Pokémon: The New Generation

Pokémon Worlds: New Generation is a story that takes place in the near future. After, the pokémon master Ash Ketchum passes away. Trainers around the world dream of trying to become the new pokémon master. The story takes place in an unknown region called, The Crystal Islands but mostly known as Crystél.

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The Three Starter Pokemon

  • Dynamouse

Dynamouse, the fire mouse Pokémon, Dynamouse is one of the three starter Pokémon in Crystél. Dynamouse roams around in tall grass. The bomb on its back is like a shell, that protetcs it from danger.

  • Aquahorn
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Aquahorn, the sea horn Pokémon, Aquahorn is one of the three Pokémon starters in Crystél. Aquahorn is found in shallow rivers or ponds. Aquahorn is popular among trainers because of its adorable appearance.

  • Leafwing
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Leafwing , the leaf lizard Pokémon, Leafwing is one of the three starter Pokémon in Crystél. Leafwing is seen among the trees gliding from branch to branch. Many trainers love this kind of Pokémon because it has an ability to camouflage. Scientists have discovered that the leaf wings it has can make it glide!


Main Protagonists

  • Levi Littlebolt

Levi is a boy from the town called, Pearl Town in Crystél, he was originally from Alola. His starter Pokémon is Pikachu and Eevee. He is the main protagonist in this story.

  • Wendy Vulpic

Wendy is a girl from the Kanto Region. Her starter Pokémon is Vulpix and Dynamouse, which was given to her when she was old enough to become a trainer. She joins Levi's adventure across Crystél.

  • William Rosepetal

Will is a boy who meets Levi when he arrives in Crystél. Will's starter Pokémon is Aquahorn. He also is the gym leader of Roseville City. Will loves Pokémon, and hopes to become a professor one day.

  • Millie Giselle

Millie is a girl from Crystél. Although Millie is already eligible to become a trainer, she still doesn't have a starter. She is a Pokémon Performer in training. Millie joins Levi's adventure too.

  • Kai Oak

Kai is Levi's rival. He is the son of Gary Oak, and is from the Kanto Region. Kai's starter Pokémon is Bulbasaur and Leafwing. Kai join's Levi's adventure in the land of Crystél.

Main Antagonists

  • Team Ruby

Team Ruby is an organization that secretly works on the island of Crystél. The leader of this organization is Chance Dragoni, and Sarah Chance. Although Levi developed a crush on Sarah, he still hates Team Ruby's guts.

  • Team Gem

Team Gem is an organization that has a mission to awake the legendary Pokémon, Feathern. They want to use Feathern to destroy the world with its powerful, and destructive winds that could conquer anything in its way.

Role Play Characters

Feel free to add your username to one of the characters and Pokémon down below! Also if you don't get a main character..its fine! If you are one of the wild Pokémon in Crystél, you will still get to take part in the rp. You also can get one of the trainers to catch you!

Main Characters

Levi Littlebolt: Haclyon990

Bolt Pikachu:

Pearl Eevee:

Wendy Vulpic: BulbasaurLover2345

Dynamouse: PokeAttack123


William Rosepetal: X Shingeki no Kyojin x (Me)


Millie Giselle:

Kai Oak:



Team Ruby Spies:

Sarah Chance:

Chance Dragoni:

Team Gem Spies:

Pokemon In Crystél


Crystal Pikachu:

Gem Eevee:





Ruby Caterpie:

Emerald Snivy:



Amethyst Drifloon:

Moonstone Butterfree:

Crystal Feathern:

Herb Oddish:





Shiny Archeo:

Lapis Lazuni:




Max Magikarp:

Obsidian Gyarados:

Note: If you don't get to be one, you can just be your own Pokémon you can make up!

Chapter 1: Let The Adventure Begin!

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