Hello everyone this is a Roleplay series I decided to create so everyone can create a storyline that could even incorporate their own characters the only things I must point out. Document:Originally made by Bianite


  1. Firstly you must stick to these starter Pokémon (Starters Here) sorry for all people that can't connect.
  2. The professor is Professor Poplar. He is male.
  3. The protagonists are Horus the Sky Mascot trainer. He is male and his partner Pokémon is Phobonix. Juno the Land Mascot trainer is female. Her partner Pokémon is Gardegriff. Posiden the Sea Mascot trainer's partner Pokémon is Waterfoal.
  4. Read and stick to the plot that came before your part.
  5. Evil team is Team Realm who's goals are to use the legendary Pokémon and power of the elements to open portals to other realms with more powerful Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon are unknown for you guys make some up and put up an image link these Pokémon have has to correspond to sky, land, and sea.
  6. No trolls.
  7. Have fun.
  8. The region is Giton.

Starter Pokemon

  • Fire: Phobonix, the Hatchling Pokémon (Fire) -> Immortapheo, the Immortal Pokémon (Fire/Flying) -> Foicarnate, the Reincarnation Pokémon (Fire/Flying).
  • Water: Waterfoal, the Foal Pokémon (Water) -> Caprihorse, the Capricorn Horse Pokémon (Water/Ice) -> Oceanocampus, the Hippocampus Pokémon (Water/Ice).
  • Grass: Gardegriff, the Griffon Pokémon (Grass) -> Goldin, the Hesepride Pokémon (Grass/Ground) -> Aurumpaws, the Gold Hoarder Pokémon (Grass/Steel).


We find our heroes going to the lab of professor poplar. Pro Poplar: "Hi everyone". Everyone in unison:"Hi professor". Pro. Poplar:"since all have you have alaready chosen your Pokemon here you are". *All of them receive their Pokémon * All in unison:"Thanks professor". *They all walked to the first route to battle each other*

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