Pokemon Utopia (Japanese: ポケモンユートピア "Pocket Monsters Utopia") is a fanfiction series created by Haruna Artist.


The series is set in the mysterious, unnoticed region of Pandora, where a Pokemon trainer named Harvey dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer someday despite his strong claim of being allergic to Pokemon. 



  • Harvey (ハーベイ) - Pokemon trainer who's coming out of his shell. He doesn't connect well with others or their Pokemon, claiming to be dreafully allergic. Harvey gets scared easily and isn't a good leader, having never took charge or made a serious decision in life. It was only till he met Tyrogue, he learned to get some "backbone" and stop using his "allergy" as an excuse to be antisocial. He is a Fighting-type trainer and his Pokemon companion is a Tyrogue he's named, Ty. 
  • Beth (ベス) - A close neighbor of Harvey, who acts as the team's brains. She often suggest things or constructs well thoughout plans, which her fellow trainers usually ignore or don't get, resulting in her losing her fierce temper. She loves studying Pokemon, especially Water and Ice-types. She is a Water-type trainer and her Pokemon companions are Poliwhirl and Mareanie.
  • Ellen (エレン) - A calm and quiet girl with an unsettling grin. Living in a mansion with her adopted grandparents after her own parents abandoned her at a young age. She is somewhat completely fine with the matter. She enjoys all things creepy, including spooky atmosphere, fortune telling and scaring others, especially Harvey. Ellen is a Ghost-type trainer and her Pokemon companions are Mimikyu, Litwick and Lampent. 
  • William (ウィリアム) - William...
  • Dmetri (デメリー) - Short, chubby member of the team who despite his size, eats small portions daily and is always running when not training or feeding other Pokemon. According to many, Dmetri is known as "big-boned, small-hearted" and wears it like a pro. Sometimes he lets out an occassional sarcastic remark under his breath or silently lets out his inner rage such as tripping and pushing the other person when their back is turned. Dmetri is a Bug-type trainer and his Pokemon companions are Vikavolt and Leavanny. 

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