Pokémon Tricolor
General information
Genre Action

Comedy Drama

Creator Lethargic
Opening theme Kibou no Kakera (current OP)
Language(s) English, Japanese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 65
Production information
Original run January 9, 2020-???
Pokémon Tricolor is the accompanying story of Lethargic’s Generation I. The main themes are growth and overcoming low expectations.


Main Characters

  • Leo Maxwell: A young teenaged boy from New Celadon City who is called to Pallet Town to be one of the three lucky kids who receives a PokéDex. He’s headstrong and immature, but has a good heart. He ends up being the "unlucky" trainer of the trio who is stuck with Bulbasaur, who is known to be a bad omen for new Dex Holding trainers. He can’t seem to win a battle.
  • Anna Hawthorne: An intelligent and perhaps uptight girl who ends up arriving first and getting the first choice in starter: a Charmander. She’s Leo’s main rival and an occasional traveling companion.
  • Adrian Fulbright: A teenage boy who has a complex about how utterly average he is. He wishes to be as talented as Anna and takes pity in Leo’s ineptitude as a trainer. Partnered with Squirtle.


  • J: Pokémon Hunter J is the main antagonist of the series. Cold, cunning, and calculating, J merely sees the main characters as annoyances that she has no strong feelings about either way. She first appears in A Battle All My Own.


Leo Maxwell is a headstrong boy whose experience as a trainer can’t seem to get any worse; he loses every battle! Can he and his Bulbasaur overcome their "bad luck" to become a strong team?

Episode List

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Rivalry
  3. A Journey’s Start
  4. Baby Steps
  5. Game Over
  6. A New Team Member
  7. Badge
  8. Viridian Forest
  9. Voice of the Moon
  10. Final Preparations
  11. The Style of the Fairy
  12. Setting Off, Once Again
  13. City of Flowing Water
  14. Above Average?
  15. Trainers Reunited
  16. Traveling Together
  17. Meeting The Elite
  18. A Lonely Cubone
  19. Evolution?
  20. Old Celadon
  21. Two Different Styles
  22. Home Again
  23. Time to Rest
  24. My Goals
  25. A Grandiose Dream
  26. Halfway There
  27. War of Opinions
  28. Reformation
  29. The Truth
  30. Parting Ways
  31. A Regal Flame
  32. En Route
  33. Blooming Season
  34. Lavender Town
  35. Tower of Spirits
  36. A Song For Cubone
  37. Beyond What We See
  38. Divine Intervention
  39. A Long, Winding Road
  40. Magikarp’s Time
  41. Getting Better
  42. Proof of a Bond
  43. Chasing Pinsir
  44. A Battle All My Own
  45. An Underground Fight
  46. Ivysaur Breaks Through
  47. Vulpix’s Shining Moment
  48. Day of the Hunter
  49. Where I Belong
  50. Aquatic Showdown
  51. Full Bloom
  52. Anna’s Breaking Point
  53. What Happened?
  54. A Deep Breath
  55. What I Want
  56. For Him
  57. Fireworks
  58. The League
  59. Dragon’s Path
  60. A Ninja’s Life
  61. To Fight
  62. The Future
  63. Daffodil
  64. The Greatest Battle Ever
  65. Friends


  • Kibou no Kakera by Nana Kitade (OP1; episodes 1-13)
  • Melody by Tomori Kusunoki (ED1; episodes 1-13)
  • GoGo Maniac cover by Hello, Happy World! (OP2; episodes 14-26)
  • TuTu Ballerina by Luminas (ED2; episodes 14-26)
  • Todokanai Hoshi Da Toshitemo by Aqours (OP3; episodes 27-39)
  • Trap of Love by Sunao, Waka, and Furi from STAR ANIS (ED3; episodes 27-39)
  • Lucky Train by Luminas (OP4; episodes 40-52)
  • Retort Irony by Suzumu feat. Len Kagamine (ED4; episodes 40-52)
  • Mitaiken Horizon by Aqours (OP5; episodes 53-65)
  • FLOWER by Amatsuki (ED5; episodes 53-65)


  • The name is derived from the three main protagonists. It’s meant to represent that the series is highly character driven.
  • The Kanto Arc is separated into 5 main acts.
  • Lethargic’s favorite act is Act 4 (episodes 40-52).
  • Lethargic’s favorite episode is episode 49. They went overboard and spent an hour writing the blurb.
  • Lethargic’s least favorite act is Act 5, since it includes the series‘ only filler episode.
  • Lethargic’s least favorite episode is episode 53.
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