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Pokémon Soras Adventures is a Roleplay based on the Pokémon Games. It started out as a regular roleplay on Planet Minecraft originally made by the user, DrownedPound, but a regular roleplayer, Eli the Zeratoed (Formerly Perdot XJ9), saw potential in this roleplay as an idea for a non-profit fan game, fan anime series (Also known as a "Fanime"), Minecraft server, and manga. Before making all of this into reality, Eli the Zeratoed asked the roleplay owner if it was okay for her to do all of this, and in the end, he didn't seem to mind and was okay with making his roleplay semi-famous.


On March 2018, DrownedPound had created the original Soras Adventures roleplay on Planet Minecraft. The roleplay to this fan Pokémon Series was originally titled "My Pokemon Roleplay" because the owner couldn't think of a decent name for it. It even has an application forum for any Planet Minecraft member who wants to join it. However, member choosing is very strict and the forum's "moderators" will only allow the finest of roleplayers. Because DrownedPound is occasionally inactive, Eli the Zeratoed is the one who moderates and chooses new members based on how good their application is. The roleplay is still going strong, but a few members had come and gone due to inactivity or life getting in the way. The roleplay application forum which has the link to the original roleplay can be found here.


Differences from Other Soras Adventures Canon

  • Professor Eli Wolftree's "lab accident" used to revolve around a malicious prank made by Melvin and Luis who placed the UB:01 juice into her drink instead of in her potion, but this was changed due to it not sounding like an actual accident.
  • Eli's original design changed throughout the roleplay from something resembling Peridot from Steven Universe to the final design that is used to this day.

Fan Anime

In late 2018, Eli the Zeratoed had been thinking of making a non-profit fan-made anime for the roleplay, and another roleplayer, The FaiyaBLAST thought this was a good idea too. She had been making gifs for the roleplay for a while using Flash, so it made sense to make an anime for it. On March 8, 2019, Eli the Zeratoed's Vidlii channel, ThatZeratoedWithABow, had animated and produced a mini short based on a Pop Team Epic sketch to test the anime style of animation she was going for . A few days later, the short received loads of positive feedback, and it is confirmed that there will be an non-profit "fanime" based on the roleplay in the works. It is slated to have 4 seasons with a total of 15 episodes each, and an independently animated/produced fan movie. You can find the list of all the episodes right here.

Manga and Side Comics

As the roleplay got popular, Eli the Zeratoed and The FaiyaBLAST had made lots of art for the roleplay that involved their characters in goofy poses. A few comics have been made with these roleplay characters in one-off situations not having to do with the roleplay, but instead from personal wall posts the two artists thought was funny.

Soras Adventures Side Comic -1 Part 1
Soras Adventures Side Comic -1 Part 2

The FaiyaBLAST once stated that she was going to work on a manga for the series, and Eli the Zeratoed has agreed to help her out on it. The manga will be released sometime before the anime gets made, and will be made in full color. There is no specific release date, but more details will be coming soon. However, a cover was made for the manga on June 20th 2019.

Minecraft Server

On the roleplay server's application forum, DrownedPound mentioned that it is possible for the roleplay to gain a Minecraft server (Possibly with Pixelmon on it), but he does not have a good enough Internet speed to run it properly. He ended off this confirmation with an evil laugh saying that "No one can stop him" from making it. More information will be added as more confirmation details from DrownedPound are released.

Reboot Series and Fan Anime

Due to The FaiyaBLAST and Eli sadly ending their friendship on bad terms due to reasons unknown, a Soras Adventures reboot called Soras Adventures Reloaded is currently in the works, with different characters and more. Though, despite this confirmation, Professor Wolftree is still the main character and Pokemon Professor of the series, but she is now 32 years old instead of 19. It is planned to have one season, and it is unknown if there will be a second one. Like the most recent reboot, Pocket Monsters 2019, the series will follow Professor Eli Wolftree, Ivan, Mirandda, and Professor Davies as they go on special assignments to help out people in Soras and beyond. The actual roleplay is much different than this and can be found and applied for on Eli the Zeratoed's Discord Server . You can find all the episodes right here.


Eli the Zeratoed (Formerly Peridot XJ9) - Eli, Melvin, Luis, Tetsuya Wolftree, Sally Wolftree, various other characters/Pokemon.

TheGeekyGoo - Ivan , Mirandda , various other Pokemon.

iNiX_ - Professor Davies


  • The roleplay almost died out until Eli the Zeratoed and The FaiyaBLAST kept it alive for as long as possible.
  • It is possible for the roleplay to have a Discord server to replace the PMC one, but The FaiyaBLAST and Eli the Zeratoed will have to ask DrownedPound about the idea once he stops his many month AFK hiatus.
    • However, she and Faiya have been in a couple private Discord server roleplays on her own server, most relating to the expanding alternate universes of the Soras Region and beyond, but this has since ended in late December of 2019.
  • Eli the Zeratoed makes her art in Macromedia Flash 8 (and used to make some in Microsoft Paint), while The FaiyaBLAST uses an app that is similar to Adobe Illustrator with an unknown title.
  • The character on Paiyu's hat is one of The FaiyaBLAST's OCs, named Fabastic, which is a fusion of Faba from Pokémon Sun and Moon and a shiny Meowstic.

Fan Art

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