Pokémon Protostars
General information
Genre Comedy, drama, action
Creator LYC
Opening theme Sirius
Pokémon Protostars is the third story written by LYC. It follows three main characters, each with their own objectives (become league champion, win as many showcases as possible, win as many tournaments as possible).


  • Osiris Hoshizora: The main protagonist. He‘s intelligent though brash, and has a talent for insult comedy. His partner is a female Squirtle named Shelly.
  • Gray Kamiya: Osiris’ childhood friend and younger cousin of the currently reigning champion. His partner is a Bulbasaur.
  • Ami Shino: A naturally talented Pokémon trainer. She’s partnered with a Charmander.


A protostar is a gaseous mass that is still collecting elements for nucleosynthesis so that it can become a full-fledged star. This relates to the story in that each of the main characters are still on their paths to become the best trainers they can be, or stars. The gathering of matter around protostars is a metaphor for the experiences the characters experience helping them to become stranger trainers and better people.


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