Pokémon Rebirth
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Genre Drama, Shōnen-Ai, Romance, Comedy
Creator LYC
Opening theme Angelic Bright
Pokémon Rebirth is a sister series to Fate and Bonds, after the latter was cancelled due to being generally impossible to write due to how canon-character heavy it was. It is a direct sequel to Pokémon Sun and Moon, as the first episode takes place during Elio's Elite Four challenge. However, it takes place in a different universe, as Red and Green don't go to Alola, but rather stay in Kanto.


The story focuses on four teenagers.


Pokémon Rebirth (Kanto)

Kakusei-hen (Awakening Arc)

Kakusei-hen focuses on Yuki Tomoe as he learns that his adventure can't be just to fulfill his vain dreams, and as he tries to solve the lingering mystery of why he can talk to Pokémon and who "he hast committed sins for thou" is. The opening is Angelic Bright, and the ending is zzz.

Tabidachi-hen (Traveling Arc)

Tabidachi-hen focuses on a more serious plot. It's possibly as dark as Itsuwari-hen. It starts out focusing purely on different character's origins, but takes quite a dark turn when Yuki starts wondering what happened for his hair and eye colors to change from brown to cyan and purple (brown was his hair color when he was ten). It explores Red's character more thoroughly, and offers explanations on why Red does what he does.

Itsuwari-hen (Make-Believe Arc)

Itsuwari-hen explores the darker side of Mega Evolution that was hinted at in Sun and Moon. It's the darkest arc of the first season. The opening song is Kami-Iro Awase, and the ending song is Hope.

Kagayaki-hen (Radiance Arc)

Kagayaki-hen details Yuki and Sakutaro (Subaru and Hajime leave at the beggining of this arc) as Yuki earns his final two badges and journeys to Indigo Plateau to face-off against the Elite Four and his older brother, Red. The opening song is Shining Days, and the ending song is Tada Nagaruru Mama ni.

Pokémon Rebirth Arata (Johto)

Pokémon Rebirth Kisetsu (Hoenn)

Pokémon Rebirth Genten (Sinnoh)

Pokémon Rebirth Nozomu (Unova)

Pokémon Rebirth Hāmon (Kalos)

Pokémon Rebirth Kizuna (Alola)


  • Yuki Tomoe: a formerly sickly boy from Pallet Town. He strives to defeat his older brother, Red. His counterpart in Fate and Bonds is Fate. His only two confirmed Pokémon are Squirtle and Onix.
  • Sakutaro Sakurai: Sakutaro is virtually the same as his FB counterpart. His only two confirmed Pokémon are Bulbasaur and Ponyta.
  • Subaru Ryugamine: Subaru is a boy of Draconid descent who, at first, wants to open the gate to the Spirit World. His only two confirmed Pokémon are Charmander and Meowth.
  • Hajime Shinkai: A mysterious person who is working towards an unknown goal. His only two confirmed Pokémon are Abra and Koffing.


  • The series tends to reference some of the more difficult/frustrating parts of the games. One instance of this involves Red breaking his toothbrush in half after Yuki mentions wanting to catch a Chansey. This is, of course, a reference to how hard Chansey is to catch in the first games.
  • The series' events take place just after Sun and Moon.
  • The series explains the absence of Red and Yuki's father as their parents having been divorced.
  • The is the one of the few stories to be completely rewritten even after the release of a few chapters.
  • A few characters use Japanese honorifics.
  • It is one of very few series where a chapter is entirely skipped.

Kanto Arc

Chapter 1: Origins

Nine years ago, for the first time in recorded history, Kanto had two people become champion in one day. At around two in the afternoon, Green Oak managed to rout the Elite Four and champion. At around eight at night, Red Tomoe defeated the champion, Green.

Three years later, Red achieved the status of "Pokémon Master", having been deemed the strongest in the world after intense training at Johto's Mt. Silver.

After achieving the "Master" it took a little while of not much happening for Red, and his direct predecessor to championhood, Green, to achieve the "Legend" title.

However, that's a story that you've probably heard. This story, however, is a story that you've never heard. Because our story begins right now!

The school doors opened, once again. PMS, Pallet Middle School, was your average Kantonian public school; it had uniforms, eight periods per day, clubs, everything you'd expect. However, that didn't mean that the school was free of notable or extraordinary students. Our story begins in the school's auditorium.

"And finally, Yuki Tomoe as the Trainer!" the theatre teacher boomed.

"Tomoe? Like Red Tomoe?! Could Red be here?" Yuki heard someone whisper in the front row.

As the audience left, a group of students crowded around Red, despite the latter's attempts to hurriedly get to his brother to congratulate him.

It was, in short, a painful moment for both Red and Yuki. Painful for Red because he didn't have the chance to tell his brother how good he did in his play. Painful for Yuki because he had, for the umpteenth time, been completely overshadowed by Red.

Red didn't get up on stage and perform, did he?!

Can I not get a moment to congratulate him?!

Thoughts of anger and melancholy overflowed 'till Yuki was at his tipping point.

He ran. He ran away from that scene, tears streaming down his face.

