By Terrarian Pony

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WARNING: Content of this story may include violence, gore, romance, same gender romance, Pokémon, and references to several video games. If anyone is offended by any of the content listed above, than please turn back now. You have been warned.



Terrarian Pony presents...

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blades of Hope

Pilot episode


The ice type Vulpix used Powder Snow, attacking Flarious the Litten with a direct hit. His body bounced a couple of times before standing up, and using scratch, but Jenny dodged it.

Flarious:" I'm not going to let a scrawny ice type pokémon defeat me in battle!"

Jenny:" Who're you callin' scrawny, scrawny!?"

Flarious:" You little..."

Jenny used Ice Shard, and shards of ice hit the fire type cat Pokémon, causing him to stagger and fall.

Flarious:" Grr... you'll pay for that, you stupid Vulpix."

He used Ember and the flame hit Jenny, causing a super effective hit. But she still wasn't down.

Flarious:" Wha-? But that was a fire type move!"

Jenny:" Just because you land a super effective move doesn't mean you're gonna win."

Jenny's powder snow hit Flarious fiercely. Once the fog cleared, the Litten had revealed to have fainted.

Flarious:" Daw man. That was so unfair!"

Jenny:" What's the matter? You mad you got beaten by girl? Let alone an ice type pokémon?"

Flarious:" Pfft... whatever."

Jenny:" Now give Pop back her poké."

Flarious:" Fine. I didn't need it anyway. Here, take your money."

Flarious threw the bag of money at a shy looking Popplio, causing her to act quickly to catch it so it doesn't hit her face. Luckily, she was more of a trick Pokémon, so she caught it, and landed flawlessly.

Flarious:" It's ridiculous, really. If you need an ice type pokémon to fight your battle against a fire type, how can you call yourself a water type pokémon. You might as well be a bug."

Pop hung her head in shame and humiliation.

Jenny:" That's enough! Leave her alone!"

Flarious:" Whatever. I'm out."

With that, the smug Litten walked away.

Pop:" I'm sorry, Jenny... I know I should have tried to take him myself, but... I'm not really a fighter. I'm more of a show pokémon."

Jenny:" I know. But you should at least know how to defend yourself against unfriendly pokémon."

Pop loved synchronizing in water. It was her favorite thing to do, as well as blowing bubbles, and being with friends.

Jenny was an ice type Vulpix, and she was always there for her friends, especially Pop, since she wasn't very strong.

Po:" I'm sorry to have gotten you involved Jenny."

Jenny:" It's alright, poppers. Just try to be careful next time you see him. I'm gonna head to the forest to find some berries. See ya later."

Pop:" Thanks, Jenny!"


Jenny and Pop lived in Goodspring there whole lives. It was a tidy village, full of Pokémon, with a river that stretched to lavender town. The Goodspring Forest was a dangerous place, though. One could easily get lost, or encounter a dangerous gang called the Beedrill Bandits. They were a group of awful Beedrill, who attack and steal from any passerby Pokémon. But Jenny always come prepared with oran berries, throwing sticks, and an escape orb if things ever get out of hand. Though she knew pretty much the whole forest by now, and where not to go to avoid the Beedrill Bandits.

But one thing Jenny never leaves home without, is her special necklace, with a black pearl-shaped crystal that she was given by her father, who was a normal Ninetails. Her father passed away in an accident. Or at least that was what her mother said, who was an ice type Ninetails. Jenny had never met him before, but apparently he used to work with a rescue guild. Jenny was picking a few cherri berries, when she heard some groaning nearby.

Jenny:" Who's there? Hello?"

Jenny slowly snuck over to where the noise was, and saw an Eevee, laying on her side. She looked as though she was just regaining consciousness. Jenny ran over to her. The Eevee was wearing a golden bracelet, with a strange, blue pearl wedged into it.

Jenny:" An Eevee! Are you okay!?"

Eevee:" Oh... my head hurts. What happened?"

Jenny:" It looks like you were knocked unconscious. Here, let me help you up."

Jenny grabbed the strange Eevee's paw, and pulled her up.

Eevee:" Th-thanks, I..."

Eevee's sight was mostly recovered, and she gasped as soon as she saw that she was talking to a Vulpix. Eevee screamed as loudly as possible, unknowingly attracting the attention of some Beedrill Bandits.

Jenny:" What are doing?"

Eevee:" Y-you're... you're a talking Vulpix!"

Jenny:" What are you talking about? We gotta go, before they... oh no."

The strange Eevee looked at her paws in shock.

Eevee:" What's going on? Paws? When did I have paws?"

Jenny:" We have to go! Hurry! C'mon!"

Jenny grabbed the strange Eevee's... paw, and rushed in the direction, opposite of where the the Beedrill were coming from. The Beedrill began to chase them, and started using Poison Sting to attack them. Jenny spotted a large rock, and pulled Eevee behind it, covering Eevee's mouth so that she doesn't give away their position again. The Beedrill looked around for a bit, but gave up soon after.

Jenny:" Phew. That was close. Are you crazy? We could have been robbed by those Beedril Bandits."

