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Pokémon Mythos is a series of fanfictions set within an alternate universe separate to the canonical Pokémon titles.

The story follows a group of four trainers in a world where humans are separated into different clans. The three major clans - Shinpi-tekina, Yūki, and Hon'nō - have long warred, while the dark Shōri clan was banished away long ago. The four trainers, the Densetsu no Kibō, have been determined by an ancient prophecy to end the war that has continually plagued the earth.


Densetsu no Kibō

  • Akemi is the daughter of the leader of the Shinpi-tekina clan. She was raised in seclusion, with only her caretaker Hikari and her Jangmo-o.
  • Jirou's past is unknown, as he was brought to the Yūki clan at a young age, suffering of amnesia. He grew up alongside two other children. His partner is Tepig.
  • Hideki is a member of the Hon'nō clan. While he never knew his father, his mother disappeared long ago and he grew up as a servant to the leaders of Hon'nō. His partner is Elekid.
  • Kyo is a member of the Shōri clan. Though trained to inherit the title of leader of the clan, she never met any of her family members aside from her brother Makoto, who trains her and her Nidoran♀.

Other Characters

Pokémon Mythos: Yoake

Pokémon Mythos: Yoake is the first arc of the story.

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