Pokemon Showcase Journeys is an anime series that takes place in the Kalos region. It follows the performance activities of three Pokemon Performers: Madison, Shauna, and Serena, as they all bond with each other and compete in many showcases to get the coveted three Princess Keys. They will have many rivals along their journey as well. I hope you enjoy it!


Main Characters

  • Madison- One of the protagonists, she is often considered the main protagonist of the story. She set out to train to be Kalos Queen after entering the Couriway Showcase and enjoying it, although at first, she did simply because they needed a replacement for the main star of the showcase.
  • Shauna- Shauna is a mutual friend of Madison and Serena, and is an aspiring Pokemon Performer.
  • Serena- Serena was the girl who lived in the house before Madison moved in during the events of X and Y. Growing up in a Showcase loving house, it seems as if though it's always been her dream to become Kalos Queen.
  • Elsa- The group's main rival, Serena's especially. She is an overconfident and candid performer who believes that she is guaranteed to win every Pokemon Showcase she enters simply because she is the younger sister of a famous coordinator.
  • Violet- Shauna's main rival, she is just as energetic, and the two's rivalry is considered to be a friendly one.
  • Mia- Madison's main rival. A loud and self-centered girl, she always charges right into plans without paying attention. She believes that she's the number one Performer, and will do anything to make sure that it's herself over Madison if either of them got the chance to face Aria.

Supporting Characters

  • Augustine Sycamore- Madison's father, he guides her on what to do when she's struggling, and is always there to support his daughter.
  • Serena's father- A man who works to organize Pokemon Showcases around the region. The man who needed Madison to enter her first Showcase, as the star of the showcase he organized had to drop out last minute.
  • Pierre- The MC of Pokemon Showcases, he often tells performers where to go next to get to the next leg on their journeys.
  • Aria- The current Kalos Queen. A so-called prodigy in the Showcase World, she showed an interest in Madison after seeing her first showcase and hearing the story behind why she entered.


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