Eevee:" Y-you talk..."

Jenny rolled her eyes, unimpressed.

Jenny:" Yes Eevee, I talk. We both talk. It's what we have mouths for."

Eevee:" I-I'm not an Eevee!"

Jenny:" Could've fooled me. You look like an Eevee."

Eevee:" I'm not an Eevee! I'm a human!"

Jenny stared at her a moment, then laughed.

Jenny:" Hahaha! Human! That's a good one. Everyone knows humans don't exist. Or... at least not in this world."

Eevee:" I'm telling the truth! I'm a human! And my name is..."

The strange Eevee paused in thought.

Eevee:" M-my name is... umm..." (What was my name?)

Jenny:" Are you sure you're alright?"

Eevee:" Oh! I remember! My name is Luna... Luna Luck. And I'm not lying. I really am a human."

Jenny:" Luna, huh? Well, I'm Jenny. It's nice to meet you."

Jenny held out a paw to Luna, but Luna just stood there staring at it. Jenny couldn't believe it. It was like teaching a kid to say hi.

Jenny:" C'mon. Don't leave me hanging."

Luna raised her Eevee paw, and shook Jenny's paw.

Jenny:" See? That wasn't so bad. Are you okay?"

Luna:" I... I don't understand... why don't I remember much? All I can remember is my name, and the fact that I'm a human. Or... was a human."

Jenny:" Wow... you're really taking this whole human thing seriously. I'm actually starting to believe it."

Luna:" I'm not lying, really!"

Jenny:" Okay, okay! Maybe you are a human, maybe you aren't. But that doesn't explain how you lost your memory."

Luna:" I... I don't know. It's like... I was there, and... now I'm here. And I'm completely different."

Jenny:" Maybe you just need some rest. I can take you to my house, and let you rest there. I'd have to convince my mom, though. She's really cautious about strangers."

Luna:" Umm... are you sure?"

Jenny:" Yeah. But... well, just one condition."

Luna:" Huh?"

Jenny:" You can't say anything to my mom about being a human. She'll think you're crazy, and she won't trust you."

Luna:" Well then... what do I tell her."

Jenny:" Just say you lost your memory, and you need a place to stay for a while. In fact, let me do the talking. Kay?"

Luna:" Umm... okay."

Jenny:" Great! This'll be the start of a great friendship! C'mon!"

Jenny ran off, a big grin on her face.

Luna: (She seems really nice. I'd really like to know what happened, but I guess I'll just have to make do with my situation. I guess for now... the path ahead is apparently really dangerous. So I'll just have to walk it with my new friend.)

Luna smiled.

Luna:" Hey wait up!"


Once they were at Jenny's house, Luna looked at her surroundings curiously.

Jenny:" Alright, here we are. Remember, let me do the talking."

Suddenly, an ice type Ninetails came into the room.

Ninetails:" Jenny? Who is this?"

Jenny:" Hi mom. This is my new friend. She needs a place to stay for a while."

Ninetails:" You've brought a total stranger here? She's not even from our village. And you know how outsiders are treated. It isn't like you to be so careless."

Jenny:" I found her in the forest. She lost memory, and she doesn't have anywhere to go. Please mom? Just a few days."

The Ninetails sighed.

Ninetails:" Alright. But only a few days. Maybe a week, but no longer."

Jenny:" Yes. Thanks mom."

Luna:" My name is Luna. I promise I won't be any trouble."

Ninetails:" I hope so. For your sake."

Luna immediately became nervous. That sounded like a threat. And this Ninetails was bigger than her, not to mention this was her first day as a Pokémon. There was no way Luna would stand a chance if push came to shove.

Luna:" What a... pleasant greeting."

Jenny:" My mom isn't very trusting. But I'm sure she'll get used to you."

Luna:" So where will I sleep?"

Jenny:" Come on. I'll help you make an extra bed."


Pokémon beds in this village consisted of a pile of hay, gathered in a small spot. To Luna's surprise, they were very comfortable. Though, it may be because she was a Pokémon now.

Jenny:" It's getting dark out. We should get some rest. Mostly you. You look really tired."

Luna:" I feel really tired. *Yawn* Good night, I guess."

Jenny:" Night."


That night, in the middle of the night, two Pokémon, a Sky Form Shaymin, and a yellow Lucario, walked into Goodspring.

Shaymin:" What are we doing here? I thought we were tracking down dark matter crystals."

Lucario:" Colin's dark matter radar had found a large spike of dark matter coming from this village. Why this village specifically, I have no idea. But it has him concerned."

Lucario was holding some sort of device in his paw. It kept beeping more and more as they got into Goodspring. As they got closer to Ninetail's house, the device beeped even faster.

Lucario:" There's a huge amount of dark matter radiating from this house."

Shaymin:" A dark matter crystal?"

Lucario:" I don't know. It's emitting an even larger spike than the first one we found. Strange."

Shaymin:" Well, we can't just break into someone else's house. It's not right."

Lucario:" Perhaps, but what other choice do we have?"

Shaymin:" We do so have a choice. Our guild doesn't resort to breaking and entering just to accomplish a mission."

