Chapter 1: Blue Team begins

Seth's Mom-"Seth!! Get up!! Professor Rowan can't wait any more!! If you don't go now Totodile will be gone."

My eyes flash open. I kick my window's glass out and jump out. Yeah in my pajamas, so what. I have waited 5 months for Rowan to get a Totodile. Today, i'm getting it. Kick the door wide open, and kick everybody out of my way. Haku is waiting for me in line.

Haku-" Bout time you get here. Lets go."

Haku and I make one huge leap over 5 people in front. We are now in front, though people are complaining now. The door opens Haku an I dart foward.

Rowan-"You two again. Seems you guys are causing problems again. Well come on."