Pokémon Battle Kingdom (ポケモンバトルキングダム Pokemon batorukingudamu), Is a new series being produced by Gamefreak and R.O.B. Inc. Currently there are three seasons being produced for the whole series itself with one special. In America, the first two seasons will be split into 3 arcs consisting of 25 episodes and the last one will have five arcs consisting of 50 episodes each.

The three seasons will go by the names, Pokemon Battle Kingdom Miracles, Pokemon Battle Kingdom Over Oceans and Pokemon Battle Kingdom Origins.


In a new region of Aster a boy named, Josh finally becomes old enough to enter into the school of Pokemon Battle Kingdom Academy. In doing so he meets new friends, foes and Pokemon partners especially his beloved and now bestfriend Pichu. As he enters this school he is whisked into a whole new adventure and one that he might not even be able to choose. ~ Arc One: Battle Dome Tournaments

After becoming one of the few finalists, Josh and his friends meet a new boy named Derek Shadows. Derek seems to be a mysterious man and everyone starts to become suspicious of him when weird things start to happen. Josh makes it to the final six and prepares for his victory to be- that is if he can shrug off a ghost from hell... ~ Arc Two: Ghost of Battle Dome Horrors

Finally prepped and ready to go, Josh wins to the top of the last four. Derek seems to whisp Erika and Pichu off to a different land and things at school start to go down wrongly. Josh finally sees the ghost in his dreams and is told to save the school from an evil "master".. ~ Arc Three: Rise of The Dark Master

After over a year of successfully imprisoning the Dark Master, Josh and his friends decide to attend school for another year when it is finally rebuilt. That is until they find out that people have been missing. Josh, Erika, Pichu and new kid James head to a hospital where the body of Derek lies and finds out he has nothing to do with anything this time. They are then brought back to school and deal with the missing children until they try and find a way to discover what's happening. ~ Arc One: New School Year of Disappearance

The School is taken over seas to visit some new islands but upon doing so, the boat crashes and the remaining students and teachers are stuck upon a few islands that will bring fortune to them later. Derek starts getting weird nightmares of his horrible doing and must get rid of them. ~ Arc Two: Over Ocean Nightmares

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