Emerald: Zzzzz.. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz..

Alarm: *Goes off*

Emerald: *Throws it out the window*

Emerald: *Wakes up and noticed she threw her alarm clock*

Emerald: Hey! This is my first day as a Pokemon Trainer! *Changes into clothing and goes downstairs*

Emerald's Mom: Oh,Hello there honey! It's gonna be your first day as a pokemon trainer,You should get that mysterious white egg in your room,Who knows,It has been wiggling for the past couple of days and it might just be a pokemon!

Emerald: *Gets egg* Okay! Bye Mom! *Goes to the backyard*

Rockruff: Roc,Ruff!

Emerald: Goodbye Rockruff!

Emerald: *Walks to Pokemon Lab*

Professor Ashes: HELP!

Shadow Poochyena: *Growls*

Emerald: What is going on!?

Professor Ashes: Please! Just take one of the pokemon in the bag! Bulbasaur,Squirtle or Charmander! JUST PICK!

Emerald: *Takes the pokeball with Squirtle* Come on out Squirtle! Use bubble!

Ash Squirtle Bubble Beam

Squirtle: *Uses Bubble*

Shadow Poochyena: *Uses bite*

Emerald: Bubble,Again!

Squirtle: Uses bubble!

Shadow Poochyena: *Shadow Aura disappears* Pooch?

Shadow Poochyena: *Notices humans and runs away*

Professor Ashes: Thanks for saving me back there! Now that there are no problems,How about you head to Route 1?

Emerald: Nah,I would rather take more of a look around here..

Egg: *Hatches*

Professor Ashes: Huh,A mysterious unknown egg! Wonder what it is!

Ghost Mew: Meeeeeeeew!!

Emerald: It seems to have an evil look in it's eyes and seems to want us out of this world.. It is surely up to no good! Squirtle! Skull Bash!

Squirtle: *Raises Defense*

Ghost Mew: *Uses Oblivion Wing*

Professor Ashes: Hey! It knows the signature attack of Yveltal!

Squirtle: *Uses Skull Bash*

Emerald: Now,Squirtle,Use bubble!

Squirtle: *Uses Bubble*

Ghost Mew: *Uses Geomancy*

Emerald: Again!

Squirtle: *Uses Bubble*

Emerald: Go Pokeball!

Pokeball: Tic.. Tic.. Tic.. Ghost Mew has been caught!

Emerald: Come on out,Ghost Mew!

Ghost Mew: *Changes back to normal* Mew!

Professor Ashes: I wonder,Where did you get that egg?

Emerald: I had a dream about how a certain dimension was being destroyed by a bunch of Necrozma fusions and how a Mega Mewtwo X and Y gave me this egg and sent me to my room in my dream,Then I woke up and found the egg there.

To be continued..

Major Events

  • Emerald Delta becomes a pokemon trainer
  • Emerald obtained Squirtle
  • Emerald captured Ghost Mew
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