Lucario:" We're not breaking, just entering."

Lucario looked through one of the bedroom windows. There, Jenny and Luna were sleeping on two seperate hay beds. And around Jenny's neck, was a necklace with a black pearl.

Lucario:" Found it."

Shaymin:" Are you sure?"

Shaymin looked through the window.

Shaymin:" Wait a minute... that's Blaze's kid. I don't know who the Eevee is, though? Might be adopted."

Lucario:" One thing is for sure, we have to get our paws on that crystal before it finds itself in the wrong hands."

Shaymin:" No way! I knew Blaze. He was once part of our guild. If he gave that crystal to his daughter, instead of his own guildmates, than there was obviously a reason."

Lucario:" We can't just leave it here."

Shaymin:" We can't just take it either. I suggest we report back to HQ."

Lucario:" Fine. But if this crystal falls into the wrong hands, it's on you."


Luna woke up, bright and early. She wanted to find a way to get Ninetails to trust her, so she started dusting the bookshelves, and small trinkets with her newly given tail. She watered the family's only plant, and she had gone outside to pull some of the out of place weeds in the front yard.

Ninetails:" Doing a bit of morning cleaning?"

Luna:" O-oh... Mrs. Ninetails! I hope you don't mind, I was just doing some chores around the house. If I'm going to stay here, might as well make myself useful."

Ninetail:" Why would I mind? I usually clean the house myself, but if you're willing, I don't mind that either. You've done quite an efficient job. I am Gloria, by the way."

Luna:" Thank you, miss. Umm... is there a place to wash my tail?"

She pointed with paw, south of the town.

Gloria:" There is a river near the forest entrance. You should wash up, and meet us back inside for breakfast."

Luna:" Mrs. Ninetails... I mean Gloria. I didn't get a chance to say it yesterday, but... thank you for letting me stay for a few days. If Jenny hadn't found me, I don't know where I'd end up with all this memory loss."

Gloria smiled.

Gloria:" Of course, dear. I apologize for the way I acted yesterday. You must understand that Goodspring doesn't often get outsiders, so we're cautious of any new Pokémon who come by."

Luna:" N-no! I understand completely, miss! I may have lost my memory, but even I know that other peo- uh... Pokémon can sometimes be... not the nicest."

Gloria nodded.

Gloria:" Well, I hope you're memory returns soon. You seem like a very nice Pokémon, Luna."

Lucy:" Umm... thank you."

Suddenly, a yellow Lucario and a Sky Form Shaymin began walking towards them.

Lucario:" Excuse me, miss. We would like to speak to you."

Gloria:" Who are you?"

Shaymin:" We're agents of the Golden Hearts rescue guild. Your husband was one of us. Remember?"

Gloria:" I see. Luna, could you go wake up Jenny? I need to talk in private with these Pokémon."

Luna:" O-oh... Okay."

Luna went inside.

Gloria:" Now, what's this about?"

Shaymin:" Mrs. Gloria... it's about your daughter. We thought we should warn you..."

Lucario:" Your daughter is in possession of a powerful artifact that is important to our mission. Weather she realizes it or not, that artifact is full of an energy that we call 'dark matter'."

Shaymin face-pawed.

Shaymin:" Nice going, genius."

Gloria:" You mean the obsidian pearl. Yes, I know about it very well. My husband told me not to entrust it to anyone else, but Jenny. Not even your guild."

Shaymin:" Miss, I think you should know, our world is in danger. And we believe that those dark matter crystals just might be the key to saving us all."

Gloria:" You know I can't just give it to you based on a mere theory. If it is as dangerous as my husband says, than who's to say that whatever is putting our world in danger could possibly gain from these crystals."

Shaymin:" There is chance that you may be right."

Lucario:" Regardless, we have our orders, and need to figure out where all of them are, so we can at least protect them. Do you honestly think your daughter can handle such a responsibility?"

Gloria:" If my husband trusts her with an object of such power, than so do I."

Lucario:" Very well. Let's hope you are right."


Luna and Jenny were stuffing their face in apples. Gloria entered the room, and smiled.

Gloria:" Hurry and finish your breakfast, Jenny. You still have to be at school today."

Luna swallowed the last bite of her apple.

Luna:" School? Why does that word sound so familiar?"

Jenny:" Oh yeah... it's where we go to 'learn things'. It's pretty boring sometimes, but it can also be pretty fun depending on the activity."

Luna:" Oh... umm, well do you think they would let me in? I did lose my memory after all... and I may need to relearn a few things."

Gloria:" The other students may not very well agree with an outsider like yourself coming into their class. However, you are right. You will need to regain some much needed knowledge due to your loss of memory."

Jenny:" Cool! And I can introduce you to my best friend, Popplio. She's really nice, and I think she'll like you."


Luna was still awake that night. Despite the comfy bed, she couldn't sleep on account of still getting used to her new body. She looked out of Jenny's bedroom window and saw a peaceful town. She smiled a little.

Luna:" You know... maybe things aren't so bad here after all."

???:" That's the spirit!"

Luna jumped away from the window in shock.




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