Yuki got up the next morning with an epiphany. He'd go to the Pokémon League! If all went well and he at least managed to defeat all eight Gyms and the Elite Four, his peers would have to acknowledge his existence as more than being the number one trainer in the world's little brother, right?

"Good morning, mom!" Yuki said, before quickly eating his breakfast, "If it's all right with you, I'd like to go on a journey."

Yuki's mother was, to put it simply, kind of happy. He had finally decided to go on his own journey! "Yes, of course!" she almost yelled, not knowing the somewhat vein reason for this sudden development.

"Professor Oak?" Yuki called out as he entered the lab.

"Yes?" the elderly professor answered.

"I entreat you to help me acquire the supplies in which I need to start my journey!" the boy said, trying to seem genuinely enthusiastic about dropping out of school, where he could learn to be a functioning member of society, to become a Pokémon Trainer.

"Are you a boy, or a girl?" the professor asked, going about his usual routine whenever a child of Pallet Town decides to set off on their own journey.

"What kind of question is that?" Yuki retorted.

"Pokémon professor guidelines. I have to follow them to keep my job. Anyway, being from the family you're from, I'm sure you know what a Pokémon is. Which starter?"


"Okay. Here, take a Pokédex. It does more than just register data, nowadays, so it's still a useful tool."

"Thank you, sir," Yuki said, bowing.

Little did he know, being a Pokémon Trainer is more than battling...

Chapter 2: A Melancholy Start

Yuki started down the path through Route One. Though, a dark cloud loomed over him--literally. As much as he hoped that there wouldn't be any rain, there was a storm. A storm large enough to scare off a ticked off Gyarados, in fact. He immediately ran for his life, looking for some sort of shelter.

After a few minutes of non-stop running, slipping, falling onto his knees in slick mud, washing, rinsing, and repeating, Yuki finally found a cavern, which he deemed to be good enough.

The cave wasn't very big, but it was big enough for Yuki not to see the other person who was taking refuge under the cavity's rocky ceiling.

"Hello?" said a girl's voice.

"HOLY CRAP, IT'S A GHOST!" the disoriented boy said. It seems he had somehow been intoxicated due to slipping so much. He was too "intoxicated", in fact, to deem the blonde haired feminine figure in the corner as anything more than a rock.

Everything seemed to spin and contort around him. He thought he was dying!

"I love you, mom. I love you, Squirtle. Heck, I even love you, Red. But I'm afraid that this is where I die..." he said, in a soft tone.

"Hey, wait! Don't die!" the "rock" yelled, as it bent over to look for any signs of life. And that's where everything blurred together.

Yuki woke up to a stinging pain on his face and a Chansey nurse creepily staring him down.

"Chansey! How many times have I told you to stop assaulting patients?!" a Nurse Joy yelled, angrily.

The pink Pokémon didn't respond. It solemnly stared back at the nurse, as if to say "This isn't what I wanted". However, it seemed that Nurse Joy wasn't having any of it. She stomped out of the room, leaving Yuki and the masochistic Chansey alone.

"Why don't you like being a nurse...?" Yuki asked, as if Chansey could speak proper human languages.

"I want to be a fighter..." Chansey responded.

It was a strange sensation, hearing a Pokémon talk for the first time. It was as though every time Chansey uttered its name, its nonesense formed into words as if being translated, all in one instant.

Hearing her speak for the first time was enough to knock Yuki unconscious, just from pure surprise.

There was a golden light. Maybe Yuki was dying.

"Greetings, child of man," a deep voice boomed. It echoed throughout the entire area.

Yuki trembled. Who's voice was that?

"Devoid of all love is thy heart. Love for thy brother. Love for thy Pokémon. Love for he who hast committed an atrocity in the eyes of his creators for thou. I hast bestowed a unique gift upon thou, child. The gift that allows thou to communicate with thy Pokémon. A gift that will allow thou a deeper understanding of love. Good day, child of man."

Yuki woke up to his dark hospital room. Maybe it was all a dream. Maybe Chansey never truly talked.

He heard a faint snoring to his right. When he turned over, he saw Red, who was in a deep sleep. His head was rested on the hospital bed, he was stretched in a bit of an awkward angle due to sitting in a chair and also laying his head down on the bed, and his eyes were shut. Yuki, with the slight strength he had recovered, turned to face his sibling.

Love, huh? Yuki thought.

"Love for he who hast committed an atwwwWwrocity in the eyes of his creators for thou."

What did that mean?

Did it mean anything?

Was it real?

Who could it be?

He had an abundance of questions.

The "rock" came in, followed by Green.

"So, you've woken up, Yuki-kun," the "rock" said, "I'm Lillie. I'm the one who brought you here. Nice to properly meet you."

Yuki sluggishly nodded.

And so, the day ended with many unanswered questions about Yuki's dream, talking Pokémon, and not much progress being made.

Chapter 3: Rivals

Chapter 4: Camaraderie

"Doesn't it piss you off? How there is almost definitely some one who's gonna be stronger than you," Yuki asked. But before Lillie could respond, he ran off into the darkness of Viridian City's streets. He hated the idea of camaraderie. In the end, weren't Pokémon just tools? If they were faulty, then why not just throw them away?

To be added.

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