't see it. She just sees that coward who froze in place.

Colin looked at Luna, but she didn't say anything, so he continued.

Colin:" I was assigned a mission, alongside Glory and Layla. We were too bring in a criminal mercenary named Lance. He's infamous for assassinating his targets, by impaling then with some kind of... plasma spear."

Luna tilted her head.

Luna:" Plasma spear?"

Colon nodded.

Colin:" I don't know how, and I really don't want to know. But what I do know, is that when he turns it on, it's like a... blue spearhead, made of heat energy, enough heat to... to slice through a peace of metal."

Luna looked genuinely scared by that explanation.

Colin:" Anyways, we had him surrounded, but he just... disappeared. Not even I could follow his speed. He appeared behind me, and when I saw him, I..."

Luna:" Colin? Are you..."

Colin had tears on his face, and his voice was cracking. He sniffed, and tried to wipe away the tears, but they just kept coming back.

Colin:" I froze... I was just so scared, I-I couldn't think clearly. I knew... I knew that spear was going to pierce my heart, but it didn't! No, it pierced hers! Layla saved my tail! It was supposed to be me!"

Colin buried his face in his paws, and just started crying. Luna leaned in and hugged him.

Luna:" It sounds like hate yourself more than you want to hate Glory. And Glory blames you for being scared, but that's not your fault."

Colin:" I'm not saying it's fault! I'm saying it's Layla's! She jumped in front of that death weapon, knowing full well that Glory wouldn't be the same! I know I'm not supposed to speak ill of the dead, especially when she was the kindest, most perfect person in the world, but she made a terrible decision to let me live at her own expense!"

Luna:" Colin."

Colin:" No! I'm done apologizing for her action! It should have been me that died. I've made mistakes. Terrible mistakes, and now I have to live with that, and she died protecting a Pokémon that doesn't deserve it!"

Luna:" Colin! We all make mistakes. None of us are flawless... Layla knew that, or else she wouldn't have done what she did for you. You should be thankful, that she gave her life to protect yours. Instead, you're blaming her for Glory's rage! I'm not saying that it's your fault, but it's not hers either. You were scared. Okay? it happens! She was scared, too. Scared of losing a good friend!"


There was a long moment of silence, except for Colins shuttered breathing. Finally, Luna broke the silence, holding him tightly, and allowing his final tears to be soaked up by her white, fluffy mane.

Luna:" I really think you are."


The next morning, Glory seemed more serious than usual. As they left town, she kept looking behind her. Something was bothering her.

Luna:" Is everything alright, Glory? You've been outside all night. Did you even sleep?"

Glory:" Couldn't. Someone has been watching us since we got to Lapis Town."

Colin:" Are you sure? It could just be paranoias."

Glory:" I am not paranoid!"

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